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And the Truth shall set you free   By

When I was 14 my brother lost a pet snake in a sleepy village in England – the next day the  front page of a National newspaper read………… SNAKE TERRORISES VILLAGE.

It was a harmless pet, so why the great exaggeration? They wanted to sell more newspapers. The media exaggerates to make more money and we are used to it.

Do you believe the TV commercial that this brand washes whiter than the rest? We know it is exaggeration and we are used to that too.

How about a salesman, your religious leader, or your Government?  Exaggeration, lies, cover-ups and deceit are expected. ……..yes, we are used to it.

But have you thought how this will affect our children? The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children, which mean we pass on our beliefs to our children. The problem is we are NOT telling our children the truth – and consequently they believe that lying and exaggeration is quite acceptable because everyone is doing it – and what will they tell their children??

This is how generations learn and grow. At the end of the second world war a handshake sealed a deal – today it take a legal document!

Now think what happens when it changes back to basic honesty. Won’t it be nice to accept a statement as the truth instead of having to read between the lines?

In an advanced society truth is the norm. This makes governing much easier, and policing, teaching and giving advice to name but a few. This in turn reduces jealousy, suspicion, deceit – people lead a more balanced life as making decisions becomes easier. There is better socialising and more working together for the common good. There are fewer wars as negotiations decide most outcomes, and there is a better understanding of beliefs and religions.

There are more lies to come before we reach rock bottom and things begin to turn. As spiritually aware people you are part of the change, and have already started to sense who the good guys are and who the bad guys are – think back right now – you have come across people recently that  you just “know” are not whom they are showing themselves to be, or that you know are lying. This will increase every year and then it will start to reverse as people turn back towards the truth.

And how will you feel when you can be completely open and honest with everyone?

…………. And the truth shall set you free.

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