Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

909 How food from animals and fish will change along with nature

Now apart from your vegetables, let’s have a look at cows for example. Where you get milk from. Goats, and so on. And in other countries, a lot of very similar animals. They have been, in a lot of areas, commercially farmed. They have changed an awful lot. Your pigs as well, have changed an awful lot. And in a lot of cases they have been put on steroids etc, to fatten them up and so on. And that has really made a bad mess of their DNA. And this will have to go back to normal as well. Now how would you do that? And cattle have been used to, from one generation to the next, they have been bred to produce milk or meat, or whatever it might be, at this genetically modified level. So how do you get them back to normal? So, that is going to be very tricky. Scientists are going to have to come up with ways to see that, look into that and see what they can do. So they can change it. Now with your fish stocks, they are not so bad, because if you just left them alone, they would generate more and you would get more fish. And fish is a tremendous source of protein. But if you take the fish farms that have been created, again they have been created for the main reason, is for finance , not so much to feed the people, but to make money. Which is understandable. But the same thing has happened, these fish are getting more modified, and not as they should be. So that again, will have to be addressed. And when it becomes more food and people understand, and with big industries closing, there will be less access to chemicals and fertilizers and they will turn to natural products. What they will find, when they go back to looking for natural products, is that there are more than enough natural products on the planet, to get everything back into working order again. And a very comfortable order too.


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So, I think we will leave it here for tonight. Things are very busy with the queen.


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So from me, once again, thank you for listening and good night.

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