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1250 Alien visitor explains how they changed life on their planet(V Good audio)
1503  Spirit explains communication through pressure
1502  A Visitor tells us how they travel to visit us, and how they can communicate
1201 A 20 minute chat with a group that created their own World(Good audio)
1197B How spirit visit earth to change thinking (Good audio)
1329 Very interesting chat with a group at a much higher level(Good audio) .mp3
1458 – Chat with an Advanced group of positivity with one mind.    
1410 Alien visitor with clones (Amazing audio)
1409 – Alien visitors with just eyes, all comms and emotions through the eyes only
1402 – Visitors explain how they went through a similar change on their planet
1371 Alien robot called Handy come to chat (Audio)
1168 Visitor explains how they evolved 100%
1159 Cockroaches and Scorpions Alien visitor(Good Audio)
1360 Alien traveler comes for a chat()Audio)
1337 Various Alien groups are already here(Audio)
1336 How the Arcturians are helping with the change(Audio)
1296 Alien solo traveler explains what he does(Audio)
1288 Visitor shows himself as Confucius in every life(Audio)
1287 Alien visitor in a spaceship(Audio)
1286 Why Aliens don’t have Spaceships(Audio)
1244 Planet of babies only(Audio)
1243 Your planet has evolved comfortably(Audio)
00:00 21:25 1157-April-13th-Alien-highways-starting-a-civilisation-Made-with-Clipchamp_1681448734009.mp4
1231 Sharon chats to Alien visitor about how we will work with them (Audio)
1108 Teacher explains the use of Spaceships (good audio) 2023
1221 Alien visitor explains why they don’t need spaceships(Audio)
Alien visitor shows us nature on another planet (Audio)
1058 Planet of Nature conversing with itself (Audio)
1064 Visitor describes his planet and living with nature energies(Audio)
Spiritual teachers explains miss-information amongst us
1102 Alien adjusts new body to channel
1055  Blue and Maroon Aliens connecting and discussing abducting (Very good)
987  Alien group describe their very advanced life style
988 (Alien) We have everything but cannot evolve
993 Underground entities live without emotion
1034 Tiny beetle Aliens on an outing
Cold Alien chats about life on his planet
877 July 2022 Spirit explains Asteroids, Meteors, Stars and planets (Very good)
850 The next 10 years on Earth
851 – We cannot connect to all civilizations
839   Great chat with an Alien visiting to learn
I am an Alien Hybrid!
838 Aliens and energy inside mountains. (Part 1)
777 How spirit creates new civilizations
9th March 2022  Chat to new Alien groups
Alien with a great sense of humor (Audio)
703 5th April 2022 Advanced alien energies.  
Alien comes to gather info from us
720 April 2022 We chat to an Alien – very interesting
710 Alien visitor discusses Earths evolving
702   5th April 2022  Grouping all Aliens?
958 Sharon chats with an Alien visitor
950 March 2022 Planets, Galaxies, Waterfalls, time and energy
949 March 2022 Ocean storing energy
948 The world change. How our bodies will change.
Arcturians speak about our future

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