Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

859 An amazing talk of what happens when you cross over.

Spirit: The first stage you go into, when you’ve gone through all of this, and you’ve decided, you’ve understood, well I’ve gone through and there is just one God and this, that and the other. You’ve also understood that you can change your mind, thought is creation and change your shapes and so on.


Then you go into an area of pure happiness. So, what we try and do is show you all the best things. You know, there’s no stresses, no worries, everything is perfect, what you’re wearing, your clothes, people you meet, everything is just perfect, and you’re so happy. And everybody around you is so happy, it’s a perfect world, and that’s what we show you. And then you see, this is what the perfect world is, and look at the garbage you’ve just come from, totally different. And they get this understanding of what perfection is, if you like, that’s where we’re aiming to get at that particular level so we can be like that all the time. They don’t understand there’s an awful lot more to it, but what they do understand is this beautiful feeling of love that comes from everybody. And it just sinks into them and they absolutely love it, it’s absolutely brilliant.


And they stay there for a while and then one of their guardians or whatever will take them and say, just come and have a look at this, come and look at this, start showing them around and what they can do and show them all the extras’ bits and pieces. But there’s so many additional things that they have to learn or remember.


S: Remember, yeah.


Spirit: And it takes some time before they go through all of that and then eventually get back to their higher self. It’s the same as, you know, we say teaching spiritualism here, you’ve got to do the baby and the stork things first, and it’s exactly the same when you cross over again, you go back there. It’s still a huge step to go from, okay, I remember heaven, up to my God, I’m the higher self. So that’s a huge step and it takes a little bit of doing, so it’s taking them back into their memories. Now of course this can be done very quickly because thought is creation and so on, so you take them back through their memories and through some past lives and they start to remember things and they do a lot of things that they enjoy doing and because they can do them to perfection, but they soon get bored from doing that. But It’s so nice to do, I mean to play 18 holes of golf, 18 holes in one is just everything.


So they do a lot of that, a lot more things are put in perspective. Of course illnesses don’t exist over there. When they arrive, a lot of them arrive bringing along the illnesses they have, or that’s what their soul thinks, I’ve still got this illness, and we have to dispel that straight away. No, you left that behind because you died, and you don’t have it anymore and that sort of thing. And they come across with a perfect soul. That we have to explain to them.


A lot of things as well is when they’ve done a lot of wrong on the planet, they’ve been really bad characters, murderers, rapists, whatever. They come across and they see all this beautiful energy, love, etc. And then they can see what they’ve done is so different, so bad, compared to what they’re seeing now. And that is a tremendous learning curve, it sort of sears into their soul what they’ve done, because they can see this huge difference. And that’s of course, that’s how they learn. But then they learn, that all is forgiven, you went down there to learn a lesson, and whether you screwed up or you didn’t doesn’t make any difference. You learned. Now you’re a lot better person because you’ve learned more. And if we sent you back to have another life, it would be much better because you’ve learned so much more. So, whatever you’ve done, don’t worry about it. It was just, that’s the way it panned out.


So, all those lessons are now put in the background and the people now have very clear minds. And they understand that they’ve gone through all these different lives and they’ve learned all these different things. But they’ve also learned that those things are in the past. It doesn’t affect where they are today. A lot of them will have ongoing things that they have to work through. They come down for several lives with one particular problem they want to really understand, whatever it might be. Let’s just say, losing a partner. Because you can lose them in various ways, because you’ve got free will etc. And they might want to really understand that and come down for several lives. You see, it doesn’t matter. Once you’re there, whether you decide to come down again today, tomorrow, or in a hundred years’ time, it doesn’t make any difference at all. Time doesn’t matter. We all live in the now. And the now is what’s so enjoyable. Whether it’s just being laid back, doing nothing, lying on a beach that we’ve created, or helping other people.


Things are a lot different than you have down there. The likes, dislikes, comforts and so on. Much, much different.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past. And there’s no hurry to learn the next life. But, after a while, you tend to get bored because it’s the same, it’s good things all the time.


S: We only grow with challenge.


Spirit: Exactly. Right. So after a while, you get bored and you think, well, I might as well go and have another life. What am I going to do? And you’ll probably pick something which is hard. Because you’re going to say to yourself, the last lesson I did was pretty damn good. So I can handle something else now. So, let me go down there and do that. And I’ll only be gone for 70 years. Nothing serious. And then off you go to the next lesson. And that continues.


S: Yeah, granny and I use to go “I’m never choosing this again”. Lol.


Spirit: Now, when you go back for your next life, what you do is you take your normal bodies with you,  but you have a memory body. And what you would take is the memories that will be valuable to you to learn in that particular lesson. So, caveman days, you probably want to take back how you kill a dinosaur or a mammoth or whatever. Just because you don’t need to learn that again. And so you can progress. So, when you go back, you’ll be on for the next level up, or improved level. You have a few more memories, a bit more experience. And then you’ll experience the lesson with a bit more ammunition. So it just saves you going back to scratch again.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, your memories, and that is why quite often you can think, I’ve done this before. Deja vu, you know.


S: Yes, yes.


Spirit: I’ve been here before. You probably have. That’s your memories kicking in.


S: Yes. Or you meet someone and you know them. You just know them.


Spirit: Yes. Now, let’s have a look at connections with other people. When you come down, let’s first of all look at our side. Over here you’ve got your groups. Your final stage, or the stage that you’re looking at the moment is where we’ve explained, there’s all these different colours and so on. That’s the stage that we’re at. When you come over first of all, if you come over now, you’ll still be at the stage where you can create visually, humans, etc, etc. You won’t be the colour stage yet. Not until you go back up to your higher self.


So you won’t choose to stay in an area where  you create all sorts of things, harbors, Islands, fishing ships, whatever you want. Just to enjoy yourself and meet with other people as well. Because one of the things you have is connections that you have on Earth. Hugging, kissing, loving, etc, holding each other. And when you’re in colours, you simply use that in your mind, but it’s an emotion that you leave behind because you don’t actually need it anymore. But when you first cross over, I know, what you would like to do is hug your mother. And that’s a natural thing from here. Once you’ve been over there for a while, you realise that you can do that simply through thought. You don’t need to create a physical of that anymore because you can get exactly the same experience through thought.


So, for a while, when you’re over there, you’ll meet all the people that you know that have crossed over, all your old friends. And it will take you a while getting used to them because their ages change. You’ll see them when they’re 70, when they’ve passed over, and now they’re going back to 25 or 30 or whatever. And so you get used to all that. So, you also feel the love and affection you have for each individual. And you have had some very good friends who have crossed over and you just get that same feeling that you had when you were on Earth. So, there’s a lot of beautiful connections there. And then as you move up the ladder and you go back to your higher self and you start to become colours of energy, the creating of the physical falls away because you don’t need it. And it’s just simply a matter of thought. I’d love to give my mother a hug. And it’s a fraction of a thought and it suddenly happens. You get the same feeling as if you’re hugging your mother right now. And so that changes things as well. You’ve got all that beautiful stuff, really beautiful stuff that you can tap into at any stage. And it gives you content and satisfaction. Really, really enjoyable love. And you progress from there, but I think that will do for this evening.


Again, we’re getting so far ahead of ourselves. Lol.


S: It’s so awesome.


Spirit: It is. Yeah, I think that’s all we need for tonight. So, I’ll leave you with that and I’ll just see if there is anybody else who wants to talk.


S: Thank you.


Spirit: Yes, thank you. And of course, goodnight. Lol.


S; And goodnight. Lol.

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