Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation Verna is channeling. Verna (Channeling) – We come to talk to you tonight about emotion, as this is a healing circle, emotion and reactions thereof are vitally important. And so we start off with the emotion of love. We all know this brings peace, peace to the mind, peace to the body, the soul, peace to the aura and peace to everybody who comes to you or near you. People are drawn to you and the vibrations of love that are coming from your body. Now to be harmonious and full of love on this planet of yours, even we know, and even God knows, is impossible. So what the lesson is my friends is to bring yourself back to the harmonious and love emotion, by learning to control the others as fast as you can. Now you know there is anger and that is like a storm, it comes in a flash, maybe a lot of loud noises and then the air is clean, just like a storm, and so even the atmosphere has the emotions, if you like to work this way or look at it in this direction. You have the mist, you have the clear, crisp air, you have the rain, you have the wind, you have the sun, you have the clouds, you can relate those to all your moods, so you have the storm and then you have the clear. You have the mist, then you have the clear, you have the rain and then you have the sun, you have the wind, all these emotions are relevant to what goes on inside you at some stage. Now God takes care of the emotions of the atmosphere, if we could put it that way, but it is an extremely difficult job for you to do the same for yourselves. And if you can do this for yourselves, you can do this for others, but if you cannot do this for yourself, and control any emotion of fear, hatred, insecurity, spitefulness, I am not saying that you are not able to control these emotions, I would like to leave it more with the emotions of being up and down a little. Being cloudy and being clear. Pray for some sunshine when you are cloudy. When you have had too much sunshine and you have the odd cloud, just accept it without working up an emotion, which will upset you. Accept a little cloud, try and make it silver and not black. You see you have to learn to accept a few of these things because you cannot go through life with the sun shining 100%, you could say then you could be almost in spirit. You would be in heaven, and there is too much to do on earth, for you to experience this is impossible my friends. So you have to take the good with the bad and the bad with the good. Even the animals and the plants will feel and experience these emotions, a tree will get blown by the wind, they will sense a fear, they will get hit by lightning, they will feel the torrents of rain come down, and they will feel the fear and then a trickle of rain will come and caress their tender aches and pains, and then the sun will come out and warm them, and then a cloud will come over, but the cloud is silver, it will simply protect them. And then there are the animals, and the tiny, tiny insects, and animals feel fear far more than you or any plants, as Mother Nature has them as prey for each other, let alone the interference from man. And so their fear is a daily occurrence, imagine knowing that you are preyed on daily, imagine having to look over your shoulder all day. Imagine having to kill daily for your food, their experiences of fear and exultation of achievement of being able to eat, and the pain they feel when they kill, is far greater than any of you on earth could possible imagine experiencing. And so the animals are very carefully looked after, and they need the love from all of you and the prayers. And now are they not only preyed on by each other, even those who simply eat the greens and the fields, and what nature provides, they are now slaughtered by the humans. Some even for fun. But we think that lessons are being learnt daily, and people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that it is unnecessary to kill without reason. There are lines to be drawn, my friends, we do not ask you to starve if you require food, as in the caveman days, but we ask you to get back to the emotional state of your lives, of the plant lives, of the lives of the friends around you – the animals, and even the spirits, who come to talk to you and help you. You can make us very frustrated at times, and you can give us such joy, and you can make us laugh, we listen to your conversations, not your thoughts, but your conversations. And we like the expression to say that at times you tickle us pink, pink is the colour of love, so if you tickle us pink it is a love vibration and we have laughter, and so we listen to your little chats, and we see your excitement and we feel your excitement and it makes us excited. But when you are down, its takes a lot of work from us to help you, and so what I am saying to you, if you have a friend who is down or who is depressed and who needs understanding, that is the hard part, you have to take that time. And you have to make that effort and it is not as easy as cheering somebody up who is cheerful or well, it has to take your energy, and your emotional change to heal the emotions of those in need. I am being told, enough, enough tonight. But I love the topic of this emotional subject when it comes to the plants and the trees and the flowers in your own home. And your gardens and your inside plants and everything, it is really quite simple, but most like simple things we have to be told and to be reminded of them, and so I come here tonight just to give you a little reminder. I go now, I give you God’s blessings and I give each and every one of you the emotion of upliftment and love as I can feel it coming from you, and total peace. This is the first time I have visited and although I can waffle on I sincerely hope I may return. Geoff – Yes you are most welcome. Thank you for coming. Luke – Bless you. Verna (Channeling) – I go now, and I leave you with God’s blessing and a smile.

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