Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Everything is energy and our vibration on earth is heavier than the vibration of spirit world. When you are in meditation your energy levels are heightened. After a lot of practice, patience and years of „tuning in’ meditation no longer becomes a necessity. One seems to get a mind set’ and is able to, like changing a gear, get into that state of higher energy. It is as if they are on a wave length of one radio station and we are on another. Eventually you are able to tune into a middle wave length known mostly as astral with the radio stations joining onto one wave length. Remember that your family in spirit also has to learn to communicate. Again I say that my clients often imagine these dear souls who have passed away floating high up in the heavenly sky. They are here with us on earth. All around us, protecting and guiding us and helping others who are in need. Like those radio waves we simply have different channels and somehow, I find it easy to tune into both at the same time. Sometimes it feels like I am in two dimensions at one time. Imagine your life on earth as a straight line with the beginning of this line being your birth. Imagine, according to your age that you are standing at a certain section of this line. You created the line you have already walked by the choices you and your soul made in the past. In front of you, but for the line, is open space as far as you are concerned. In reality it is full of your soul’s planned journey. You have already written the script of your life and now, on earth, are playing it out. Let’s say that your line is a road leading from one town to another. Your destiny means that you will walk that road but your choices may take you on detours. Some choices, mostly due to your attitude towards life and your own self-worth, may make your journey more difficult than it is meant to be but with a good attitude you may tackle your destiny in a positive manner. This is what makes NOW such an important time. Where you imagine you are standing on your life line is your NOW! A good exercise is to look back and see all your negatives as positive experiences that you have achieved, survived and can learn from. ALL negatives can be positives. It is your choice as you can either hold onto them and live in fear or change your attitude towards them and allow them to be guidance into a future with greater awareness. No clairvoyant can truly see your definite future, but can be shown your future choices according to the NOW space. I am often shown two or three roads leading off from a cross road situation. These represent your future choices and I am then shown the journey of each toad – guidance for your choices. A good clairvoyant will also be shown some negatives within your ego (attitude) that you could adjust to make life easier for you. God will never take away your free will on earth, so messages are for guidance with the final choice being yours to make. As my clients sit opposite me, or if it is a long distance reading I tune in and enter the presence of their now. Their energy can be read as one enters the space (astral) of what was what is and what could be! To me it often feels like I am floating into a time that is separate to my time – it is your time I have stepped into. I feel and sense and your guardian angels, in God’s light, give me their words and pictures. They put emotions in my body so my senses can explain the words and pictures. While I am in the space of your life line I am shown your emotions, your fears, your health and the decisions you are making for your life at that very moment. You may ask about a choice of career and all your different options will be shown to me for guidance. You are part of the universe – of all that is. We each make our mark, our own life lines, through the universe according to the choices we make. Energy flows from each soul into the universe and connects us to each other until the universe is like one big ball of our connected energy. That is why it is said that one person can make a difference. You are busy influencing other souls and the universe with every thought and deed you create. This fact enables a clairvoyant to do distant readings and distant healing. You simply have to learn, and anybody can, to tune into the universe. Meditation, faith in yourself and therefore faith in God brings one into awareness. If you have true and honest faith in God then you cannot help but have faith in yourself and your life. A stillness within that shuts off your heavy physical life energy and our conscious thinking mind floats you off into the energy of God’s land – all that is – souls! We have free will on earth as it is in heaven so make your choices wisely and positively.  

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