Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Verna – I have got a big commotion and a panic in my head, like an accident of some sort. First I got a train, but I am not so sure. Lots of people very frightened. Geoff – All I can see is like a mass suicide, a protest, a lot of people put themselves in front of a train, it is an Indian religion, they laid themselves on the track to stop the train in protest of something or other, the train did not stop in time, and a lot of people were killed and literally cut in half. There are a few who are badly mutilated, and the passengers on the train and shocked and horrified by what has gone on. Some of those that have died were prepared for death, and others were not, but at the last minute could not back out of what they were doing, for fear of losing face etc. And they have been physically killed and are in dreadful state of shock, as far as passing over goes, and also what was right and wrong. There is quite a lot of other groups there like us, who are helping to calm down these people, because they died as a group, they start to pass over as a group, and the vibrations are so bad that there is a danger that they will all go to the grey lands and our job is to calm down the vibrations to bring more tranquillity to the group and to explain to them that they only made a mistake, and that was it. They must now each decide upon the path that they take, as we calm them down. We put silver and pink into this circle of people, and many have left loved ones behind in the village where they come from and there is a great attachment between those that have just died and those that are left behind. A terrible grief which will of course hold them back and prevent them from passing over, we must put into their minds each and every one of them, that they have made a mistake but it is too late now to turn back, and they must now continue and pass over, for at least from where they pass over they can do more good and help others, which is their basic intention. I think the train that was coming had something to do with their religion, which they objected to, therefore all these people are good people that just made a fatal error. Now we leave the others to continue working with that group, and we move back to the railway track where there is one person who is very badly injured, but has not yet physically died. He will do so, but he has an awful fear of death. He is so badly injured that he can hardly move and he knows that he is about to die. He cannot talk, his throat is damaged. He is asking for forgiveness from his sister, who is nearby and in shock, we must put in her mind that she must go to him and tell him that he is forgiven and that he must go in peace. We cover her in pink, put this thought into her mind and lead her across to her brother, for there is very little time left, she kneels in front of him, she is in deep shock, she must reach out and place her hands either side of his head and tell him that she understands what happened and forgives him. And his soul is now released from his body. We leave her with lots of love, so that she too can get over this shock. The significance of this group suicide will have such an effect on the people of that country, which I think is Indian, that they will have achieved their objectives, and although their deaths have been painful to many, including themselves, it will stop a major change and suppression of their religion. And they will be left in peace to continue with the religion that they have. The group that is left is drawing energy from various meditating circles, without their knowledge, and they will look after these people, and we can leave.

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