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Emotions of war

Ukrainian servicemen ride on tanks towards the front line with Russian forces in the Lugansk region of Ukraine on February 25, 2022. - Ukrainian forces fought off Russian troops in the capital Kyiv on the second day of a conflict that has claimed dozens of lives, as the EU approved sanctions targeting President Vladimir Putin.  Small arms fire and explosions were heard in the city's northern district of Obolonsky as what appeared to be an advance party of Russia's invasion force left a trail of destruction. (Photo by Anatolii STEPANOV / AFP) (Photo by ANATOLII STEPANOV/AFP via Getty Images)
EMOTIONS OF WAR In this meditation I am being shown emotions. The Guide channeling through Miriam is Dr. Lee Chang. Geoff: If we look at wars from what I know of them, the modern-day wars seems to be far more full of anger than wars of old. Guide: Yes, they are. Geoff: They are also far more mechanical. There is not the – not so much closeness of combat for it is all done at a distance. In wars there is so much energy created. First of all I’m seeing a sort of first world war battle field where people are shot – the conditions are appalling and each man tries to help the wounded and the suffering as much as possible. There was far more giving in that sort of war. Guide: Yes, there was. Geoff: They were much closer and that is why you saw such things as on Christmas day both sides would cease the fighting and join some form of celebration and then continue the following day. Today there is so much more anger, there’s more equipment and …. Guide: So much more greed. Geoff: Yes, hatred and greed. Guide: And so much more false religion. Geoff: False religion? Guide: Religion which is not true, but mainly for greed. Geoff: Yes. Guide: They wish to amass fortunes for themselves and they are not concerned with the people of their congregation. Geoff: Yes. And also, in these holy wars where the people are told that it is their religious law ….and so on, so that the people will not give in, which only creates part of their karma experience. They go through all that. Just going back to something I saw just now in something like the Second World War where I saw “groups” of emotion – group minds creating one emotion. The rescue we did at the beginning (See chapter on Rescues) is a good example of that. Where greed has taken over, and power, and they commit these atrocities because of the power. The greed aspect and the wanting power becomes so strong, and where there is a group of people who all think the same way, it creates a group energy which makes each of their energies stronger or their desire stronger. Guide: It does. Geoff: Going back to the second world war where you see a group of people who are all saying to themselves – you know, why should we continue this war, it’s not our war, there’s no reason to kill other people – sympathisers – they will form a group and…okay…a group emotion is formed which gives strength to their thinking. – additional energy to their belief. And then you have got a group which is determined to win the war, wipe out the enemy at all costs and they as well get a lot of strength from group energy. The groups are not only individual groups of soldiers but you get much larger over all group energies. You get armies and even Countries where there is group energy, and Yugoslavia is a very good example. Guide: Yes, a very good example. Geoff: But some can do the most harm. Guide: Yes, it certainly can be at all levels. Geoff: Right, we’re talking about Yugoslavia and how that all started.  I’m not sure what started it but a rift was caused which created two sides fighting each other and this spread, intensified, because the group of people on each side created a group energy which increased their desire to make war – to get at the other side or whatever. Guide: Yes, just so. Geoff: On one side of the war, it again split into two – two people – two groups – with different beliefs, and again two energies were formed so that there were three groups fighting the war and so it spread to four and five. The more energy that was there – the more conflict there was. And the more public it was, the more this fueled emotion, which created more group energy, and so it started to grow. To combat the war between two groups – you actually need a third party to come in and calm the groups down to stop this group energy from increasing by using words of wisdom. As you were saying even the tiniest words can be the strongest power for both good and the bad. Guide: Yes. Good and bad. It is the most powerful weapon, for why would any war have started if it were not for words to begin with. Geoff: So, by getting in experienced negotiators, even if their values were not quite right, just the fact that they were experienced negotiators they could calm down both parties and bring about a start to the end of conflict. If it continued escalating what would happen is one party would – one side – would eventually totally dominate the other. The atrocities, war crimes and killings would get worse until eventually one side dominated the other. And if it ended up at that, the side that lost would forever feel antagonistic and hatred towards the side that had won, so it would become a hollow victory. Guide: Yes, and it is escalating all over the world. But you and your group and the other groups are spreading the word of love, which is essential. Again, it is words and the words are followed up with the emotions. Geoff: In this case we have circles all over the world that all have the same common goal, and all channel a uniform energy. The more the world is divided into warring parties the weaker it becomes, and the stronger we will become. Guide: Yes you will. Geoff: But there is no fear of our getting – well I suppose there is basically but, as in Atlanta where it got out of hand. But I understand that overall, we have the energy and the right motives, and the right power and love and energy, etc. so that eventually we will break down the warring parties, and teach them the better way of life, and progress from there. Guide: Yes. As you have demonstrated. But it will be on such a vast scale that you cannot imagine. Geoff: Because it will multiply and reach a peak, all these different group energies …and even if one side did conquer the other it still wouldn’t end the war- the hatred and antagonism would still be there. So, it must be ended through negotiation. Very interesting.

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