Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Verna – An old granny. Miriam (John) – She is very old. Verna – She has got very grey hair, pulled back into a bun, and she is over a hundred. Miriam (John) – And why do you think they have brought her? Verna – Well she is ready to pass over and ………… Miriam (John) – But it is not quite time. Verna – But she wants to pass over too, she is spiritual, she knows she is here. In fact she is pointing and talking about us, she sees us clearly. Miriam (John) – But there is just a little while longer for her to stay on earth. Verna – And the job she has got to do on earth, is because she is encouraging another elderly person who is going through a lot of pain, when this person sees how old she is and that she keeps going, this person, although they are elderly, they are not so old, they are old in body, not in mind. Miriam (John) – And she is doing tremendous work by helping them. Verna – And she doesn’t push or talk to this lady, it is just being there that makes this person realize that there are so many years left, if she wishes. Miriam (John) – And she knows that it will not be long before her time for passing over is here. Verna – But she is very tired now and all they want us to do is give her, oh I think the color of yellow and orange was for her. Miriam (John) – That is better, yes, and the pink for the children. Verna– Oh, I never saw the pink. But the color of yellow and orange is for her. Miriam (John) – Yes it will do well for her, you see we are trying to bring you so many different aspects of healing that you may come across where you are to do hypnotherapy, where you can help with this sort of thing, not necessarily of course with anyone so old, but in a similar situation where they are wanting to finish their lives, and yet not quite suicidal but need encouragement to carry on. Verna – And she is just sitting over there now, she doesn’t want to leave yet because she is enjoying this and is aware of what is going on. Miriam (John) – Yes, she is spiritual enough, if she wants she can stay, and if not she can go whenever she is ready without any help from anyone else, she is quite aware of that.

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