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922 Cleansing past negative memories (Easy to do)

I’m seeing a lot more confusion today, then I normally do. I’ve got different bits and pieces coming and going all the time. Before the mind actually settles on something. A turmoil of sorts. Ok I know what that is, we need to go into a meditation where we remove thoughts that we don’t need from our past. Now we do understand this, we do understand what we have been through and we understand that this doesn’t affect us from now onwards. But it is kept in our system and it’s a bit like the automated process we were talking about, and there’s a variety of different things that are there to remind your body of things that have happened in the past, decisions that we have made etc, but there is far too much there.


Spirit: We need to release that from both of you. So you can go forward on a much better basis.


S: That is just what I was asking for today.


Now there is a surprise. I’m not sure how we could have got that right.(Sarky)  Are you ready to do that now?


S: Yes, so ready.


Then let’s use what we have, and we are going to make this very simple. Take your mind back to the place we have just been. And you have that wide expanse huge area of just snow for as far as you can see and it’s very cleansing. Behind you, you have the volcano. I Want you to sit down in the field And then lie on your back, as if you are about to make angels. I want your head to connect up to the volcano. And spread your legs and arms out. Energy is going to go out from your hands and your feet in all directions, through all the clear snow. And what it is going to do is. first thing, is all the memories that are unneeded that are in your body, throughout your body, are going to travel down your limbs and outwards. Now once that is done, you are going to draw inwards,  clean snow to clear your system. Once all of it is into your system, then your head will connect to the volcano and that is your last step. It is quite quick; all the information goes to the volcano and then clear information comes back.

Now I am going to leave you to do that, I will remind you and I will see when you are finished and I will just talk to you through the last little bit. But do that and be comfortable and just enjoy the moment, it will be very very healing for you. 

Now you’re going to draw the energy in through your limbs and you can actually feel the texture of this snow and the coolness and energy, all  flows in to fill your body


S: It’s like a soft energy


Yes, very soft, very cleansing, very comfortable. Now while that is happening and continuing, send the rest of any negativity in your head and neck up into the volcano and then just start to draw in clean, white Snow energy and you will feel your head get cooler. And just start to feel your whole body there, filled with this beautiful cleansing energy.


S: Mmm, E is loving this.


G:Yes, and you can feel the energy, you can feel it right up to as far as you can see.


S: Yes


Its’ a brilliant feeling, it’s like you are a part of the whole thing.


S: Yes, I was just going to say you feel one, connected part of everything. It’s like it is infinity. Never ending.


It’s a different sensation all together. And now I have sort of stood up and I can feel everything around me going out to as far as you can see, is now like clarity, it’s like crystal clear. Like somebody has just cleaned the windows. And the snow is disappearing and everything around, it’s like I’m in a giant Goldfish bowl with absolutely crystal-clear water. It’s amazing.


S: Shew, That was beautiful.


You asked for a cleansing. You certainly got one.


S: yes, lol. I was just sitting there today, going ‘this is crazy, I am trying to work and I don’t know what I’m going to do, I need to get rid of this ‘shit’ in my body and my head and my everything. And that is exactly what happened today.


Well, is that unusual? Spooks getting it right?


S: Yeah, that was exactly what I wanted /needed. It was beautiful.


Please can we have a house?


S: lol. My word that was beautiful. Tomorrow I will do energy pulls for our little home. Damn, that was good. THANK YOU.

Yeah, we need to find a place and settle, so we can work properly. Where the dogs are happy we’ve got our space and place and we can sit down and we can function. The puppies can have their garden. I can work anywhere, so 3 bedrooms, and a “dishwasher” lol. Just a little safe space so we can put our heads down and boom, create.


It’s like we have been in training, all this time.


S: I feel like now we have direction. Now I’ve got my course and what I am going to do. It’s like I opened my eyes one day and E was with me when I started writing and I was like “oh, that’s what I have to do”. I have to put all my life lessons/stuff into a course. And teach the people. Integrate the whole things and into that put the energy pulls, meditations or whatever. Or they can buy the whole thing. How to get through shit. And I’ve been through enough myself. So this is how you do it. Boom. And everyone is going to need that when the change happens. Because they are all going to be going through shit.


Yes, and its simple things, like, how do you handle stress?


S: how do you handle losing everything? And there are so many ways to approach people to it. Because it helps with everything. The tools, the ways, the processes are all going to be there to help them through no matter what it is, big or small or the end of their world. So it’s magical. It’s exciting.


The biggest thing is going to bring us his peace.


S: 1000%


Just enjoy every day. Just being. There’s no rush, ,there’s no stress, there’s no … it’s just a matter of creating and the more balance we have, the more we can create.


S: It’s comfortable and peaceful.

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