Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



The tenses in this article are wrong in several places – the entity channels about the past and future in this dimension, and as you know to them all time is now (and not like time as created by us on earth) Miriam (Channeling) – Yesterday you had a wonderful tape from a visitor from the stars, I should like to elaborate a little about the work that they do, he likened it as to a foreman who is looking around or a manager of a store looking around to find what work need to be done and then allocating it to the various souls concerned. It comes down through more than one channel, more than one vibration I should say. For the person who was speaking comes from a very high vibration, very high indeed. So they specify to the next person on the next vibration what needs to be done, they in turn will pass it down to a further vibration and from there in comes to us who are in contact with those who are still in the physical. Very much like what you have been told of the power that comes down, but this is for a very different reason altogether, this is to try and correct what has been done to the atmosphere, what has been done to the land in general, how it is affecting different species of animals or flora and fauna. What needs to be saved and what perhaps can become extinct for it has served it s purpose, everything you see at the beginning is put there for a certain purpose, but as life progresses and the world evolves then those needs change. Not only that but the earth itself rotates and does not keep on the same even keel as it was in the beginning, it is for this reason that – one, it was suitable for jungle and larger animals on your island, then now the temperature is not constant enough to maintain these animals, so you see we have quite a lot of adjusting to do. Now how do we achieve that? Well we do not particularly whisk an animal away or an insect or anything and deposit it somewhere else, but we do make sure that if there is anything specific say that has to be saved from a forest like environment, then either two ways, but they can be shipped across when your seafaring adventurers were heading they knew not where, and they would be directed to where the animals would survive. Another way would be when land touched land, then the animals could be directed as we could do to cross over, because we knew that that particular part of land would eventually be separated by sea. For it has moved about such a lot, your continents, since the beginning of time. That is the animals and some of the lesser animals and certain insects that went with them that were carried, birds of course we could direct quite easily. It was not something that was done in a great hurry, one could not say this lot of birds would be better in that district and move them within a few days or weeks. Because it had to be done gradually so that the knowledge that is inbuilt in them to know how they must return after migrating, shall start from the very young. Have I made myself clear? Luke – Yes. Miriam (Channeling) – The same had to be said of the fish and all animals in the sea. For the flowers and anything that was growing that we wished to move to a different area, then that was a lot easier. We could direct certain winds to deposit seeds onto land far away, we could ensure that birds carried them on their body and dropped them, we could even see that they were transported on the water and drifted with the tides and to grow and replant in other areas. So now you see that there is quite a lot that we could do, once that had been established over the years, then the next thing would be to see what could be done with the ground that was left, because not only did we send but we also received, and the earth had to be in a condition to receive whatever was being sent to us. I am saying us because I am classing myself as this moment on your island, but that is not where I have been for many times. Anyway, we also cleanse the soil in different ways, we could cause fires, we could redirect the rivers, that is the two main ways in which we cleansed. We had storms that washed away the top surface of certain areas that we did not wish to be kept in this island. Just as you have been told later in this year, that will be doing cleansing in different parts of the world. I rather think that when you were abroad, you experienced some of these storms that washed a lot of the soil down into the rivers, it also lost a lot of livestock and people’s lives were lost, but that was as it had to be. One cannot do any deep cleansing without causing a disturbance to good as well as bad, but the good will survive, the good will be helped in so many ways to achieve this. Once there had been a complete or almost complete cleansing of whatever area it was, then we had great power to come down from on high to rejuvenate and to restore the balance that had been lost. This was something that we were allowed to watch, but it was not something that we could do. It is a bit like recharging a battery but on such a grand scale, and one could feel the vibrations lifting, one could tell the cleanliness was complete, and we knew then that what was going to be transported and eventually live in that particular area would survive for many a long year. While this cleansing was going on of the earth, we often had visitors from different planets, who came to see if they were able to survive in the climate, sometimes it was possible, sometimes not. There was a great deal of traffic going on at one time between all the planets. I am going back now many thousands of years, when there was the biggest cleansing of the world as I know it, that has been in my time, and I mean many, many thousands of years. It was at this time when there was so much going on between planets, for we were not the only ones to be changing, but in the last century there has been little transference of being from other planets except for those who have come as their planet dies. Planets that you cannot see, and they come to see and test the atmosphere, they come to see of they can change their appearance enough to mix, and then there are those who are very, very advanced spiritually, their communication from spirit to spirit is so vast, that they are able to come down to see if they can help others in spirit to accomplish certain tasks that the master will ask them to do. When I say master I do not speak of him who is your creator but the master of those who are cleansing. And who supervise us all. So you see my children, there have been and will be many changes since time began, cleansing as you do in your own little environment has to be done at certain times if life is to continue. It is unfortunate that many do not realise this until life is becoming extinguished or almost extinguished in certain species of living matter. I came to you today because I thought it would be a good ending to your tape that has been for the atmosphere and those who help to keep it clean. Before I go I will mention the animals and how they suffer. They suffer through greed, through the callousness of mankind who think they do not suffer. They know when they come to earth that they are to be used for food and clothing, from the largest to the smallest. But it is when they are treated with abomination that leaves their spirit crushed so much for such a long period, once they come to us. There are many who take care of animals but there are many also who try to make pets of wild creatures that should never be. It is not their karma to become pets, they are created for the wild and that is where they should continue to live. It is not necessary to have these wild creatures, when you have so many animals, domestic animals that can be tamed and more to your liking. We grieve when we see the animals in the zoos, although these have improved over the years, we know the joy that is given to people who cannot see them in the wild, but never the less it is heartbreaking for us. Your Safari parks are better, but zoos are very, very bad. But at least they are generally well kept and looked after, but still we think they would rather take their chances in the wild. For the fish of the sea, they know they are here for food, they do not mind, but they do release a lot of fear when they are not killed quickly. Sometimes they are left struggling in the nets, sometimes the fishing lines catch the birds, sometimes traps are set that do not kill any animal instantly. But it is on the bigger scale like the whales that we weep for the most, for it is not necessary to kill them. Not necessary at all. But enough of that for now, I did not intend to finish on a gloomy note, I wish you a happy weekend, and we watched you this morning, going around your market, and the children will sometimes create their own market, for they often come down to see what is being done, and take it back and have an afternoon, or morning, well time is nothing, they have a session of what they have seen, and it is fun, and it is something that they will be doing sometimes, from the Eastern Bazaars there have been markets of a kind for many thousands of years. Traveling markets, stationary and just the odd one, but it is where the bargains are, where people sell their produce, or as now they buy and sell. And if one gets a bargain then they are happy. Now I shall bid you goodbye for now and enjoy yourselves, bless you. Luke – Thank you for coming, bless you.

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