Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

914 Aug 22  Understanding climate change

G: I think they want to talk about drought.

S: Mmm. Yeah, I’m getting black, black energy with like, I don’t know if it’s gold, or silver or yellow. There are lines through it, like cracked, with gold, or silver or yellow, all-around cracks. Just cracked.

G: Yeah, I was just getting brown, which is cracked.

S: Yeah.


G: Like riverbeds that have dried out.


S: Yeah.


G: I’ve got a vast area. Looks a bit like a desert. It has some very thin patches of water in the middle. And it’s something to do with what goes up into the air from the desert floor or the river bed, whichever it is. I know it all makes sense, that when the sand heats up, it will take all the moisture out and it will go up in the air.


S: Mmm.


G: And that in turn, will…. Okay, got it.. So that in turn creates rain, which creates floods, and that’s how it gets out of balance.


Spirit: So, as you’ve learned in the past, the whole energy system, all the energy systems, the various types all work together to keep the world in a very comfortable situation. So when things go out of whack, one thing affects another, and it’s always the opposite. So in this case, you’ve got heat and drought on one side, and you’ve got floods on the other.


So in Europe at the moment, you’ve got drought, the temperature is much higher than normal because of climate change, et cetera, that’s creating a lot of drought and water shortage. And the opposite to that is we’ll have another part of the world where they’re having floods, which in this case is India and Pakistan and so on. So you can understand from that how air and water and so on circulate, as we’ve shown you, around the world. And that’s why in one area you will get drought, and in the opposite area you will get a flood.


Now, they’re out of whack, and they need to get back into a balance, and that balance won’t be the same as before they were out of balance. It won’t go back to the same situation. It has to change because one side, whether it’s drought or floods, will improve faster than the other, and that will change the area where the floods and drought will be or should be corrected in the following years. So it moves around the planet bit by bit, and that’s why you had an ice age 20,000 years ago, which was in Norway, Sweden, et cetera, and the north of England, and you will have it again because that’s already moved.


So all these climate changes move around the world according to the movement of energies.


S: And that’s why some people think that it’s not real because they only experience it once. Then it moves on. So they think about it. They think of themselves again.


Spirit: Yes, they think it’s very unusual. They have, for instance, 100-year flood lines and 20-year flood lines and so on. It’s only when something extreme happens that they put it down to one odd occasion, where in fact it’s all part of one natural movement.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now the climate change, as we’ve just discussed, where you get dryness on one side, drought on the one side and you get floods on the other, also affects other forms of nature’s energy. For example, below the Earth, that’s going to change quite a bit as well, because you don’t get the water seeping down to the water tables on one side, and you get too much on the other side. So that will also have to change. So, water underneath the Earth will change. As you know, the Sahara Desert, as an example, used to be Earth, just natural Earth, millions of years ago. It changed so many times, and now it’s purely desert.


That’s why if you look back, if you were a geologist and you could look back over many, many centuries, you’d see all these changes of the Earth and how it’s moved and so on. It creates very little difference these days. You have a climate change which has been years in the making. It’s just been a tiny bit out of whack for a long time. It’s only been getting worse and worse and worse. And of course with fossil fuels, that’s creating one of the biggest problems. And there was no need for fossil fuels in the beginning, as you know. But again, you have to see both sides of the coin, so you can see the middle and make corrections in the future.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, how would that affect the energy and the colours that you’re using with the work that you will be doing?


S: Does the good energy not overpower negative energy?


Spirit: Yes, it does indirectly. The way you’re healing at the moment, if you just think about healing the surrounds, as you look out on your balcony, for example, you look at all the plants and so on. How is that going to change? And what we’ve been telling you is that you don’t have to think of specific colours. You think of the overall change that you would like. And then the illuminated colours that we gave you two days ago, that contained memories exaggerated at the next level up of energy, an expanded form of energy which contained memories as well. So, as there are changes in the earth’s climate, the memories will kick in that that happened many centuries ago. And therefore the change that’s needed, the colour that’s needed is not quite what you think it should be, because of the change. So they all have to be changed a little bit. Now, you don’t have to worry about that change, it’s going to happen, we’re just explaining why it does have to happen. So, everything is connected. So, going back to the beginning, when the earth was in balance right in the beginning, it’s been moving in and out of balance ever since. Right back from when it first started, it’s moved in and out of balance as things change, as everybody learns. It’s not just a matter of you as humans learn. You’ve got the animal, the insects and so on. And then you’ve got nature itself, which learns, changes, adapts and moves forward. So the whole of the earth is one moving bundle of energy, colours and memories.


S: As is everything.


Spirit: As is everything, quite right. So now you see things differently, instead of seeing maybe just 2D as you used to. Now you see everything as a mixture of colours, emotions and memories. All moving.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Fascinating to see.


S: It is.

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