Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

994 Wars/conflict, bubble burst or peace.

S: I started off with black and if you can imagine yellow stars or sparkles all over, in amongst all the black. And then black all over. Black black black. It’s almost like I was removing a whole lot of negativities. And then it just went. But it was just black to start.


G: Right I have an Egyptian dress and a stone house, on the hill, overlooking Israel? I keep getting things thrown together. Here we’ve got a lot of conflicting energies. On one side you’ve got Israel, all very staunch supporters of Israel and Jewish faith and then you’ve got the Palestine’s and the Palestine people and on this particular hill, I think it overlooks Jerusalem, where you’ve got both… both are allowed to be there, for some reason. They both claim it is theirs. It belonged to Palestine and the Israeli’s took over in the war. Something like that. And now they’ve got this. Now what’s built up, is a group energy. All the Palestine people need something to fight for. And all the big things they are fighting for is Jerusalem is ours, this is our capital, it’s never going to be taken away, etc. And what they have got to realise is that it’s worth nothing really. What’s the point? It’s much better to say “ok, you have Jerusalem, and give us whatever” and they will be quite happy. And there’s never a lot of deaths, a lot of anger, a lot of so on. It’s exactly the same on the Israeli side but the Israeli people are very stubborn. And in the war, they claimed it and of course they don’t want to relinquish it, it’s part of their war spores but they should be exactly the same. Saying you know, ‘let’s create peace, have it back, you know, you got a hiding and you should have learnt from that’. So what’s happened is it’s just carried on, year after year after year. Now, this conflict…


S: The energy has built up.


G: .. it was in the 60’s. Yeah, the energy has built up terribly. And the reason is, every time people go there, it increases the energy.


S: Yeah.


G: So they are coming up to a boiling point. What has happened in the last few years is, this energy is so strong, that every time they try and have peace talks to sort it out, it doesn’t get done. They would like to do it, but this energy is now so strong, it needs to be reduced before peace can happen.


S: Yeah.


G: Now, how do we reduce an energy? When it’s like that, it’s built up for so long, how do we reduce it, to get it back to a place where they can negotiate and they don’t mind giving up some way or the other. So how do we reduce that strong, angry energy?


S: Is it black? To melt it down.


Spirit: Yes, black and something else. We did this right in the beginning.


S: Silver


Spirit: What black does is it kills a particular whatever it is.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But it’s got to be replaced with something.


S: Is it not silver, or something for clarity?


Spirit: Would they want clarity or would they want more love, compassion, understanding of each other religion, that sort of thing?


S: Okay. Yes.


Spirit: So what would you give them?


S: White or pink?


Spirit: Yeah. Pink mainly.


S: Pink, yeah.


Spirit: And also cream and honey are very good for softening things. But pink is the basic one. What you want to do is just put it into the people. Now, if someone has been very nasty to you, for all sorts of reasons and then they come along and they say “I’m so sorry, I had a bad day” or whatever. Immediately they are forgiven. And that’s how easy it is to be forgiven.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, this era here is twofold. First of all you’ve got the Palestine war, where Israel took Jerusalem away from Palestine. Secondly you’ve got the fact that both of them can actually be there. Israel is granted both the rights to be there and that’s creating more antagonism.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And recently, some of them suggested that Jerusalem be the key city, the Capital of Israel. Which of course infuriates the Palestinians. Now, because the Israeli’s are such stubborn people and very proud people, their youth has been brought up, for the last 34 years, with all this propaganda about how Israel won the 6-day war and they hammered Palestine and so on.


S: They’ve been programmed.


Spirit: Programmed yes. And since then, it’s always been every few days, these rockets fired from one side to the other. Palestine fires rockets, and then Israel retaliates. There’s never going to be any outcome, unless they form some form of peace. Now, there’s look at this logically, from a business point of view. Let’s take away the emotion and say right, supposing the two did form a peace, how would that affect both of them? First of all, it would be brilliant, because trade, there would be far more jobs available, there would be far more interaction, there would be a much stronger community, the fear would disappear, all sorts of different things.


S; It would change everything.


Spirit: Absolutely, it’s going to be a huge plus. A huge plus compared to where they are today.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And that is one of the problems you have in a lot of the countries you have around the world, where this is going on. Taliban is a very good example. Pakistan. India. Russai Ukraine, of course. All these sorts of things, with so many dead, and I mean why should there be so many wars?


S: I’ve never been able to fathom it.


Spirit: Wars are just when somebody wants what somebody else has got. It’s that simple.


S: It’s just little boys and their toys. Except they are big boys and they’ve got big weapons.


Spirit: Yeah, and pride is of course big and …


S: Ego…


Spirit: Ego and pride, yeah, quite right. So, if we had a more spiritual community, if the two of you, for example, had the option of making these decisions, you would make the decisions very simply, by forming a peace. Even though you can hate someone. If you take the trouble you had with Trevor Parkinson, to make peace, wouldn’t that be a far better solution, in the long run, than how it ended up.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Yeah, it’s the same with anything. It’s the same with your country now with the ANC and so on.


S: Yeah. Same same.


Spirit: So, all over the world, there will be 2 things happening. One is Countries and their wars will be brought to a head. The bubble will burst and there will be an outcome. When that outcome happens, what we are hoping for, is that they will make friends, make peace and live happily ever after. Should that not be the case, and one side ends up dominating the other, then that domination will always continue. Because the losing party will feel dominated, they will feel despair and they will again, try and start some form of war.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Now, we have some major decisions for you. Not for you, but for countries around the world. China, India, Russia, even America. France. Now, where you get a new Prime Minister, for example, that is somebody that everybody looks up to. Everybody has voted them into that position. And they are now the big chief of that particular country. It’s going to be very hard for them to say “well, let’s make peace with the neighbors”. They are the big dominant one and it’s going to be harder for them to make peace. There will be those that will do it. But again, what is expected of them, again its programming. They are in that position because they are the strongest.


S: Yeah, but there will be some that hopefully make that


Spirit: yes, there will. And when that happens, others will follow suit.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now you know it’s going to be totally calmed down over the several years etc. And as this calming takes place, so things become much happier, there’s more work, there’s more businesses, more comfort, more money and so on. So, everything starts to grow.

But, it’s either, the bubble has to burst, or they make friends.


S: Yeah.

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