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CAPTAIN COOK (The Answer)  By

In this meditation we have just been looking at the “Well of truth”. The Guide channeling through Miriam is Mr Wu. Geoff: Yesterday, in meditation we were talking about Captain Cook. We were discussing him dying in New Zealand and afterwards I said that some of the crew went on to Australia. Miriam (Mr Wu) They did – to Melbourne. Geoff: Hmm. But he didn’t die in New Zealand, did he? Miriam (Mr Wu) No. You found that out! Geoff: Hmm. Miriam (Mr Wu) You only saw the uniform. Geoff: Yes. Miriam (Mr Wu) And it was the uniform that was buried, away from the site. Now that’s given you something to think about. Geoff: But there was a grave and he was definitely killed. Miriam (Mr Wu) Not so – not then. Geoff: No, he was killed in Hawaii. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: He was killed in Hawaii by natives, in the same circumstances as I described. Miriam (Mr Wu) It was “thought” (By the Marui’s) that he had been killed. That is what misled you. Geoff: It was thought that he was killed in …in New Zealand. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. He was supposed to have died there but he was not killed. Geoff: Because in the history books I read today, he went to New Zealand and he discovered it, then he went to Australia, then back home again and many years later he went to Hawaii. Miriam (Mr Wu) The Marui’s “thought” that they had killed him. Geoff: Ah. In New Zealand. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. And that is what you picked up. Geoff: Interesting-and the stone that was there- which is there today, is just to mark his discovery. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes.

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