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856 Jul 22 How different religions cross over

G: It seems to be to do with religions. Because I’m looking up at the ceiling and there’s a massive stained-glass window, like you get in churches. So that’s what gives me a feeling it’s about religion.


S: Mmm. See, it’s like I said in that same meditation. Everyone needs, everyone is looking for a higher source to look up to. So they’re always looking for something in some entity that is bigger and better than them to look up to.  No one is feeling their self-worth. No one is feeling them, themselves. And they said, yes, that’s absolutely what it is. Because we always look to an external entity, an external something which you have got to follow, or it will tell you, or if you believe in, or… So it’s powerful. It’s huge. And that is why people believe so much in that. Because they’ll say something that resonates with them and then they… That’s it, they’re hooked. But other things might not resonate, but it’s like reading a book. You take some things in, you don’t take other things in. So they’ll stick around for a little while. But for other people, it means everything. It is what they live by. Then the wrongness comes in when they judge others for not believing what they believe.


G: True. Ok, I’ve got the same scenario as we ended up with last night. There’s an audience of people, or… It’s like a huge circle to my left. There used to be an audience of people. Now it’s all the inside of a cathedral. And the floor and the walls are like white concrete. Up the top is stained glass.


And the people are on the outside. This is the empty church on the other side, when people cross over. They start off by going here, and then of course they move out to see all the other religions they start to understand, etc. It’s like a crossing through point. It’s very cold. And I think, when they get here, when they get to the other side, they imagine it to be the most glorious event, you know, some people at the pearly gates and all that jazz. And they end up at this huge cathedral. They must be more to it than that. Let’s say when they first arrive, they meet all the people that they’ve missed, and all their loved ones and so on. And then naturally they turn to their religion, because now they’re meeting God for the first time.


S: Yes.


G: And so they enter into this huge cathedral, and they find it’s very blank and it’s very empty. Now, outside you’ve got all these people who are very loving, very giving, and just want to talk to them and hug them and hold them and so on, and inside of this cathedral is cold, just cold and empty. And they begin to realize at that stage, they walk out to the other side, and they see all their friends and so on. It’s all very loving and happy and lots of colors and good energy and so on. And then they begin to see all around them is all the different churches, temples, and so on, with the different religions. And when they see all of this, that gives them a very good understanding of all these different religions.


And what they soon figure out is that it’s all in the same place. Everyone ends up at the same place. And then, of course, there’s only one entity. So very quickly they can work out that religions were man-made, and when they go through their lives to see how well they did in their lives and so on, they will soon see when they were hooked into the religion and how it happened and so on. So, it’s just a very good lesson for them.


Then what happens is they become very open, open to simply understanding more. And that is the ideal time to say to them, okay, you have had so many lives, you’ve reincarnated, etc., etc., and take them slowly back to their higher self. So it’s still a bit of an adjustment, but that’s basically how it’s done. So that’s all very neat and tidy.

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