Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


This is part of a healing night. We were looking at a spiritual river and this is how it continues. Verna is seeing through her third eye and the guide John is channeling through Miriam. Verna – Now in this river there’s a little creature. Guide (John) Okay. Verna – And he hasn’t got anything really wrong with him. Guide (John) So why do you think he is there. Verna – He’s been trying to make contact with us for a long time. He looks sort of a cross between a fish and a four-legged animal in a way. I mean I can’t even describe it. Geoff – I can see him as a bush baby with big ears. Verna – Yes, something like that. Guide (John) Do you think maybe he is in the process of evolving? Geoff – He doesn’t seem to be from earth. Guide (John) Yes, but they do evolve from different planets the same. Verna – He’s in spirit at the moment, isn’t he? Guide (John) Yes. Verna – He’s in spirit – he says he’s a spirit “species” and there’s not many people- he’s talks through thought form – he’s not talking to me, of course, I just get this – he wants me to know that while we sit here, and think that there are a lot of people Spiritually who believe all these different species exist, there “aren’t” a lot of people like that, and that’s why we get so many because we do it with such faith and we never doubt it when we see anything different. Guide (John) That is what I wanted to hear from you, and that is why you are getting more ‘creatures’ as you might say. Geoff – At the moment he’s hanging on to the front of your chest, to show you that he’s got an understanding and affection, and understanding of wanting to know you etc. There are very few people he can communicate with or even get close to because, like you said, people just don’t believe, so he’s attached himself in a way, to you to show that he will communicate as much as possible. He wants you to help him to communicate and understand more. Verna – By thought form. Geoff – By thought form. He will evolve not on this planet as a human, but on a different planet, and he will evolve in a short space of time to quite a high degree. He wants to make this contact for some time in the future. He will contact us again or to give us knowledge and understanding that there are creatures like him about, so that in future when we need to communicate or come across it again we will understand. Verna – He’s sitting on the back of my neck now, isn’t he? Geoff – He has a lot of power, doesn’t he? Verna He’s like here, on the chair. Sort of half on and half off the chair. Guide (John) But how you are both progressing not only to be able to see, but for these creatures to want to come to you. Geoff – This healing with light, the spiritual river that he was in. During his earthly if you like existence, or physical existence they used that power, healing with light and energy waves to a degree at the time, not really knowing as we would know that it was spiritual but using it as a natural course. And that’s why he could be in that spiritual river and communicate with us. To him it’s quite natural. And now evolves more, so that he can communicate and continue his progress. Verna And he’s going to stay here and the river is going to remain there because they’ve got someone else for us to put in the river. Geoff – Yeah. He’s actually sitting on your – just behind your left shoulder on the chair and he will watch.

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