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940 July 22 Spirit automate finding drowning sailors.

G:  Okay, we’re going to start with ships tonight. The first thing I got, was looking down on a ship that had run over two reefs and they were like, going at 90 degrees, and one ship is there balanced on the two reefs. I saw another ship sinking, the front half was under water.

And then I got huge expansive sea and storms in the background. So, this seems to be the starting point. And it’s lost at sea.


S: I kind of got this grey. I just got a colour.


G: Mmm. A huge expanse of ocean, grey at night, which basically is what I was seeing. I remember doing a meditation many years ago. It was about, off the isles of Scilly or something. Yes, it was the Isle of Scilly, when we went there.  Mom and I did a meditation one night and we got hold of this captain. And he went down with a ship in Scilly. And instead of crossing over, he stayed there and he helped other captains going through the same… I can’t remember whether it was to stop the ships coming in or whether to help the drowned…


No, it was to help drowned people, that’s right. So, he helped the drowned sailors in that particular area. Because when they drowned, they drowned with a huge amount of fear. They don’t know what the other side is in most cases. So they don’t know about crossing over. But if something happens very quickly, one minute they are on deck and the next minute they are in the water and they might be in the water and drown very quickly, or they may stay on the surface for a long time and there’s just nothing around anywhere. And their chances of being rescued are very slim. It’s horrible in the end, how they die and they slide under the water. And they haven’t got the energy to stay afloat and they die.


S: Yeah.


G: So there was quite a bit of that. I used to know his name. I can see him on the ship that went down.  So let’s see what else we can see there. Okay, let’s just go underwater and let’s sink down and see if we can see what we’re supposed to be seeing.


And I’m seeing something very ornate. It’s sort of round with a sort of blunt spike on the top. It’s studded with different gemstones, colours. An awful lot of energy balls of sorts. A beacon maybe?


S: It doesn’t make much sense but I’m seeing like blobs of energy, like white blobs. Not even pure white.


G: mmm. I think it’s something to do with when people drown.  They go down and they can’t sort of go up towards the light.


S: How do you understand when you’re under, like not on the ethereal plain. They say it’s one of the most peaceful ways to pass over is drowning.


G: I think when you are drowning, you know that you’re sinking, you’re going down. Okay, got it.


Spirit: Okay. We oversee the various towns, cities, countryside, etc. When we look down we can see the energies of all these different people. And they’re all pretty close. I mean, you look down even in the countryside you can see, for the height, you can see people, it’s easy. But when you’re out over the ocean, where are you going to see bodies? So, what we have is basically an automated process. And this is simply like a direction finder.


It’s in different parts of the ocean. Now, as you know we automate a lot of things and this is just one of the simplest things that we could do. We automate it. So, when somebody goes overboard or dies or there’s a shipwreck or whatever, we simply hear it through this beacon. So we’re notified instantly of that’s where it is and then we can go ahead and we can go and help.


So it’s just a matter of… I mean, you can imagine the size of the ocean. The Atlantic, for example, is bigger than the states in Africa put together. And that’s just a huge area. Then you take the Pacific, which is even bigger. Then there’s all the isolated places. As you know there are shipping lanes off the beaten track. You don’t get any ships and so on. So there’s a massive area. This is simply beacons that we have and they will pick up when somebody is in the water in distress and send a message to us and we can go and help. A very, very simple process. But it saves us monitoring that space all the time. So that’s quite right. So all the colours is all the different variables that it will see. And the white blobs that you saw is simply us.


S: Oh. Lol


Spirit: The energy moving backwards and forwards. So, that’s how simple it is.


S: Cutest blobs ever.


Spirit: Mmm. So, that is the ocean.

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