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Verna – I have got two small children sitting next to the television, they have just been brought to get earth vibrations, they are not ill, they have been brought for comfort. Miriam (John) – That is true, so what will you do? Verna – Send out lots of love, and then they will feel the earth vibrations. Miriam (John) – Will you give them a color to go back with? Verna – Yes, the color orange is given to me, orange and yellow. Miriam (John) – I think it is a bit more pink. That will do splendidly. Verna – It is a little boy and a little girl, I think they are brother and sister. Miriam (John) – They are. Verna – And they just recently passed over, in fact not very long at all. They are about three and four years old. Miriam (John) – That is so.

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