Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

April 2022 Control center for memories.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Both talk to Verna/Mom (Geoff’s wife) who crossed over 3 months ago)

G: We are now going to what looks like an Egyptian cave. It’s underground, it’s not fancy like a pyramid, it’s very basic. It’s definitely Egyptian. The doors have Egyptian hieroglyphics on. There are a few Egyptian statues. Going inside, there is piles of sand, and in the middle, there is sand coming down, as if we are in the middle of a dessert, so there is a big pile of sand right in front of me. On that pile are faces. Going to look at some other piles of sand. It’s all symbolic.  It’s more memories. There are some aliens that have visited, things from the past, and so on.  So moving on from yesterdays, with the shapes and portals with all that information, this is another sort of thing. This is not portals of an area, it’s portals of going into people. So for instance, if you died, you can leave all your memories in a particular place and they would be gathered there. Not long ago we had this hall of all the very old souls/spirit, who are left there with their memories to be utilised at a later stage which we would be working with. So what this repository is, is groups of memories and the faces are showing me that it was “that” person and all the memories that go with them. They’ve had different lives in different eras going back centuries, to modern day today. And each one has come down to learn specific lessons. And all those lessons have been gathered together and put into this repository, for use at a later stage. Again, you’ve got the gardener overseeing the earth, when they need the balance of positive and negative, they need specific energies and emotions. But here, what you’ve got as well is, memories, experiences. So, this is just another form of energy and communication. Another form to keep the earth and everything else in balance.

If you take Mom, and all her experiences from this lifetime, it would be there in one particular place.  She has had experiences in being a medium, the early days of her marriage, her miscarriages, adventures, and a variety of experiences.   

Somebody would have to log all this information, so it’s available when it’s needed. So, they are memories of experiences, to be used in the future.

S: Everything is happening so fast now, that’s why the portals are there, memories banks of experiences, information is stored.  Faster, more available.

G: Yes, so it’s this generation of gardener that is getting more experienced. They are able to put in improved systems, more automated systems. As we continue to evolve, on both sides. We are evolving this side and they are evolving their side and looking after planets like ours.

G: Now we are in a dark cave. Mom has gone to the right at the back because this is very powerful energy. There is the head and shoulders of a person there. But they are made up of colours, which are absolutely condensed. The colours are so condensed, they almost show up as black. There are no curved lines, it’s like straight lines, like a crystal would be. There are different colours all over. This is not a living person. It is a control centre, for all of these memories. So, this is right at the back of this cave. All the memories of the people and experiences are just masses and masses of information. As we know, all that information can be put into one tiny fraction of our brain.  So here, what’s being done, is it’s all been put into this huge mechanical system, which is indexing the whole lot. So that, when, in the future, one of the spirits would need an energy of this particular type, they would simply go there and find out what is needed and extract that. So, again, it’s an automated process.

S: So here they could even use information from someone that has recovered from a rape or a trauma for example.

G: That is a lower form. This will be used for when we have the major change in the earth, which we are going into now. We are going to need masses of energy, all at one time.  But for what you are saying, there are many banks. The library in the sky.

Now we are going in a bit further, past the huge index and controller of the whole thing.  Now behind that are hundreds of these things. They are not controlling, it’s just to show us.  They are all controlling different areas around the world, different dimensions, different ‘everything from A-Z’.  So, again we are seeing the controllers of the earth. The gardener, of the earth, controllers of the earth at a higher level, controlling even more, in a different way. Again, you’ve got dimensions and this is why all time is now, because you’ve got the earth and you’ve got one level of gardeners above, let’s call it stage 1. Then above them, you’ve got a higher level, stage 2, which are doing their own thing, separate from stage 1.  Then you’ve got stage 3 guides working on earth. There are all different time frames. And that goes on infinitum. So again, what we have been shown is just masses and masses of far beyond what we would ever need or be able to use. It’s just to show us the bigger picture so we will be able to deal with what we need to deal with on our particular level with an understanding of how things, expand, evolve, grow and change.


G: if you can imagine a tree trunk, the tree has been cut down and the top and bottom has been cut off. There is just the trunk left. It’s lying down and one end is facing us.  At this end, it looks like a propeller around the tree trunk and it’s going at a very high speed. I want to say it controls time, but I can’t see how it does. Why would we need something that controls time when we can simply think from one dimension to another? There are portals to go through, that is easy enough. So, this is to see time. If you are a spirit way into the future and you’ve got to deal with a planet going under, or you needed specific information, you could go back to a time when it happened on a specific planet, then tap into all these information banks and get the information you want. They don’t need to show us all the nitty gritty. It’s like a computer, it does a million things, but I don’t have to explain to you how it all works. It’s the stage that they have evolved to, so again, they are just showing us but we won’t be using it. What they have done is automated everything up to that stage. So we can keep evolving and going ahead, we never have to go backwards and start all over again. Just adjust and continue forward. And it’s not just our planet, there are zillions of other planets and in different dimensions. So there are people everywhere and this is one of the things being done, to share with other planets, if necessary.

Mom is in a way distance and says that is enough, because what we are going to be doing is going to start soon, and that is why we are being shown all of this so fast. If I look in the distance, I can see where the horizon is, from here to the horizon is dark and from above the horizon is light. That light is simply just down the road and that’s when it all starts for us. It’s literally just a matter of a few months’ time. What they all want to get across is an understanding that we have so we can do what we are supposed to do with confidence and knowing that what we are doing is right. So we won’t be able to discuss a lot of this stuff with other people because they won’t be on our level. We will be working at that level. The reason we can’t talk to anybody else, is so that we will have 100% confidence in what we are doing. And operating at such a low level compared to what we know. So we will be able to do it with confidence and comfortably. She says you were talking to someone the other day, where everything just happened and you were quite confident with how everything just came out and you spoke with ease and that was quite correct. It didn’t faze you and you didn’t have to think twice about it. It just happened.  And that is what is going to happen when we start helping other people, other groups, other areas. We will basically just be going along like a couple of ordinary people, but with this amazing knowledge of what we can do. She says there are other people like us around, and we will eventually link up with them. We just need to getting started first of all. We will be linking up to other people and they will be doing similar to what we are doing. But they won’t have had the experience that we have had, of seeing the vast amount above us, the much bigger picture. So we will be seeing a much bigger picture than them, but we will talk to them on the same level. And we will get comfortable with that.

Mom gives a big wave.


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