Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This is a very special meditation (1992) where I was more than privileged to see what I did. Various Guides channeled through Miriam. And Verna and Luke Snr gave energy to help me to experience. . Geoff:    There are two monks here in habits. Guide:   There are. Geoff:    And they would also like our assistance. One’s face is normal and the other’s has a very dark patch at the top of his head. I’m feeling this dark patch. It seems to be some — it seems to be like a steel plate. And it is something that he has chosen to wear himself to remind him of something that happened in his past, something he did. Something he did which wasn’t so good. He was rescued and went from one extreme to the other and he wears this as a sign of — just to remind him how lucky he is and that he must never slip back into that vein again. We’re sitting at a table in a garden in a monastery and I’ve taken his hood off, and I’ve removed that piece of blackness. It looks like a piece of black steel and I’ve white lighted it and it has disappeared. The monk on the left, who has his hood up, is the teacher and the monk on the right is a novice and a very dedicated one, and it is now time for the novice to realise that he need not wear this particular thing anymore. He has shown in his actions that there is no danger of him returning to the way he was and he knows within himself that that will never happen. He has carried the guilt with him for a long time and today the guilt is finally over. He has been able to communicate with people from Earth, such as ourselves, but has chosen not to do so as a form of punishment. This was also a part of his, I can’t think of the word, penance that he’s been paying, self-penance. And the three of us are now sitting at a table and he is feeling for the first time, understanding and finally accepting that he does not have any guilt and that he has redeemed himself beyond that. This contraption he put on his head was to stop thoughts — pleasurable thoughts, nice things, entering his head because he wanted to suffer to pay for what he’d done and now that it has been removed, he is feeling such a lot of love and happy thoughts from all the friends that he has been working with over the years. And they are all confirming that there is no need for guilt and that there is no longer any suffering and he is totally free. Guide:    And that so often happens to those who have been in the gray and black lands. They do much good work to progress, and then help others. Geoff:    Now, he is beginning to smile and he has just got the biggest, most beautiful, smile and you can see the freedom and the love and the achievement coming out of him and he is just feeling on top of the world. Geoff:    The monk on the left has a — the teacher, has a red, like, skull cap on underneath his robe, which shows him to be — I’m seeing it as cardinal, but a monk is — I don’t think they have cardinals in monks’ orders. Guide:    An ex-cardinal. Geoff:    Ex-cardinal, right. Right. Yes, he says that’s right. Before he wore the monk’s robe, he used to wear a black robe with a red headpiece. Now, he is content and I think there must be a little more to it. Guide:    There is. Geoff:    I will look a little longer. I have been working with this man in the gray lands and astral. Guide:    Yes, you have. Geoff:    And that is a connection. Guide:    Yes. Geoff:    When I worked in the gray lands, it was because of an experience I had in past lives, not in this life. Guide:    That is right. Geoff:    And I did not realise that, but when you astral travel, you can — not in all cases, most times you don’t — but when you astral travel you can go back to your original self with memories of all the past lives and past experiences and experience that way. Guide:   It depends upon how advanced you are. Geoff:    Hmm. I never realised that. Guide:    But then you would have to be to be “allowed” to work in the gray lands. Geoff:    Ah. There are fleeting feelings of sensing who I am, and what I was in past lives. But only the gentlest of sensing because I cannot know for reasons of my spiritual development, and also because it would be too much of an attraction. Guide:    Yes, it would. Geoff:    But I can see, sense my past several lives and that I am more developed than I thought. Guide:    Oh, yes, you are. Geoff:    Hmm. Nice. Guide:    You have to remember that when you develop, it does not mean that automatically will you come back into the earthly body. That you will still be progressing all the time. Sometimes you have to go back and, shall I say, in a more lowly form in order to experience something different. If I have put myself clearly? Geoff:    Yes, or to repeat a lesson. Guide:    Yes. Geoff:    So, my development continues in astral on the same level as I would be if I passed over today. My development on earth continues to develop, continues to grow, with the lesson that I am learning or lessons that I am learning here. Guide:    And what you are teaching. Just the same as your brother is learning in astral. Geoff:    Yes. Guide:    And the same as your father is. I must not forget that. Not that he has much to learn. He will still teach you a thing or two, once you are over on our side. Geoff:    Yes, I am sure. And Verna too. Guide:    And Verna, too, oh, yes. Geoff:    Because this is a group and we learn as a group. The group is, actually, an awful lot bigger, but there are many of the groups, as such, that are still on the other side, who are watching our progress and who will come down at a later stage. So, not all of the group come down at once. Guide:    Oh, no, they cannot. Geoff:    It just depends. But, again, I am getting this sensing of, very delicately, of others in the group and it is just a feeling of belonging, oneness, family, love, togetherness, which is great. Guide:    Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? Geoff:    Hmm. All those… I see all those beautiful people there and they are all a part of us, our group. Nice. Very nice. Guide:    Magic. Geoff:    Yes, magic. (LAUGHS) They’re wanting to sing. They want me to hear sounds that I haven’t heard before. A sound of — it’s, basically, them singing, but it’s like an ultimate sound. A beautiful sound. I’m just trying to describe what it means. It’s — it’s a very uplifting — what’s the word? Guide:    Close to your heartstrings. Geoff:    Yes, that sort of thing. Guide:    Yes. Geoff:    Absolutely beautiful. Miriam: I don’t know why we say strings, but I suppose it is an attachment. Geoff:    Alright, I will listen and see what I can hear, which is a new experience. I was trying to listen with my ears, but I must listen with my senses. Guide:    Yes. Geoff:    And what I picked up was, like, a wave of — I know it was sound, but it’s — I can’t describe it. It’s got color, which is a beautiful golden yellow color, and it’s like a wave coming towards me of energy, of mist and, although, I can’t — I can see the color, it’s like when you stand next to a speaker, you can feel the vibration come towards you. It’s that sort of sensation. But I can see the color, which is this beautiful golden yellow and it, sort of, washes over me and as it does so, then I get a whole understanding of what they’re doing. And, again, it’s only a fraction, so, I can experience a little. But the fraction was beautiful. It’s something they created, which is a oneness. Just a giant encompassing love, which shows that we are part of them and we are part of this one group and all that was in a fraction of a second. Miriam: But aren’t there so many different feelings of this oneness? Geoff:    Hmm. Yes, so many different levels. Miriam: Yes. Geoff:    And they each say different things. But they have a group aura as well. As I see them there as a group, they’re surrounded by a group aura. And as I step inside the aura, just by leaning forward and putting my shoulders in the aura, I can get this feeling of the group. But, again, it’s very light. Miriam: And does it not make you feel as if you want to reach out with your arms enfolded? Geoff:   Yes. Yes, it does. And there is a building in front of me now with steps going up, which is like a gathering place, a meeting place. I know I’ve been there before. Miriam: Yes, you have. Geoff:    The floor is wooden. The walls have a yellowish sheen, radiant. There are woods behind. The light outside is a beautiful golden. It’s, like, nighttime with beautiful golden lights outside, just radiating around this area, no specific lamps or light bulbs. It’s just, like, radiating in that area. And inside, I know this is where I meet other people. And this is where I meet them in astral. The first place you come to when you check into astral. You come here to meet the rest of the group and then you would discuss what needs to be done. Then you would go off with the various other members of the group who would show you what needed to be done, taught, or whatever it was that you were doing, and all the memories of the group and the work the group does remains in that hall. The hall is — it’s funny, the hall is empty at the moment on the main, but it’s as if I can feel Spirit there. It’s a bit like being in meditation and feeling Spirit as I am there. In this hall, I’m doing the same thing. There are enough people there that I can recongise, but I can sense that there are some on the outskirts looking and watching this. And what they are doing is, they are keeping back from me the full feeling of the group and the love that is there, so that I can experience being in this hall without feeling the — such beautiful love and emotion that I would want to go there immediately and earth would then seem very insignificant afterwards. So, they’re holding their energy back. The floor is very smooth and shiny. I can see I’ve got bare feet. And at one end, there are — at one end there is a hall of records. It’s not a “hall” of records, it’s only about the size of our kitchen here, but it seems to have what looks like the shape of a scroll or rolling pin, but it’s made out of pure energy, which is bright yellow. And it contains memories and each one that I pick up, or whoever picks it up, can then read the whole thing through — through the mind, telepathy, by sensing the whole thing that appears. Miriam: Yes, by the senses. Geoff:    Hmm. And they hold unlimited amounts of information. And there are different colors for different groups and that’s groups of history, not groups of people. There’s one particular bunch of these scrolls right in front of me, which are a dark brown. The rest all seem to be gold and yellow and shining and luminous and contain all this energy. The ones in front of me are dark brown and these seem to be more coarse and I think that they are from the black lands. Miriam: That is so. You are quite right with that. Geoff:    I must pick one of these — I don’t know which one it is — because the next phase of my teaching will go through the black lands and they want to show me this beforehand so that I can be prepared and be quite confident that I can do what is necessary without any fear whatsoever. And I’m going to sit down on the floor and pick up this scroll and there are many teachers here and they will guide me through it. There is absolutely no — absolutely no fear or concern. I have a scroll. Now, I’m going through, first of all, with what my imagination thinks the black lands are. Let me take that to the extreme before they show me what the real black lands are. Somebody just cut my fingers off with a saw. (LAUGHING) These are experiences and attacks, if you like, by those in the black land. I know that I cannot be harmed physically. Those in the black lands do not know this, but what is more powerful than the thought forms that they create and what they attempt to do is what the mind can do. And it’s in the area of the mind that I will be working. Miriam: Yes, like you were talking about last night. The images that can be created. Geoff:   Hmm. So, I have full knowledge of whatever is created down here cannot harm me. But on the other hand, I can create images which those in the dark land do not understand or do not comprehend to such a degree as I do. They will not be images to scare, but they can be a variety of images to help get the message across that I want to get across. Mainly, I will be working on the minds of the people and helping — giving them examples, directly and indirectly, so they will start to think for themselves and adjust and, eventually, rise up from the dark lands. They will — some of these will take many, many years and… Miriam: I think it will be a long process for many. Geoff:    Hmm. Miriam: And some will advance and then retreat and advance and retreat. Geoff:  But there will also be many who will attempt to penetrate my mind with what I see and what I think and what I sense. They could, for instance, put into my mind that I am suddenly becoming scared or that I’m losing faith as an example. Miriam: Yes, they could. Geoff:   And this they will attempt to do, but I know and understand this and, therefore, can think logically with my experience and, therefore, emotions do not come into it. The emotions that I feel I will be able to, then ignore. Having only the emotion of true love and giving, which is positive and all other things, that whatever happens, I can’t ignore it. And this is the faith that I need to go down and work with these people and I have that faith through past lives and through this life, through the experience that I’ve had so far. And there’s no concern at all to do this. I will be, of course, watched over by others in the group who will protect me at all times, who will watch over me at all times. But there are times when I have to go on my own, so those in the dark lands do not see the protection. To get them to, basically, come out and attack me, so that I can start to sort out the problem. Miriam: Yes, they must accept you first. Geoff:  Hmm. Miriam: And it will be a tremendous task. It is a tremendous task, but you will be very good at it. You will achieve all that you set out to do. You may have some setbacks, but that is only natural, but you will soon overcome that. Geoff:    Yes, it’s only through lack of experience. It’s all learning. Miriam: It is all learning. Geoff:    But I must not assume that I can go down and convert these people in a matter of days or weeks. Miriam: Oh, no Geoff:    To get one person converted is a major achievement. Miriam: It is. Geoff:    It is time that’s really needed here. Miriam: And there are many who try and cannot take the pressures and have to do something else. Geoff:    I’m seeing images of the things that would scare me or things that they “think” would scare me and, of course, as I walk through this area. The images do not manage to get close because of my understanding and belief. Miriam: They cannot penetrate through your barrier at all. Geoff:    Yes. And it is nice. It’s adventurous to see. (LAUGHS) Miriam: The fact that you have been working with the mind so long and learning through Verna how to help people that are troubled. It is all a lesson that has been to prepare you for the work. Geoff:    Yes. And there are so many ways that they can try and attack me. Miriam: Oh, so many ways. Geoff:    Not just through fear, but through… Miriam: Through the emotions that may affect a loved one. Geoff:    Yes. That’s what I was seeing. Miriam: Yes. Geoff:   Yes, so many things that I’ve experienced in my life that I’ve been afraid of are all, I presume, thought forms created by me, which they are showing me that mean nothing. How interesting… Miriam: Very interesting. Geoff:    I suddenly expanded the white light around me and they all moved back, and that is a weapon of defense that I have as well — total control, at this stage anyway. This is only the first of five or more levels going downwards. Miriam: Oh, yes. Geoff:    Going darker, darker. Miriam: Yes. This is only the beginning. Geoff:    Which is all I need go to at the moment. Miriam: Yes. Geoff:    And I’ll go back up now and I will just leave lots of love there. I go back up and I hand the scroll back to the teachers, but I’m still there sitting cross-legged in the hall. One teacher, directly ahead of me, is showing me that he has on, and it’s only for show, a headpiece, like somebody at the top of a church would wear. It’s, like, three foot high and it has a front and a back to it — very ornate. I don’t know which church it would be. The Catholic Church, I think. Just to show me that he has taught that religion before and is now here now in this group. Miriam: Yes, he has. Geoff:    I can’t get a name for him, but I will recongise him next time. And he seems to be the one that will lead me into each of these adventures — lessons. Now, there’s a woman on my left who has dark hair, a darkish color dress on and dark shoes, very slim, obviously, one of the group and she is a past wife, from a long time ago. Miriam: Does that surprise you? Geoff:    No. It’s a pleasant surprise. Miriam: You can accept these things now, you see. Geoff:   Right. Now, I put my arms around her, just as a form of greeting, expressing love, etcetera, and I’m trying to get a date and so on, but she says it is totally irrelevant. It is a long, long time ago and it was — we, basically, worked together is how she is putting it. She just gives lots of love and steps back. There are people in front of me, which I sense that I know and, of course, I’m sensing this because they are part of the one group, they’re all part of each other. It’s a lovely feeling. They are showing me, as well, that Verna is — they’re showing me, like, Verna is down and to the right — she’s on earth — also part of a group which is saying that — Verna is also part of the group and she’s missing because I’m here in this hall and she is not. But in astral, we are all together. Miriam: Yes, you are. Were you not surrounded by many family? Geoff:    Yes. And the great thing is, Verna knows my ex-wife. (LAUGHING) Miriam: (LAUGHING) Geoff:    Oh, that’s great. They find that very amusing. But Verna is exactly the same. One of us — the same, all part of this one unit family, etcetera. Miriam: Yes. Geoff:    It’s beautiful, beautiful. Miriam: Such a wonderful, happy feeling. Geoff:    It is. It’s beautiful. And, again, you know, I know I’m only being allowed to sense just a tiny part of what the true feeling is. I can sense what the true feeling “should” be, if they let me feel it, put it that way. Miriam: But you have achieved so much in such a short time. Geoff:    Yes, you’re right. And they brought Mutts (My Dog). That’s nice. They can bring in other people, of course, just by thought. And this — it’s like a group headquarters, or just one of them, it’s a meeting place to start astral travels, etcetera. And quite often you just come here and you breeze off somewhere else straight away. Miriam: Yes. Geoff:    They can contact other people and bring them in and, so on, like Mutts — they brought Mutts in to, sort of, make it complete. That’s what they’re showing me. And, of course, he loves it. Miriam: Such a character. Geoff:    Yes. So much love for them. It’s great. Well, I can stay all night, but I know I shouldn’t. Miriam: No, you have more work to do. Geoff:  So, what I’ll do is say goodbye to these people and I’ll move back out the door and I’ll walk down through the woods away from this place. And it then crosses to a different dimension of wherever I’m going. But I will — next time I go there, it will start. I’ll arrive, if you like, sort of fifty yards away from the building and walk towards it. The heat from doing that was quite amazing. Now, I shall get comfortable and look at the next place to go.

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