Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this one Verna and I are doing the astral healing. Dr. Paul is the spirit who is channeling through Miriam and there are also a lot of spirit children watching. Geoff:  I have a big orange embryo here. Miriam (Dr Paul) Now, what did you say we have here? Verna: A horse. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Verna: We have to help it give birth. Miriam (Dr Paul) What are you going to do? Verna: Get Geoff to carry on. Geoff:  (Laughter) Now I know where this embryo comes from. Right. So it’s just a matter of starting the process of moving the foal around, so that its front legs come out. Miriam (Dr Paul) Wonderful, wonderful. Geoff:  I put my arm around its neck inside the mother and straighten it so the head comes out with the front leg. Miriam (Dr Paul) And this gentleman (Luke) puts it into his mind to push hard. A strange experience for you. Verna: The horse is too weak to give birth. The horse itself – the mare has got no energy. Miriam (Dr Paul) And the children are laughing. Can you see them – the older children in the background? They said that they could not do that, but they will when their time comes. Geoff:  Now, the foal has been delivered, and I’ve opened up the embryo or membrane around its head and now the mother will take over. Miriam (Dr Paul) Many oos and ahhs going on – this tiny, little creature. Geoff:  And the mare has… Miriam (Dr Paul) A complication Geoff:  Damage to the underside of her stomach. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. And what can you do with that? Geoff:  It’s some form of disease, it’s very hard and very black. She will have difficulty giving milk to the foal. Miriam (Dr Paul) But the foal will be alright. Geoff:  Yes, that was one of the reasons she couldn’t give birth, because her muscles were affected. We must purify the blood, so that when it runs through this damaged area it will heal it quicker than normal. Miriam (Dr Paul) Wonderful. That is very good advice – very good. It’s something that you both have the power to do. And it’s feeling quite calm with the power from you. Geoff:  The power from the three of us is going into the front of the mare by her chest, and it’s going straight into the blood stream, and as the blood flows from the heart downwards it is being purified. It’s going bright red with little white flecks in it. And as this gets down to the damaged area, it is spreading out very quickly into the little muscles, or membranes or veins that run through this damaged area, and the healing process has started. It will take some time but she is already recovering – getting better. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes- and now the children are saying what shall we name the foal? So there is quite some discussion going on about that. You can see the children, young lady, can you not? Verna: Yes. Miriam (Dr Paul) Well that is variety Geoff:  Hmm. Nice experience.  

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