Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

850 The next 10 years on Earth

G: OK, let’s go onto energies. We’ve been talking about aliens and so on, and the change that is going to happen.

And what they’re showing me now is on the horizon is a huge amount of colour coming this way.

I mean, a massive amount of colour. The other day, when we did a war, we had this colour on the horizon. Remember that?


S: Yeah.


G: And that was to change something in Russia. This is much, much bigger. This is to do with the change of Earth, I’m pretty sure.


S: Mmm.


G: It’s a whole variety of different colors, just a massive size, and the size is much, much bigger than the Earth. All coming this way. So, basically what I think that is, is all the different variables for what’s going to happen on this planet. And somebody said today there was going to be many disasters, etc., which I know about. I don’t think it would be that bad, but maybe it is.


So anyway, let’s just see what happens when this colour is closer. So we can see what happens, and maybe understand a bit more.


S: They might not come in a form of disasters, as such as experiences. That one goes through.


G: The positive, negative and so on.


S: So it can’t do so much ….. Well yeah.


G: Well, all the colours are positive. So the change won’t be all negative. Anyway, let’s see, let’s try and get into these colors. Let’s see what I can sense.


OK, looking ahead, I can see the change going on for about ten years. And then at the end of the ten years all this color comes in. Well, the way I’m seeing it is it’s like uphill. We always talk about, you know, the Earth has been going down for so long, it’s reaching the bottom, now it’s going uphill, so it’s a graph going uphill.


But I’m seeing it as the Earth. So, things are improving a lot of different ways. What you’re assuming is some major disasters are going to happen. That’s probably what we are being led to believe. Disasters will happen, and then we get over these disasters and so on. Which sort of makes sense with what the world is going through at the moment. So this is going uphill for ten years, and at the top is all these bright colors.


S Yeah, they said something about us creating a foundation. But by those ten years we are supposed to be having, you know, people self-propagating, and self-sustainable, but it’s the foundation, it’s just to educate and prepare people.


G: Yeah. Okay, I’ve got it a bit better. The ten years going up, I’m seeing it’s like a battlefield in World War One. So it’s going to be when a lot of things get destroyed, changed, and only when the change happens can that new regime or whatever take place. So if you take a country, when a country reaches its limits, and everybody’s out on the streets, and everybody’s removing the government, and everybody’s changing, then a whole country is behind it. And that’s where you get this tremendous group energy, and that’s the group energy that will change things.


People are putting up with things for years, just because they’re too lazy to do anything about it. Once it gets too bad, then they’re pushed to an extreme, and then they will do this uprising, take over the government, and start to progress from there. So I’m seeing a lot of that happening, and that’s going to happen because of the economy crashing, the wars that are about to happen, the wars are going to get worse. And each country is going to go through its rebuilding. It’s going to be basically start again in each country. And that is a good thing, because if you take, for instance, South Africa, let’s just say that the government gets sorted out, and everybody goes on a looting spree and so on and so on, then there’s going to be no major companies left, there’s going to be no big financial system, there’s going to be no backups and so on. And it will be a matter of everybody’s now got to learn to create and rebuild from scratch, find ways of doing things which they haven’t had before, because it’s a matter of you’ve got to survive and you’ve got to do these things, and that will create a lot more work for everybody. And then you can start rebuilding the country the right way, with the right way of thinking, because they will have seen that the old way doesn’t work anymore, people have stolen all the money. And that’s a sort of ten-year thing that we’re looking at.


Now I’m looking at the rest of all the other 190 countries, and it’s all going to be different time frames, they can’t do everything at once. So, smaller, weaker countries will crash first, and they will start to be reborn, for want of a better word. The stronger, more viable countries like Europe, America and so on. Stronger countries, they will survive a bit longer, because they’ve got the amenities to survive longer, the capital, the infrastructure and the expertise. So they will, but when they crash, they will know much better how to handle the crash, to get out of a recession or depression or whatever it’s going to be, and they will be able to start rebuilding much better on their own. They’ll also have seen how the smaller countries have rebuilt from scratch, and they can learn a lot from them, and therefore start restructuring their own. They can plan ahead to restructure their own recession, which is bound to happen.


The whole thing is like a deck of cards, once the first few go, the rest will go, because of the world economy is also linked. So what you’re going to end up with is you’ve got your major countries, which have the most finance, will be the strongest in the end, and your weaker countries will start to be changed and rebuilt straight away. Now, if you look at the last few years, where you’ve had the Arab uprising, and then in South America you’ve had the same thing, where people have been out on the streets, they’re removing government, they’re looking for new ways to rebuild their country from scratch. That’s already started. So, it will continue from there.


Now, when you get to the end of this period, the colours at the end are all the colours which will be needed for this particular challenge, and they come from all the other countries. We were talking about the gardeners of Earth looking after different series of planets, individual planets, etc. The colours will come from them, and they will be specific colours which haven’t been used on this planet before, so they’re being made available to help with the change, to make the change so much better. Because, as we’ve already discussed, your planet is evolving all the time, and even 20-34 years is a big step at this particular stage. And another 10 years, is another big step, so it’s constantly evolving, its constantly needing new material, new information, new wisdom, if you like, to go with this growth and this evolving. So that’s what these colours are for.


It’s not so much the amount of power, because the power is easy to create, as we were saying before, you take one grain, you can easily multiply that to as much as you like, it’s all the different variations. And as you were told the other day, with your new pink colour, that’s just one new colour you have, but there are 100’s of ,1000’s of different variations for specific things. Each individual action can use different colours to correct it.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: So, you can’t take one scenario and say just one colour suits that, it’s a variety of colours. Then it’s not just the scenario, but also the people involved and their background and what they’ve been taught and so on and so on. So, it’s a massive amount of colours. Now, at this stage, you are not capable on this planet of using all of those colours, only we are. And that’s why we would get the colours from the elders, if you like to call them, who have been looking after all these other planets, who understand far better how evolution takes place, and they will come here and they will oversee and they will make these colours available.

And you can imagine with the knowledge that they have, after overseeing groups of planets, it’s way beyond what you have here.


So, it’s a very simple thing for them to do, to watch and decide what colour is needed where. It’s about, like you, teaching a toddler to fill in paint by colours book. So, that’s what this massive amount of colours is.


I’m glad you understand how it’s going to happen. There is a lot of, as you were saying, in this country at the moment, there is a lot of people not really reacting to things. It’s very slow, very sluggish, your economy, your work and so on, your way forward. And that’s because of people’s thinking. They’ve gone through this very dormant period of COVID.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But prior to that was years of problems and things not being quite right and your government not doing what it should do, etc and depression and all sorts of things.


And so it’s just been getting worse and worse and worse. So, what’s happening at the moment is actually quite bad.


S: Mass depression.


Spirit: Yeah, and people, it’s just been one of the accepted things, that we are going into a depression or recession, whichever it will be. And they would just accept that and that’s where someone who has the right outlook and could start a circle with the right positive thoughts will stand out far more and that would change very quickly.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, you were talking about the different races, which are currently on this Earth. There are more than people realise of what you would term, aliens, different species living on this planet. First of all, there are those that are so well developed that they can take on a persona of a human. Exactly the same as you can from being born, a soul being born and taking over. They can do it, basically, as well. They could become that type of walk-in, if you like, but it could change. And they are here simply to observe.


How they observe is very simple. Let’s say, for example, they would take over the body of one of your friends. And they would take over that body, but the friend would carry on as normal, and think as normal. They wouldn’t know any difference at all. Yet, a part of them, inside, is a species simply absorbing everything that happens.


S: Shew.


Spirit: If you like, it’s like a second soul put in there just to watch, that does happen.


S: It’s like going to school with your parents, without knowing they’ve come to school with you. Lol.


Spirit: Yeah. So that is a possibility. Other possibilities are that somebody from a different planet, more experienced, could come down and talk to you, and just absorb everything that happened. I believe this happened to you last week.


S: Yes.


Spirit:  They came down and just, you allowed them to take all your memories and they took it away.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Another very simple way of doing it. The more you progress, the more you can do these sorts of things. Simply go back to lower levels and fill gaps where you need a little bit more information. And then, of course, with things being evolving all the time, they might come down here and take your life experiences, but then in 20 years’ time, that’s changed because they are not evolving on this planet.


So they would come down and take more, and you would see things differently.


S: Differently.


Spirit: Yeah, quite differently. So there is a lot going on all the time. So now the overall picture you’re seeing is just getting bigger and bigger.


S: Yes. As far as your work goes, you’ve got your new pink colour that’s all there is going to be for a while. And I can see nothing else really changing. This is a bit like a reading. Lol. There’s nothing else really changing in your life at the moment, you are going along in the right direction.


You needn’t be concerned about financial situations; they will sort themselves out. And you’re just getting closer and closer. The most important thing, of course, is just to enjoy the day. I know it’s very hard when you have problems that worry you. But the more you can trust what we have to say, the more you will relax, and the more you’ll be able to do what you chose to do.


S: I will heed those words.


Spirit: Lol. Not easy.


S: I know.


Spirit: But, you will get there. I think you must just look at the progress that you’ve made so far, and you’ve gone down the path exactly as we hoped you would. So therefore you’re off in the right direction. It’s excellent.


S: Awesome.


Spirit: So you will get a lot more information in the next month or two. And then you’ll be able to start work in a very big way.


S: Yep. That’s great.


Spirit: Good, I will leave you with that. A very easy night for you.


S: Yes.


Spirit: As always, goodnight.


S: Thank you and goodnight.






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