Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


How Aliens will be introduced
1055  Blue and Maroon Aliens connecting and discussing abducting (Very good)
1034 Tiny beetle Aliens on an outing
993 Underground entities live without emotion
988 (Alien) We have everything but cannot evolve
987 Alien group describe their very advanced life style
958 Sharon chats with an Alien visitor
950 Planets, Galaxies, Waterfalls, time and energy
949 Ocean storing energy
948 The world change. How our bodies will change.
877 Spirit explains Asteroids, Meteors, Stars and planets (Very good)
851 We cannot connect to all civilizations
850 The next 10 years on Earth
839 Great chat with an Alien visiting to learn
838 Aliens and energy inside mountains. (Part 1)
777 How spirit creates new civilizations
720 We chat to an Alien – very interesting
710 Alien visitor discusses Earths evolving
703 Advanced alien energies.  
702   Grouping all Aliens?
Alien beetle Channeling 1991
Alien comes to gather info from us
Alien created by crystal energy
Alien from Helios
Alien in USA cavern 1990
Alien race collects our thoughts
Alien talks about pollution 1994
Alien with a great sense of humour (Audio)
Aliens do exist
An Intelligent energy
Arcturians speak about our future
Beige jelly bean 1989
Chat to new Alien groups
Cold Alien chats about life on his planet
Creature from underground
Creature from underground
Crop circles
Do aliens exist?
Evolving Alien visits
Extreme alien life force
Fish spirit
How to activate light language
I am an Alien Hybrid!
Illia from underground
In an Alien dimension
Life on Zeta 1989
Little people
Long neck Aliens 1992
Mini Universe in several dimensions
New civilisation below the earth
New communication with Aliens
Pauline brings alien people to visit
Plia from Pluto 2
Plia from Pluto 1991
Rescue of TAG in arena 1990
Sound energy on 2 other planets
TAG – an underground creature
Tarn from Titan 1991
Teaching a future civilisation
The sea fairy
Thysic re-cultivates planets
Unusual Alien conversation
Visitor called Isha-Isha
Voice from distant planet asks for World peace

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