Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

919  Using stockpiles of energy automatically when needed

G: Now in the distance I have some hills. These hills are like giant mounds, they are all pretty uniform. They are covered in a Mist and they go on for miles. Going across to have a look, just to sense one or two, to see if I can feel what is there. Wow, is just to show you.


Spirit: These are healings that have been done by a single person in the past. So, as you heal people, so one of these will be created. So that other people, students if you like, can tap into them at different stages in the future and we can look at them, and so on. Now they are very very big and you don’t realise how much healing you do. Because it is not a matter of when people are in front of you and you put your hands on them and so on. It is continuously throughout the day. You look at people and you automatically, without thinking decide what energies they need or how they should be helped and so on. So, this happens all day long and you are generating dozens, sometimes hundreds of different healings in a day. Now all these are packed away, so that people in the future can literally walk through your life and pick up all of these  healings and understand. More than that, they are for use, where people like yourself, in the future, will want access to knowledge which is on an Earth plain, if you like. Something you created on an Earth plane, not in the spiritual plane. And therefore they can tap into it and access that information. Now at the moment, you can do that. You have approved all these different things, the different forms of healing energy and so on. And there are a lot of collections of energy around the Earth, in different places, which you can tap into. And those of course don’t come from spirit. So we don’t have to change the vibrations from high to low to get them down to you, and so on. They are just there so you have access to them.

So all over the planet you have these and they are created for a lot of different people and a lot of different types of healings. Alot of history and so on. So when we go through this change, there will be a lot of people like yourself, doing similar things. And healing different people. And getting the changes done, that we need. And doing it on an automated basis, when they come across other people and they automatically send out this energy, which is the right vibrational energy . And in the end when the earth changes, to what we would like it to. Then when you imagine all the changes that have been made, are not only made by the healers, but they are also made by the people thinking the right way. Exactly the same thing happens. That energy gets stored. So what you are left with, is memories on the Earth, to stockpile, so that people in future can use it. And they won’t even have to think about it. It will happen naturally, when they are thinking the right way. So that is where the energy comes from, that they use.


S: So the vibration matches and the energy is stored.


Yes, and there is a stockpile of energy throughout the planet. And that is built up by everybody. So as you go forward all this energy can be used. So that is really how energy controls the planet. It’s all there. We all use different energies that we have created or experienced or are allowed to experience. Is that clear?


S: Yes, very. Thank you.

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