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Financial crash 2008


At the beginning of the year I was shown a graph that had huge fluctuations coming in September. I assumed it was something to do with the stock exchange or similar – Spooks have their ways (and sense of humour) and after trying to work out for a while I left it.  A few days ago I got the above picture…. and the story behind it. On the left is YOUR life as it has progressed so far – and I mean specifically YOU, and as you can see YOUR particular period of growth and progression is coming to an end. On the right is your new lifestyle beginning. The time period can be 2 or 3 months either way – September is just the middle of it. My first and obvious thought was that it would not be possible for every-one’s life to change at the same time but in fact it is……………… Every-one knows what you mean when you say 9/11……….. and what did that change? It changed every- one’s thoughts……besides the myriad of emotions, ideas, ideals, understanding and basic understanding of life it changed every-one’s thoughts forever. So what will happen in September this year? It may not be a disaster where life is lost or wars started – but it will be a subtle dividing of who is walking along their chosen path and who isn’t – of who wants to understand and who wants to bury their head in the sand. And as with 9/11 there will be a myriad of emotions and changes and in particular thoughts too numerous for us to comprehend. We all know that the Earth is heading for a major change where it will tilt on its axis – and spirit are beginning to separate the flowers from the weeds. A few years ago things changed to where it was your thought that was important and not so much your action. This has been increased and enhanced over the last few years so that spirit can see more clearly who has developed the way that they chose to (they don’t all have to be good either as we all need to experience both sides of the coin to be able to make the right decisions) Remember – September will have an extreme high and an extreme low in a lot of things – this is to create a better balance for the next few months which will be the foundation for new lessons and decisions for the beginning of a new era. You what do YOU do? There is a reason you are reading this – you chose to. To make the right decisions right now you must listen to your Soul – you must do what you honestly believe is right – and you must stick to your principles. YOUR life is about to change – enjoy it.    

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