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855 Robot to decide colors needed

Spirit: I have a woman who will be working with you. She, for some reason, reminds me of Tikki Thau. She is dressed very colorful. She’s standing next to you, a bit behind you on your right. Let’s just see if I can see what she wants to say or whatever. Okay. She’s not talking, she’s part of an automated process. Okay, she’ll be looking after the colors for you. As the colors come in she sorts them out, puts them in the right place and so on. So that makes sense. Actually, she looks like a little Russian doll. It’s very cute. And there is no need to give her a personality. It’s just ‘the job just gets done’.


S: So, my own personal robot.


spirit: Lol. Yeah. So you needn’t worry about things like closing doors and so on. That seems to be it for tonight. They’re all leaving. There’s a lot of people that watch your meditation every night. And they’re all learning at different levels. So, it’s good for them to watch and see how we talk to you, how we teach you and so on. How you absorb the information, because they can see what’s going on between us telepathically. So for them it’s very interesting to learn and watch and learn at this particular level.


S: Shew.


Spirit: So, that’s very nice. Okay, It’s just your mother waving from a distance. And it’s surprising that I don’t pick that up quicker. But when you understand how I see things and how I have to show you to see things, are two different things.


S: Yes.


Spirit: It’s very complicated. I obviously see in colours and energy and so on. And you see apparitions, things, thought forms. So when I speak to you and show you something like the White Mountain, I have to create it. And create it and also go back into your past and see what it was like when it was created before, so it’s not changed and so on.


S: Shew.


Spirit: And I have to show you different things. When new people come along, I have to look at this conversation. Now, although we’re very clever over here, we’re very quick etc, we just have to be very careful of what we’re doing. Some things take a little bit more time. As you can imagine, we’re talking in literally hundreds of different languages and different ways all the time. It’s not just the languages, it’s also the development from one extreme to the other.


S: Yes.


Spirit: It’s like you talking to a one-year-old and then talking to…


S: A 20-year-old.


Spirit: Yeah, that’s right. That’s it for this evening.


S: Thank you.


Spirit: So, thank you for listening, thank you for letting me talk. And goodnight.


S: Thank you. And goodnight.




S: See there again, we don’t go talking to millions of people. This lovely no-name just loves us to bits. And he comes down and chooses to talk to us and we think that he’s just ours. Lol. And he just chats to us. Lol. But he’s talking to squillions of different planets and people and languages. And he’s got to remember this building and that building and go back and look at the photograph. What was the building look like? Quickly create that. Oh my god. And who is this woman, oh it’s your mother. Lol. Oh my god.


G: Lol. So he’s our teacher at the moment.


S: Yes.


G: So they’re just giving stuff to him. And the more he talks to us, the easier it becomes. So the more he can remember.


S: Yes. It’s like having a class, eventually you know all their names.


G: Yeah. When it started with these colours, I thought, you know because you are constantly asking, is this genuine, what I’m seeing?


S: Yeah.


G: And there were ones I was going into, and the majority, I didn’t know what the answer was. So then they’d tell me. And then you say it and it was correct.


S: Shew. The first one I got, I got instantly what it was before you said anything. Exactly what it was.


G: Mmm, that’s good. Yeah. And the rest of them you got 90% of it. It’s just the wording was slightly off.


S: Yeah, I could feel. I was going into the colour and I could feel what the colour was doing. But yes, I found that right word because I wasn’t feeling that person’s energy. I was feeling what it did for me, but I’m not stuck in their staunch world. But flip, It’s amazing.


G: Yeah. Absolutely amazing. Hmm. When I get granny waving, it’s like the whole load of people right there, and right at the back, there’s this character in black and green, just going (waving) waving from out of the distance. I recognise that.

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