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851 – We cannot connect to all civilizations

G: Just give me a few minutes here. I seem to be connecting with somebody way out there. Let me just see. I’ve got a, it’s a very strong connection with some group of people way out in the solar system.


All I can see is this sort of solar system in front of me. And for some reason they can’t communicate. I’m sort of getting that, it’s all very well to talk telepathically. But then there’s different ways of talking. Telepathically it’s just through thought. They have different ways. So they’re saying if you can imagine thought is just an energy going from one to another, in different lines, they have different connections for their thought to travel. Connections that we haven’t seen, because it’s the way they develop. It’s not just one species, it’s many species. So although they can be fairly advanced in their species, they still can’t communicate with our species, because there’s just way too many of them.


S: Shew.


G: Now, they’re trying to say, somebody in between is trying to say, look at your insects and your dogs and your bats and so on and so on. They all converse. It’s not the same as we converse. Some are telepathically, some follow different energies. And it’s different. And different planets, where there’s different structures, gravity, whatever, they communicate different ways.


S: Yeah. That’s through energy. Shew.


G: So that was just to tell us, that they do exist. They’re not trying to connect or anything. It’s just to say that there are other species, which we can’t communicate with at this stage. Which is fine. I mean, it’s just like, all these different variations.


S: Yeah, absolutely.


G: Hmm. There seems to be more, I just can’t seem to get it. I think it’s because they can’t communicate.


S: Yeah. It’s like trying to connect with a kindergarten. So when they communicate, how do they communicate, is it through feelings. It must be through different chakras being used. 


G: If they have those.


S: Different energies being used. I just get this gush of just like, feelings.


G: With different shapes. Different bodies.


S: Yeah. And also, we are all brain. I mean, on Earth, we are just, it’s our biggest detriment. It’s our biggest.. You can use it for good or bad. We can use it either way. But we are so brain orientated. And 90% of the people or beings, are connected to thought and understanding, this instant understanding of thought. But you’re…..I’m just trying to tap into how they communicate if it wasn’t in the brain. And this whole energy opened up. Because then you’ve got a field to understand and communicate. And you can communicate with so much ease.


G: Well, if you take clairsentience, where you sense something.


S: Yeah.


G: What is that? It’s sensing.


S: Yeah, it’s sensing instead of seeing.


G: Ok, so a higher form of sensing would be communication. I mean, when we, for instance, are doing a reading, you sense the person there, chatting to guides. You sense the guides there first of all. And then the guide comes and talks through us through our language. And that’s the communication. Before they talk, we’ve got the sense. And what you do sense, we can sense when mom’s there, or another guide, or a short person, or whatever. We get to see that. So that is just the other form, well it’s a form of energy as well as communication. So there are other forms of communication.


Ok. Let’s leave it there for tonight. We got somewhere. We did get how the change is going to happen over the next 10 years

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