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In this meditation Miriam is channelling. Miriam (Channelling)–Good evening to you. How low the vibrations are here tonight, we shall see if we can lift them a little. I have not channelled before, at least I should say that I have not channelled here but with others, but not for awhile. It is many, many years since I left the earth plane. And I came from Tasmania and sometimes you know when we have people who have recently passed over, they are reluctant to throw off all the earthly vibrations, not that they are bad people by any means, but they are not quite sure where they are and therefore it takes some time to convince them that they are in a higher vibration, or as they call it, they are in heaven. And sometimes they bring with them the symptoms that they had on earth, so now you know that I am one of the helpers in the convalescent wards where you have been before. Oh yes, we have seen you there. It is our job, as well as the help that we get from you and the other groups that come, it is our job to convince these people that there is nothing wrong with them, they can get up and do what they like, but it is sometimes very difficult. Especially in the type of person who has been used to being a hypochondriac, they are so used to these imaginary ills, and not yet having an ailment, that they see no difference when they pass over and they can imagine an illness and yet have not have anything wrong with them. So you see you help a lot when you come in your meditation, and are guided to someone for it is generally to a person who is reluctant to accept your help. That is one of the jobs and then we have the young children, and the children who are quite all right and they like to come and help these young children adapt when they open their eyes, because they have been ill, and they are not disbelievers, but they need some comfort and guidance. So we have the ones who are learning and as I say who are all right and accepting, they come and help us but of course they have to be taught the right things to do, so it is another form of teaching for them. And of course you have the mischievous ones who have recovered, but they have been so spoilt before coming over that they think they can continue being spoilt and they have to learn, so we have quite a job looking after all these people, but there are many of us, and we do it all, and there is so much love around that it really isn’t all that difficult. So that is something that we do. Another of the things that we do are with the animals for they also go through tremendous changes not always for the better, or rather I should say it is for the better, but they have to accept when they have been treated badly, when they pass over with violence and they have to have everything given to them just in thought, not an easy task by any means. But there again, we have the children who come to help us, and of course children and animals always get on very well together, and it is not so surprising how the children are not afraid of even the biggest of animals and the wildest, for after all it takes some getting used to the fact that these animals cannot hurt them, until the children are very experienced. For the very size and fierceness of their appearance dominates, but it doesn’t last for long. And there are very few animals who have to be segregated until they learn to adapt, just like there are people who have to learn to adapt, and learn to mix. So you see we have a very wide and varied life. You heard the other night about one of your dogs, how it is helping dogs who are similarly affected on earth. She is one of those who has much greater spiritual advancement than most animals. And in time she will be one of those who will go to the land where she will evolve further. So you see how we can all advance on earth, or on our side, according to how we wish to go. I hope that has given you something to think about, it is just one other aspect of life here in the many varied things that we do. Sometimes as on earth we think we would like to do such and such once we have passed over, but then we try and find that we are not so adaptable to that particular situation, then we try something else, but at least we have plenty of teachers here, who are willing to show us and have patience with us and we do not have to pass exams, in the sense that you sit down and write, and you do not have to worry if you fail in any particular thing, it is no disgrace, for we are each finding our own way. Not only as something that we want to do, but something that is most suitable to us to be able to pass on the knowledge that we have, and to be able to not only help ourselves, but to help others to advance spiritually. For even here it is some time before the ego is completely subdued, so that we can do what we know is right with complete detachment. But there is so much love here, wherever we go that we wish we could spread more of it on earth and other planets. But it is only through such as yourselves that we are able to pass on the word. And to get people to go back to thinking more of others and less of material things, then I think that is where I have been told the books that you are going to write (Verna) will be beneficial to so many people, already there are those here who are trying to work out the best way in which this can be done, for it is not something that can be done lightly if it is to be taken as it is intended, to give love without expecting anything in return. Thank you very much for letting me talk, I did find it a bit of a strain, but I did enjoy it and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say.

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