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A PAST LIFE OF GEOFF – NATURE By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation I am being shown a past life, and the Guide channeling through Miriam is Ishmael. Geoff – There is a big chestnut horse, a very nice area lots of greenery, wide-open spaces, big square hills in the background. It’s how I picture New England or Kentucky or something like that. The horse is very frisky, very healthy and beautiful looking horse. I have some attachment to this horse, I have known this horse from a past life, and without thinking I will get on its back. It’s the way I am getting on which makes me know that I know this particular horse. Miriam (Ishmael) Yes you do. Geoff – Because I don’t ride horses, and we are off galloping across the meadow or the field. It’s very easy to stay on without a saddle, without reigns and there is just this very close attachment to the horse. I can actually feel its neck and its body, and every part of it. I can see it. I have obviously owned this horse before. Miriam (Ishmael) Yes you have, not once but many times. Animals too, often come to the same lives with the same people Geoff – I didn’t know that Miriam (Ishmael) Oh yes Geoff – One life I had this horse, we have come to an area where it is very rocky and there is a stream running over the rocks, and this horse has broken its right front foot. I can see that very clearly. Somehow it is getting fixed, or I am remembering what I am doing, I have got its right foot in the water, taking off the blood, giving it healing, straightening it. It all seems to be …………. Miriam (Ishmael) So natural. Geoff – Yes Miriam (Ishmael) You have done it so many times in past lives Geoff – What is around the horse’s foot is silver energy. Now I knew that this was happening at the time, that this foot was getting healed by spirit or some form of energy. Yes by spirit. So in this particular life I was advanced enough to call on a spirit to help do that. Miriam (Ishmael) Yes you were, perhaps you could pick up what you were. Geoff – Yes I am seeing a lot clearer now. The horse is now on my left and whilst it takes time to heal, I am sitting looking in this big enclosed valley, it’s almost a circular valley at the base and I can see myself sitting there and I have a long cloak on or cape, it’s a brownish natural material, very light and it has a lot of ragged ends. I am looking about fifty years old, and semi bald on top. And from the back, I look like the Chinese spirit that I am normally. The valley has many animals in it, and I have a very strong connection with lots of animals. And I could communicate at their level Miriam (Ishmael) Yes you could Geoff – And there is a tremendous amount of love there, and a very uncomplicated type of love. It’s like how a dog always loves you even when it’s been scolded. It is the same as all these animals but they have got total trust, and an understanding, although I can only see a group of animals and they are all different. I know that I can relate to each one and understand. It’s like I am understanding 100 different animals and thoughts at once. Miriam (Ishmael) Isn’t it wonderful Geoff – It’s a beautiful feeling, really is beautiful Miriam (Ishmael) And that you have had that in many lives Geoff – I wish I could do that now, it would be tremendous Miriam (Ishmael) Oh you will, you will in the future, perhaps not with so many but you will help a lot and you will be a good communicator. Telepathy goes through many stages Geoff – The closeness of these animals is just fabulous, it’s like having 100 different Mutts (favorite dog) all with that amount of love and closeness, but even more than that because of the telepathy and the understanding the way they are thinking- their loves towards me, it’s just too beautiful but I can’t make out yet what I am doing here. Miriam (Ishmael) You will if you sit here long enough Geoff – I am Indian, and over on the right is an Indian wife, and I was a wise old Indian to be consulted, no-not so much old, very fit and agile and very strong. But I was the one they consulted when there were any serious matters. Like a guru in a way. I lived in this valley which was basically almost sacred, it was mine and they wouldn’t dare trespass or shoot any animals in that area. I had an awful amount of respect. I used to sit in this -animal skinned tent, it was stretched tight, and it was wide. This was really paradise, a very happy life a comfortable life. Miriam (Ishmael) Very nice. Geoff – I had everything I wanted there, the girl that I was with was my dark-haired wife, and it was just so comfortable. The life was to develop, I could see the understanding of the lesson, Let me see if I can put into words- being totally free from all forms of material hassle, and being very well respected, and high up in the Indian community, I was left without any earthly problems, and could concentrate more on spiritual things which both of us enjoyed tremendously. My wife then, was there more to support and to learn, she was nowhere near as wise or experienced as I was. Miriam (Ishmael) No she was not Geoff – And I could spend time thinking about how the community, the country or the land could be improved for everyone’s benefit, again not in a material way but in ways of comfort and understanding and … Miriam (Ishmael) Living with Nature Geoff – Yes looking after the environment and so on. It was very very……. Miriam (Ishmael) That was a wonderful life Geoff – It certainly was, I can feel that air, I can smell the area without actually smelling it through my nose here. Miriam (Ishmael) I know what you mean. Geoff – I can sense so many different things, the wind on the grass, the trees, the birds, the animals, the clouds, part of the hillside, rocks, streams. I can see the whole thing so clearly, and even some of the people who are on the far ridge who come to visit, to seek advice and so on. It was just the most beautiful, warm loving fantastic life….It was perfect. Miriam (Ishmael) Absolutely, now does it not make you wonder why you want to come back to this life Geoff – Yes Miriam (Ishmael) I thought it would, but you are not to know as yet Geoff – Now, there is more to this. Outside this tent of mine there would be a campfire going, and I can see five or six spirits sitting there talking to me, people like White Feather (Regular Guide) for instance would actually materialise, and hold a conversation. Now, they only materialised right towards the end, prior to that I used to know they were there and speak to them, and converse with them through telepathy, because I had to make the decisions. I would get their advice, but I had more to learn. In the last twenty years or so they would materialise fully, and for them– the visiting spirits most times it would be like a holiday…… not a holiday Miriam (Ishmael) Yes a sort of holiday – we do enjoy holidays. Geoff – A bit like a social visit, say just sit there and enjoy the peace and serenity of this beautiful area, and we used to discuss– now it was limited to what they could discuss with me. Geoff – Just as it is now Geoff – Yes, so I wouldn’t -although I was highly developed spiritually- they wouldn’t discuss things like aliens and so on which were immaterial then. The lesson was how to live in Harmony to show me perfect harmony with nature, so at a later stage I could recreate it when possible, when needed. I have seen what has to be built so that I am then able to build it. And it was just too beautiful. Miriam (Ishmael) But you are not to linger there……. Geoff – Pity………  

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