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858  When Devil-worshipers cross over

Let me give you an easy one. When you cross over, you’ll expect to see your mother when you last saw her. That will be very quick. Now, because you can understand, you already know that thought is creation over there and you can change as much as you like. So, you understand that once you meet her, she’ll be pretty much where the last time you saw her, here on this planet, and then pretty soon she just goes back to being 20 years old or 30 or whatever she feels like. Exactly the same as you will do. Now, you can understand that, so that’s what will happen to you.


But what happens to somebody who has no understanding of how all this works? Let’s just say they’re a Muslim as well. So, their parents, who are Muslim, died 20 years ago and suddenly they arrive in heaven and they will be shown, their parents, as older Muslims, as they were last seen, so that they are recognized, etc.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: They don’t understand this thought is creation, so it’s a bit of a challenge in the beginning and they have to get used to changing shape, colour, clothes, all sorts of things before they can see their parents and any other friends that they have there, suddenly go back to a much younger age. Now, while this is happening at the same time, they are realizing that there is only one God. There are all these different religions, but there is only one God. And it’s a grand journey and all these sorts of things, it’s all running through their minds. So, it’s a hell of an adjustment for them, an adjustment for them, and it takes a little bit more time than it would, say, when you would cross over, or even when a Christian crosses over.


Those that are more amusing are, for instance, the devil worshippers. Those that have been to the black magic and all that sort of thing. When they come over, it’s a huge adjustment for them. The first thing we do is we show them what they expect to see, which is cauldrons and all the nasty things that they believe in, and in a very dark, blackened, bleak area, a good, scary area. That’s what they imagine it’s like over there. And then, of course, they start to adjust slowly, because all these nasty people over there aren’t really nasty anymore. And the adjustment is slow. They find that everybody is more pleasant than they imagined.


S: So, that negativity becomes nothingness.


Spirit: Yes. And this takes a while to sink in, and they’ve got a lot more to understand. And then they realize how bad they actually are, compared to what they should be. And they realize that they’ve gone, you know, totally off the rails, thinking in totally the wrong direction. And that’s a real mind-shock thought. Something they’ve believed in all their lives, and suddenly it’s not there. So, they change over and they go through the same process. Eventually they see again there’s only one God, and all the different religions.


And then you get the Mormons, as that’s an example. They expect to see Jesus over there, because they believe that Jesus is part of their community and the twelve disciples. So, that’s more or less what’s shown to them. Not, we don’t actually say, this is Jesus, we just say he’s sort of up here, if you like. And the first thing they do is, they arrive and they feel very content, and they’re comfortable and they are home, that’s what they think. And then they start looking around and they see, well, there’s a group of Muslims over there, a group of Christians over there, and so on. So, what’s going on?


S: I love it.


Spirit: And then, slowly it’s explained to them, that there are all these different religions and they chose to be a Mormon, and that’s fine. And they’re quite happy with it.


S: Oh my gosh, it’s actually beautiful how you explain that.


Spirit: Yeah.


S: Because it’s when they get shown, okay, so they get shown and relate to something, and then look around, and it’s just like everyone’s in the same boat, literally.


Spirit: Yeah, you see, they’re being shown, people, spirits if you like, are showing themselves as physical people.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Because they’re not at the color stage yet. And so, we create an environment which is very similar to the environment they left on Earth.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And so, the environment is their beliefs, that’s what it is. And we start to change that slowly.


S: Yes.


Spirit: But what they can do is, they recognize, they have this additional sense, once you cross over the other side, they’re able to sense people in different groups. So they actually sense these people over there are Christians, and they sense these people are Jews and Muslims and so on.


S: Shew.


Spirit: Yeah. And they don’t realize that they can sense it, but they do understand it, and then they start questioning, and where do they fit in and so on. And then it slowly sort of dawns on them that, yeah, it’s okay being a Muslim or Mormon or whatever, it’s just something you chose to do. But you’re all part of one big Creator, one big God.


S: Shew.


Spirit: And then of course you see them all join together. That’s also very interesting.


S: Mmm. That must be beautiful. What would it take for that to happen on planet Earth?

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