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Geoff – All right let’s see what else we have. I have a very old man, in an old age home or hospital and his room has a window looking out onto a beautiful grounds. He is in a corner of the room and he is very concerned about something, concerned about a visitor coming. I think concerned about the way……it is his daughter who is coming to see him, he hasn’t seen her for many, many years and he is worried about it. But that doesn’t seem to be a good enough reason for healing. His daughter has a very bad vibration surrounding her. Miriam (Channelling) – Yes, and what do you think she is going to try and do? Geoff – Well, my natural reaction is to say kill him, but that seems to be a bit farfetched. Miriam (Channelling) – Is it? Think closely and try and pick up more. Geoff – Her vibration is definitely evil, it is not an emotion brought on by stress or frustration or by greed. She has been involved with a group of people who study the black side and they have convinced her that what she is doing will benefit the group she is with compared to a little suffering to the father who can’t last too much longer. Miriam (Channelling) – Yes, now what can you do? Geoff – By putting myself between the daughter and the father, and putting my arms around this daughter, she will feel a change in vibration and the white vibration that we use can easily remove the black vibrations from her body so that she goes back to a state where there is no evil surrounding her. She will feel an attachment between her and her grandfather, she will feel again this family type of love, this connection, and what we must do is put it into her head, and improve her senses so that she is able to see the blackness that is taken away from her. Miriam (Channelling) – Yes, that is it. She is very puzzled. Geoff – I have got my back to the grandfather, who is very close, and I have got my arms around this girl and behind her a few feet away is this shell of black which is kept there, and I will give her this information, the longer we do this the more her strength, her white strength builds up, it is a white strength that she will always have with her, it is like building up a resistance to a disease, so that even when she leaves she will not have done what she intended to do, and she will go back to this black group. There is white strength inside her, which will mature and grow and change her way of thinking so that eventually she will be able to decide what is right and wrong. The black shell that is around her we will break up and destroy, and her feeling improves, so that when she leaves she will have several hours on her own, without this feeling of blackness around her, which she has got so used to. During that time she will build herself up and be able to think clearly and realize what she was about to do and it will be a big shock to her system when she realizes that she had sunk that low. Miriam (Channelling) – Yes, it is very difficult when the veil is torn from their eyes, they have gone through such a lot of dark emotions, but that is very good, very good indeed. Geoff – And now we must move away and link her with her grandfather. Miriam (Channelling) – And he understands. Geoff – Yes, and that link will help protect him in the future should there be any form of relapse, I hope there won’t, she has found a new emotion, and will be able to think much clearer. Miriam (Channelling) – Yes she was not always with the darker emotions. Geoff – Now there are three guides with her, three helpers who will stay with her for some time to help her stay on the right path and should she be in need of further help from a group such as us they will call that group, not necessarily us, but a group. Miriam (Channelling) – They will. Geoff – And now we can leave that one. Geoff – And now I am seeing a lot of flowers in a garden, a lot of colours, and they are showing me some form of lightness after encountering the healing that we have just done. Miriam (Channelling) – Yes. Geoff – There is a woman there of sixty or seventy, and she is a permanent helper in this old age home that we have just been in, and she looks after the residents, and it is her that called us to help this man. She used to own that house before it was turned into an old age home, and she had a very nice, lovely life there, lots of happy times, and she was glad to see it put to good use, when she passed over. And she spends most of her time, nearly all of the time, looking after and helping the residents particularly helping them to pass over. She will call in people, circles like us to help when necessary, and different types of circles to teach some spiritual advancement when necessary. When one of the residents of this old age home passes over, she will go to the other side and help them pass over and get settled in on the other side and when they are settled in and learnt more, they come back and sit in the garden and in this home as they used to. She also teaches them to get rid of their emotions, their bad thoughts which they had in the last few years in this home, such as suffering and pain, and not being able to walk etc. Those are bad memories for these people, and she teaches them that when they come back they sit in the garden and get rid of these memories, to replace them with happy memories, those old memories are in the past. It is because of her that this garden is so full of strong and vibrant flowers. She looks after them, she also works very much with the nature spirits in the garden to keep a happy harmonious atmosphere there, because where there are so many old people who are getting close to passing over, they have ailments, sickness, there are problems with the relatives, visitors that come along, there is a lot of medicine and bad vibrations, because when somebody dies it is felt by all of them in the home, and people die every few weeks, and they know by staying there it is going to be their turn someday soon. They may stay there several years and enjoy those years but the majority of people have passed away and more people have come in, so it is always a place of not such good vibrations. At that age the majority of the residents can handle this negativity, because they have had long lives filled with experience, which teaches them to overcome these sorts of problems, and they are accepted, but there is always a certain amount of negativity hanging around. This woman dispels this negativity as well, and when it is getting too strong in one particular area, she will go in and put harmony into the little group where the negativity is, to make them feel a bit better. To help them each day and keep the balance as much as possible in a situation like that. Miriam (Channelling) – And isn’t it a wonderful place? Geoff – Yes, when you see it through these eyes, yes. But it is not what I imagined an old age home to be an hour ago, now it seems that it is very different. And she thanks us for our help and we can leave now. She gives us God’s blessings and carries on. Miriam (Channelling) – What a wonderful, light note to end on, I think you have done enough for tonight. You have certainly extended your knowledge and you must feel very uplifted for that. Geoff – Yes without a doubt. Miriam (Channelling) – And we thank you from our side and we look forward to seeing you again. Thank you again for persevering on this path, which is not easy when you have so many problems on your mind. Goodnight. Geoff – Bless you, and thank you.

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