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A good lesson on Negative, Positive and Balance (Part 1)

March 30 2022 A good lesson on Negative, Positive and Balance (Part 1)


In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff talks via “Instant understanding”  –  the Guides have a night off.


G: Right, sitting in front of me is something light and entertaining.

We’ve been through the universe so what’s next. I know what’s next, dimensions in the universe. One thing was interesting, where I learnt a long time ago, I can travel distances.: You know, you can do it through thought etc. but when they’ve got to travel long distances like from here to     50 000 light years away, you can imagine 2 dinner plates and you put them together, and then one dinner plate you simply revolve 180 degrees. And then you travel from one plate to the other.


S: I can see lots of energy in the middle.

It’s a beautiful positive energy. On one side. And I’m just going to see what’s on this side. It’s just dark and… so it’s like a butterfly with negative and positive. And the middle is balance. That was unreal, because it doesn’t feel any different. It’s just ‘what is’. So you’ve got the negative and the positive and just what is.


G: That’s good so far, there must be more to it. Let’s go into the negative first of all, go inside and feel. Then do the opposite and do the balance.


S: The negative is thick and dense, sticky. Just looking at the positive side. And in the positive, I just immediately get a smile on my face. And just laughter and light and love. Uplifting energy. Not so sticky. And the balance, it’s just energy that ‘just is’. It just simply is. So it’s just peace and stillness and purity and tranquility and it’s just so peaceful.


G: Now go back into the negative energy and find out how you can use negative energy for good.


S: The negative energy is a power and a force. A forceful energy. It’s a little bit the same as someone raising their voice and using potency with somebody. To get the message across when they have crossed someone’s boundary. So that form of potency has got a little more of a punch. So there is more power. Although the positivity can overpower that. Incredibly. There’s a power and force behind that, so if you want something, how could you say it, positively?


G: Go back to nature. See how you can use negative energy there.


S: To clear negativity.


G: Yes


S: So you can use that potency to clear negativity.


G: To cleanse


S: To cleanse, yes.


G: To cleanse an area, such as a bushfire.


S: Yes


G: Okay, now go across to your positive energy. And see how you could use that in a negative way.


S: To cleanse negativity? Um..


G: That wouldn’t be in a negative way.


S: In a negative way would be to spread across an area where… oh gosh…


G: So you will use a nice positive energy to, let’s use PayPal for example. I’m going to buy all your furniture.


S: Yes, that’s what I am saying, it’s pretend energy.


G: yes.


S: So it makes everything feel okay.


G: Yes, what it is, is what everybody feels. When you talk about negative energy, you automatically think of dark, black, etc.  And the positive is all nice, light and fluffy. It depends how it comes across to you. So what you must be aware of is when you pick up energies from an outside source, when you are feeling, sensing energies. You will be able to now sense both. The positive negative and the negative positive.


S: yes.


G: And the balance of course, is balance.


S: yes. Funny the negative positive is easier. And the positive negative I have felt before, many times. And that is what the falsity is.


G: Yes, falsities.


S: yes. It’s actually easy to pick up.


G: In religions especially. People tend to believe what they want to believe.


S: yes, religious, monetary and all of that. They beam it, they beam that energy.


G: That’s right.


S: You can’t even get through to them, they literally drill it into you


G: One of the things that you’ve got now with your awareness, and being able to see so much more and sense so much more, is now you will be able to sense very clearly both of those positive negative and negative positive.


S: I got that the negative positive was making that but I just couldn’t believe that it could do that kind of thing. Lol. So I was like no, that can’t be right.


G: The positive energy for a negative result. Now we’ll have a quick look at Ukraine. What sort of energy has been created there? Let’s be specific, what sort of energies are being created towards Putin? All negative right?


S: Yes.


G: But what should they be? Now we are taught to give people love, etc. and understanding but it’s very hard to do when you get a conflict like…


S: anger.


G: And war, Yes. So, would you be able to use, harness that negative energy that’s been created in a group energy, and change it into positive to go to Putin?


S: yes.


G: The negative energy is there, it’s all going towards Putin. How would you change it into a positive?


S: I would send that camouflaged energy to send for somewhere to Ukraine. Where the positive Energy looks like negative energy. And it goes in and then spreads that positive Energy around.


G: mmm. What would you want him to feel? That would make him change his mind, think differently.


S: Peace?


G: How is he viewing the war in Ukraine, and all the people, what does he feel about all the deaths and the babies, the maternity wards, and all the horrible things? How does he feel about that? 


S: At the moment he is not even thinking about that or feeling anything about that.


G: True. So what should you do?


S: I would send him those emotions.


G: To make him feel.


S: Yes


G: Ok, so he’s got a massive negative energy coming towards him. If you could simply convert that into an energy that would make him suddenly realise what he has done.


S: yes, that would help him.


G: Absolutely. So now you are using a negative to create a positive.




G: mmm, strange one tonight.


S: Because there’s so much Negative positive balance.

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