Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation one of the people whom we rescued a few weeks before called Abigail, comes back and channels through Miriam to the group. Miriam: This is something quite new to me so I hope you will have patience. It is very hard. Someone said start speaking and just belt it out, but that is not right. It just feels too strange. Geoff: For a first time you are doing very well. All you have to do is just talk normally and we can talk back to you. Miriam (Abigail): Thank you, friend. I have been intrigued by the work that goes on here, for it is something that I must practice to communicate and they said that the power here would enable me to start. Geoff: That is correct. You are doing very well. Miriam (Abigail): Thank you. My name is Abigail and now I am talking in my normal voice, it is more comfortable. Geoff: You don’t have to talk like that anymore. (Tried to talk loudly) Miriam (Abigail): No, I do not think I would have had the strength to keep it up. The teenagers who watched the rescue work, I’m going to show them more how they can help so I am going to watch your healing nights that I may better understand how they can help. I was one of the rescued but I never really understood all the help that I received from the group that gave me the power. Now it will be better if I study and then I can know both sides and so help the youngsters who are so keen to do their bit. Geoff: That’s very nice. Miriam (Abigail): I do not feel so nervous now. I was rescued from the dark pits and it took me a long time. No, not dark pits. I should say the pits of despair and darkness was where I was, and I was not good. I have since found that it is only a relapse because I was trying to help someone else. Yes, I have been told that that is not my ego saying that but it was quite true, but nevertheless I was very bad. I did things that hurt many people and I wish, but it is no good wishing – that is past. Now I must try as hard as I can to help all those who have taken the wrong step. It is so easy to be led astray if one does not have the good heart to do what you know is right. The world is in a dreadful state and it is getting worse, but at least the people also are awakening to the fact that something must be done. The flexibility that the children have found in these last 20 years has not been to their good, and now things must be reversed so the parents have a tighter control over what their children are doing. My parents thought they were doing well by me, but they were not. Children need to be controlled over what is right and what is wrong. They may rebel but at heart they know, or need to know the limit to which they can go, and when they don’t get that control then they think no one cares and it is not always so. It is what the parents themselves were brought up to believe, that freedom is everything and now the country is suffering. So many other people with whom I was associated with, I cannot say they were friends. I felt they were. Some were out for gain but some a lot like me which were not, and they did not have to look far to see the results of what they were doing. Now many also are on this side and regret it. Not many were as deep into the grey as I was but at least I have one thing to be thankful for. I did not kill. I think you said you would like to ask a question or two. I will answer if I can. Geoff: One question is that, when you were rescued and you actually crossed over to the other side, did you feel terrible remorse about what you had done, or could you understand that it was a lesson and accept that? Miriam (Abigail): My first feeling was relief – my second was deep remorse. So much so that I felt I should go straight back into the Greylands and atone, but then I was shown that I could do more from this side, although this is not always the case, and that I have many lives to live again on earth – but while this is fresh in my mind I can help more from where I am. Geoff: Another question – it would be very interesting to know what it was like when you first passed over, and then, I mean, when you first died on earth, and you were in limbo or in the Greylands, until the time you were rescued and then what happened when you were rescued. That would help us a lot for when we do other rescues. Miriam (Abigail): I have not yet learnt how to conquer that fear. The grey – the choking feeling like a big fog that wants to strangle you. There is the light. It is all around you (the fog) at first and then you hear the sweetest of voices and they call and they talk to you and you think you’re going mad and gradually you listen and the voices continue. They send out such love (from spirit) and they tell you also to listen for other voices. Voices that I can – that I could identify with and this I did. They were truly from my friends and my family but that I could not see them unless I truly, truly wished to repent and to come out of the darkness. It took me a long time – a long time but gradually I learnt to trust and that sweet voice stayed with me. And as I then learnt to trust – the air became a bit clearer. I could breathe better and then gradually it became less and then one day that lovely voice said, “Now, look and as you look you will see a pinprick of light.” It was so tiny I could hardly see that light, but it was there and it gradually got bigger and bigger and then I felt it, and went back. But that lovely voice called me on and now I could hear my family more clearly and the light was bigger and bigger and when I looked out, I could see them at the other side of the river. I had to cross that river and I thought I would never do it. I cannot swim and a voice called me. It said, “Look down, and walk” I couldn’t get over it. And with that it got smaller and smaller until I met my friends and family and when I looked back, it was just a trickle. What I had thought was such a large river was just a trickle. And the voice – the voice was there but I could see no face. It was so beautiful. So beautiful. And even now when that voice calls me, I am slipping back sometimes when I think I cannot manage what I have said I would like to do, that voice is there. It’s always there. Geoff: So, is it possible for you to cross back into the Greylands if you wanted to. Miriam (Abigail): Oh yes, there are many here who cross over. Many who volunteer to stay down with such as I, and go deeper, and into even darker places, and they are the saints. They are truly the saints, who have decided that they can do more good by not coming back down to earth, but to go into the depths of despair and they will stay sometimes for – what you would say many a month, and many perhaps are relieved (of their tasks) if the cases are very bad. But the joy – oh, the joy – you cannot imagine what the joy is when they succeed. Geoff: I can imagine. Miriam (Abigail): So many people, so many people. It is wonderful. Geoff: Quite an experience. Miriam (Abigail): But it is truly just what I said, for there are many also who will go to help the people in the Greylands, and that is what I would like to do if it is at all possible, but one needs a lot of strength for that. At the moment, I have not got that strength but, God willing, I will learn. Geoff: Yes, if you have faith you can achieve anything. Miriam (Abigail): Oh, I have faith. Geoff: But you don’t have the strength. Miriam (Abigail): Not yet. I’m sorry – I must – I find this has been more than I expected but I am so glad I came. Geoff: Yes, you’ve been going through a lot of emotion while you have been here, but it has been a good experience and you must come again. Miriam (Abigail): And emotions are something that must be conquered on your side and mine. Geoff: Well, if you will help us, then we can help you. Miriam (Abigail): That I would like. Geoff: Good. Miriam (Abigail): God bless you all. Geoff: God bless.

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