Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

857 How animals cross over

Now, let’s just see what happens with animals while we are up there.  Now, of course, animals don’t have any religion. They don’t have any bias or whatever. So, when they die, they come back to where they started from. Because they don’t go through a thought process of being born and going through the birthing stage. That’s all done for them.


So, it’s like the gardener of the Earth will start to grow these embryos, for want of a better word, and he sends them down, first of all, as a group of insects, flock of birds, etc., etc. And he basically looks after them and sends them back where he thinks is the right place for them to carry on with the next stage of their junior life, their animal life. And then only when they’re ready do they move into their first human life.


The first human life is also chosen for them. Because with the animal lives, they have to choose, they learn everything about security, safety, looking after themselves, etc. It’s all about them, the environment they live in and survival. When you have a first human life, the first thing you look for is, the first thing you learn is interaction with family and other people. The interaction they have with other animals is different to the interaction they will have with a human.


Because there’s so many more emotions on a human level that you don’t have on an animal level. Envy, for example, jealousy. It’s simply a matter of the strong survive. And that’s what they’ve always known


S: And they don’t have points of views, which is what destroys us.


Spirit: When they start of the human, their first life, is very basic. And the gardener will point them in the right direction on that particular life. And they tend to be very short, about 30, 40, 50 years. And they learn what they need to. And then, depending on which way they’re progressing, they go through second, third, fourth lives, pretty much the same way, and then they start to decide for themselves what they want to learn and so on.


S: Okay.


Spirit: As a beginner, it’s a bit like an illiterate person in this society, who can’t read or write, who’s pretty dense, etc. And then they’ve had a few lives, but that’s the stage that they’re at. So, you just have to love everybody, because we are all at different stages. So, number one rule, of course, is never judge people.


S: Exactly.


Spirit: And we are all going through all of this. Animals come over. So, when an animal dies, they simply come back to the place where they started, and they’re not sure what’s going on, and they just continue from there. Very simple.


Now, animals that interact with humans. You know that when you cross over, the animals that you’ve had in your life will be there. That’s a yes and a no. What happens is the soul continues to grow. So, what will happen is the gardener will send them back to start life, for instance, as a human, but they’ll leave another portion, another clone of them here, so that when you come up, you can greet them and love them, and they’ll be with you forever and a day. They’ll always be there. But there’s two different parts. One is down there learning as a human. One is still as a dog, which will be with you.


S: So, it’s almost like a memory bank is left, but your… not so much a memory bank.


Spirit: Yeah. Your higher self can create as many physical “you’s” as you want. So, it will just create two. One’s human, one’s dog. So, that’s the handover point if you like.


S: So, a question. So, when it’s doing that, when we are doing that, it’s obviously pre-planned, like I was, so I’m going to leave that for that moment so that the soul doesn’t… Well, I suppose the soul… Oh, my gosh. It gets so huge. So, your higher self is obviously always up there and just absorbing exactly what’s going on.


So, there’s no need to pre-plan anything or like, so for example, Fraggle or Charlie or Cassie.(Pets) So, you won’t create that fragment, so you can move on and focus on other stuff as well is what I was trying to say.


Spirit: Yeah. As a dog, you might come down several times to understand different owners.  The more you can understand, the better you’ll become in your first life. So, you may come down several times to experience all these different owners and different feelings, different sensations and so on. That’s what you learn.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But, your higher self is made up of lots of little pieces of a jigsaw. And so one piece goes back as a dog and one piece goes as the first human. And there can be other pieces as well. As you go through this particular life, where you are now Sharon on this Earth, there could be other parts of your soul, different Sharons, if you like, on different planets, different dimensions and at different levels, that’s also possible.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Most people won’t need to learn that much. Only the more advanced people that you will teach at a later stage. So that’s how that works, very simple.

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