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In this meditation a guide called Ishmael is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – So I started going away from the tower, going towards the horizon, I saw a lot of energy coming from the horizon to the direction of the tower, the energy is sent by a different department. When a spirit has to come down to address a circle, he needs two things, he needs information which he gets from the tower, and he needs energy to firstly access the information, and secondly to do whatever he has to on earth. Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes he has. Geoff – So if I now trace this source of energy, I think I know where it comes from, well I have seen one of them, yes now I have been to this place before, there are many of them, but it looks like just rocks with paths in between, and there is every colour imaginable inside the rock, the colouring on the outside is a basic shiny steel colour, dark shiny steel is the best way to describe it, but it moves, the colour seems to pulsate, and that is on the outside, but the colours on the inside, there is the most phenomenal array of colours on the inside, I am looking inside now at all the pulsating colours, it is like a giant nerve center or giant brain, it is very easy to access a specific colour. If I went there and knew the colour I was looking for I could access it simply by thought, and that colour that I wanted could be directed to where I wanted it to go, it would find its own route there. Whether it be to the tower or directly to the person that I am going to meet, or whatever I have to do. If I am unsure of the colour that I want, there are teachers there that will help me on specific colours, very high up colours, so the basic, run of the mill colours, if I didn’t know them, there are clouds of memory banks there where I could pick it up from very quickly. The teachers that are there, they look after specific colours for something new, and something very unusual, a lot to do with group emotions, planet emotions, and universal emotions. These specific colours are awesome in power of what they can do, therefore they would only give it to the overseers of the planet or country, those are the only ones who are able to request these colours, they need the experience and the wisdom to use them the right way. Miriam (Ishmael) – They have a great deal of training. Geoff – Yes, the teachers as well seem to have pointed hats on, a bit like we would imagine a wizard, and this is a very high form of recognition, it is how they are recognised as being a specific type of teacher. But they are such experienced people, they themselves have each controlled whole planets, they have been trained, they have gained the experience and they have gained it successfully, and these are the only people that are suitable to teach the new without mistakes being made. Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes, and you are privileged to see this tonight. Geoff – Hmm, now I have said that I have seen an area like this before, but there seems to be just one area again in a different dimension, but it is accessed by millions of spirits in different dimensions, they each use the same, so I can stand and look at it and see little activity but there are thousands, even millions of other dimensions. Where people are coming backwards and forwards all the time, and that is why I can see the teacher as not moving, because he appears the same in all the different dimensions. That is quite awesome. Miriam (Ishmael) – Do you not feel honored? Geoff – Oh yes, well and truly. Miriam (Ishmael) – Then you must thank Diana for giving you that extra power, she has joined me. Geoff – Oh that is brilliant, thank you. Okay I can see Diana as – two ways, symbolically as a tall elegant woman with blonde hair and a white robe, that is symbolically, her actual energy, she doesn’t have a physical body, she is pure energy. Miriam (Ishmael) – That is true, she is from high. Geoff – Well and truly, and the energy that she has is like a silver, continually exploding silver flashes in a cocoon shape with larger flashes of gold, mainly around the outside, that is the energies that she uses, that she retains to do the work that she is doing. Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes, not easy for her. Geoff – No, a constant source of energy. I am getting a sort of insight into how she lives and works, and to do this she is slowing down and letting me see a portion, or showing me a portion of her life so that I can understand it, it works at a much higher speed and there is far more to it, but I would not be able to comprehend if I saw the whole thing because she is on a mental level. And again it is very difficult to describe, but she has gone through an area of total love and total giving, total purity, but when you get past this stage of purity you are able to give and teach and train and so on 100%, but at the same time you have the ability to enjoy a leisure time, for want of a better word, enjoying music, arts, giving, feeling, emotion and so on. Miriam (Ishmael) – On a spiritual level. Geoff – Yes, on a spiritual level because of your past and everything else, and it is all done with the mind, there is no physical body involved, it is all done with the mind. And she is showing me she is connected to other similarly advanced high spirit where there is no such thing as jealously or envy or whatever between them, it is a total universal giving kind of level of purity – very difficult to explain. Miriam (Ishmael) – Total harmony. Geoff – Total harmony, yes, now when she looks down upon our lives here as being very primitive, she has to it doesn’t matter how developed we are on the earth, it is still very primitive compared to the level that she has reached. She can obviously train and communicate with hundreds of people at the same time, but the level at which she teaches, I can see this fingerlike thing coming down into this circle here. I am trying to explain how she is doing it, but there are not words to express what I can see. Miriam (Ishmael) – No there are not, it is sufficient that you know, and you will recall that feeling. Geoff – Yes quite amazing. Alright now she will withdraw with that lesson over with. Okay now I feel very humble compared to all of that. Miriam (Ishmael) – And so do we – you are not alone.

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