Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

992  Its how people perceive you

Now I have, again I am sort of in the middle of a wood, and it just means it’s barren and away from everything else. And there is like a shrine there. The Shrine has three sides of wood, it’s like see-through wood,  like a screen, an invisible screen. In the middle is a candle and the candle is lit. And there is one flame. So there is one flame in the middle of a desolate, quiet area. Now, the significance of this is what they want you to work out. Sharon I think you can answer that one. See it in your space.


S: Is it a representation of each being choosing a living for themselves and the more they do that, the more of a contribution they can be two others, as they are shining their light individually, thereby being a contribution to others around.


Almost. Your life is basically like that, your flame is your belief, your understanding of life. What is around you is emptiness but you will be introduced to people. People will see your life in many different ways, put it that way.


S: Everyone sees it differently.


Yes. But that flame will always be there because that is basically who you are. That is your starting point. There is a little bit more to it than that.


S: It’s to do with the way that people will see that flame. Some people will be drawn to it and other people will deter from it.


Correct. Quite right. So, you can be,… you can have the perfect understanding of life, the purity, an absolutely pure soul,  but people will still see you in two different ways, the positive and the negative.


S: yes


Again, depending on their background, their history, how they have been brought up. So you must understand that when you teach people, that there are so many variations out there. You can only put a cross what you believe is the right thing and that is your belief. Everybody else has their own beliefs. So it doesn’t matter how you can prove what you are doing, you will still be seen different ways.


S: Yes


A very good example, is  how your’ born again Christians see you in meditation. They see you as working with the devil and so on.


S: Yes


It’s a very good example. Others will understand you.


S: Yes.


Good. Well I think that is enough for this evening. To learn a little bit more, to understand a little bit more,  to type out a little bit more, lol.


S: Lol – And put it in a little box.


Absolutely. Yes, put it in a box and put it away. Lol. Once again, thank you and good night.


S: Thank you so much and goodnight.

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