Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

912  New kids will believe in Aliens and meditation

G:. Now, they are  just showing me a building which is like a hundred stories high, it’s all full of rooms, and there’s all these different people hanging out the windows, saying ‘what are you doing, what are you doing?’ Just a little bit of symbolic stuff.


Spirit: Now, we will draw people to you, we will introduce the right people to you, that need to learn. The same as you’re learning right now, you must teach others. We will bring them to you, and you will understand, you will realize that they are ready for teaching. And over a decent period, they will learn, understand and grow, and they’ll learn and understand and grow at a much faster rate than the two of you did. Firstly, because of the time, you had to wait for the change of the earth and so on and so on, and secondly, because of evolvement. Change is going to be much quicker.


So the people will change, and it’s quite possible that they can change from being a Catholic, for example, to becoming wholly spiritual and to reach channeling, for instance, within six months, it’s quite possible…


S: Yeah.


Spirit: .. for them to do that. It just depends on their belief, and as you know, it’s got to be step by step. But more people will be able to believe, larger steps in future instead of smaller steps.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: If you think of just the understanding that you have learnt in the last few months, and going back to the beginning, let’s just say the beginning of the year, when your mother passed, from there onwards, what we’ve taught you and what you’ve been able to see is quite amazing, and now you understand very clearly about the aliens, as you call them, amongst us,.. Lol


S: Lol.


Spirit: .. and how the different cultures work, how the overall system works, if you like, spiritual life works. So, that is an enormous change in a short space of time. So, they will be able to do that on a much lower level, from an absolute beginner to somebody who can meet their guides within a short space of time.


Now, the more that happens, the more people out there are going to be saying, yes, we believe in the aliens as well, it’s quite true. They understand it. And that makes it far more acceptable for everybody else to change over, because suddenly it’s not a strange happening at some stage, it’s happening all around them. So, therefore, it’s much easier for them, they are swayed and they change, they seek and they find. So, that is how that will work. Do you have a question?


S: No, there’s been my guide all over me.


Spirit: lol. And she’s a very happy guide.


S: Yes. She’s lovely.


Spirit: I think that’s amazing and I love the way we all work and it makes sense, because the whole generation, everything is just moving so much faster…


Spirit: It is indeed.


S:.. than what we moved and what our parents moved and what our grandparents moved and everything is just faster, faster, faster.


Spirit: Absolutely. And, if I can show your image, just once more, of moving ahead and doing all this teaching, and again, you’ll be influencing people without understanding or talking to them verbally exactly what they must do and they must change, etc. Simply by being.


S: Shew.


Spirit: You’re surrounded by all this energy and memories as you found from last night. So, it’s a matter of just being in the right vicinity and connecting to the right sort of people. And that’s how these connections will be made with the new people you will be teaching, etc. They’ll be drawn to you, they’ll get a quick understanding and they’ll meet you, they’ll believe you, they’ll start to learn and you’ll start to teach and so you will expand from there.


S: Mmm. That’s beautiful.


Spirit: Mmm. Now, just a little thing about children, as you will be teaching children, etc. Children are very susceptible; they can be very susceptible. What’s been done in the past is that children grow into the physical human side or the spiritual side. And only at that stage when they get their free will are they able to develop and change and find their own way, etc. What we will be instilling in then in the future and because of the change and the way everything is evolving, the children between the age of 7 and 18, for example, will be learning far more.


Now, because, as we were saying just now, everybody around you believes in aliens, so therefore it’s more acceptable. So, as with the children, everything around them is going to be meditation and aliens and journeying and so on and that becomes far more acceptable. They’re far more open to it, they will therefore learn far, far quicker and they’ll develop quicker. So, that is your new generation and how they’re going to move forward.


S: Shew.


Spirit: So, each new generation will be that much faster, that much better, that much quicker to evolve.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Mmm. So, a lot of change ahead. Much change.


S: I was thinking or Bars with the school, as an introduction and then what about meditation?


Spirit: Well, your introduction there is to get to introduce at the level that they are at at the moment. So, you have this ability, but you cannot try to teach what we’ve been teaching in the last few months at the school.


S: Oh no, no.


Spirit: That’s just as an example. But once you’re in and they start to learn, they will sense your presence, they will understand far more. Children at that age, they will start to learn more, sense more, believe more, develop more and therefore you get more and more clients, if you like.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: More and more people join. Now at the same time, you’ll be teaching these people, teaching other people who will move up to a level such as you are at the moment. They need guidance, exactly the same as you have needed guidance, and you’ll be introduced to them. They will learn more of the basics, as you’ve been learning over the last few years and they will develop much quicker and you’ll be in touch with various people around the world, various people who will teach their way and they will look to you again for guidance. And again, it’s not a matter, this is how we remove the jealousy and the ego, it’s not a matter of them seeing somebody who is so much better than them, it’s they will see somebody who they can resonate with and they will understand and feel comfortable with and therefore believe.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And with all this information that you have, all the emotional energy that you have within you, without even talking, they will enter that, they will come into your space, they will sense all of that, we can pass on that information to them, which makes them simply believe stronger than before.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: That’s how that side will work.


S: Shew.

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