Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


This tape (1992) is about one of my relatives doing an unusual form of healing in astral. Her name is Lilly. She died about seven years after this tape was made. The Guide channeling through Miriam is Ishmael. Geoff: I’m getting an old house with a tin roof, and concrete walls with pebbles in. White window frames, and it’s a bit old and battered. It seems to be a few houses up from where Aunt Lilly used to live. Miriam(Ishmael) Yes. Geoff: The event that we are going to see took place in the 1950’s – in 1953. Miriam(Ishmael) That is so. Geoff: There seems to be a bit missing from this house. I’ve gone into the roof where there is a loft, and Lilly is there, and the sort of connection from one room to this loft seems to be missing. Miriam(Ishmael) But you will find what it is. Geoff: It’s very strange – it seems to be a sort of walkway, which was on the outside of the house, leading from one room to the next. Very confusing, but I’m going into the loft where Lilly is to see what is there. Now, she’s sat down in some form of chair and she’s surrounded by blackness – which is a disease, I think. It seems to be when the disease started she was there with her guides…. Miriam(Ishmael) Yes. Geoff: …and her guides and her higher self decided that this is what was going to happen for the rest of her life, and this gradual disease started then. I can’t see what this disease is. I can see my granny in the house on the corner with white hair. I’ll ask my higher self to tell me more. Lilly volunteered at this stage to go into this illness and see what she could do in astral…. Miriam(Ishmael) Yes, that’s what I wanted – in astral. Geoff: What she agreed to do was attract the negative vibrations in that whole area to her. Is that right? Miriam(Ishmael) Yes, that is so. But the place you saw was in astral – that’s what confused you. Geoff: Was that the symbolic part about the distance between the two rooms? Miriam(Ishmael) Yes. Geoff: But why was it a house just up the road from her? Miriam(Ishmael) You forget that in astral you can have this thought of anything you wish. Geoff: Oh, I see – so she thought that Miriam(Ishmael) Yes. Geoff: ……..and that’s why it was- because she was probably comfortable with that surrounding. Miriam(Ishmael) Yes. Geoff: Okay, so she chose to do healing in astral by attracting all the negative vibrations towards her. Miriam(Ishmael) Yes. Geoff: This must have made her – well, it must have affected her physical. Miriam(Ishmael) It did. Geoff: So that is why since 1953 her character has been more relaxed, because she knew the specific job she had to do but the physical took on a lot of negative vibrations, and therefore she deteriorated quite rapidly. Miriam(Ishmael) Yes. Geoff: Now that she’s moved out of there, she’s left behind the bulk of the negative vibrations. Although the house was cleaned all the time by spirit, she’s left behind that negative environment, and that is why there is an improvement in her condition. The improvement will stay but it is really the sort of final years – she will now recover – she will be more comfortable mentally – become more balanced and more stable and then she will pass over. Miriam(Ishmael) Yes, but she did not wish to know about it in this life. Geoff: I see. Miriam(Ishmael) I should say she did not wish to retain the memory. Geoff: Yes, I understand. Why she’s now having an easier life is that when she passes over she won’t have so much – when people pass over to the other side they take with them – surrounding them – a certain amount of their negativity or problems from their last period on earth…. Miriam(Ishmael) Yes, they do. Geoff: …and unless they learn how to shrug that off, which we’ve seen before in various spirits, then they will take it with them. So what spirit is doing now is basically preparing her to pass over by giving her a more peaceful life. Miriam(Ishmael) But not for some time. Geoff: Right. Miriam(Ishmael) Always something different for you. Geoff: Yes, certainly is. She did pass over seven years later. When somebody comes back from the other side, if she came to channel through me now, the first thing she would pick up is the negative vibrations that she left behind, her earth energy – and if for instance she had a stroke, she would start channeling as if she had a stroke. It would take her awhile – a few minutes – just to adjust and realise that she doesn’t have to speak like that. It’s simply picking up the vibrations she left behind  

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