Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation I am talking to a Guide called John, who is channeling through Miriam.
Geoff:     Can I ask a question at this stage? Miriam (John)     You can. Geoff:     During meditation the other day I was learning about visualisation and creation. When you visualise something you start the creation process. Miriam (John)     Yes. Geoff:     And people who can, for instance, we have heard of people who can make a loaf of bread appear, create on an earth plain, I assume that is just a higher state of visualisation. Miriam (John)     It is. Geoff:     So that is quite an answer knowing that if you have enough faith, what you visualise you can create. Miriam (John)     Cannot faith move mountains? It does not mean that you have to get a shovel and move the mountain spade by spade but it can be moved in other ways. Faith is such a tremendous gift and if one can give 100% faith then how much further can they go. Geoff:     Yes. Miriam (John)     It is not easy, friend, we know that for ourselves. It is not easy for us even to have the faith to choose where we will go from where we are, and knowing just the little that we do know – wondering if we will be worthy of what will face us. So, you see, friend, you are not the only one who has doubts at times. We also have doubts and so it will be until you reach the final goal. It will always be a case of having faith. Geoff:     Faith is not something which you can create. You have to experience results of faith to be able to increase your faith. Miriam (John)     Yes. One must have more faith to begin with in order to create that little bit that gives encouragement. Geoff:     The only way you can get that faith is through – it’s through experience. It’s no good having blind faith because that does not achieve anything. It is a form of escapism ….. Miriam (John)     Yes. Geoff:     ……so you must experience little by little….. Miriam (John)     Oh, yes. Geoff:     ……. what faith can do – which will give you stronger faith. Miriam (John)     That is so. Geoff:     Thank you – that was a good answer. Miriam (John)     My pleasure. I wish you could see how some of us tremble when we are leaving, or those who are leaving after having reached the second, the 2nd seventh level (Mental levels) for they know they cannot be in touch with those of an earthly body any longer. It must always be done through someone else and the wrench is tremendous although we have to conquer our emotions and we do to a certain extent, but to know that never again will you be able to come down and communicate direct or to look upon a face that is so beloved or for whatever reason. It is a big step to take and yet you know in your heart that it is what you have always been waiting for so pity us sometimes friend as we also encourage you to have faith to go on. Geoff:     Interesting – thank you.  

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