Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Q and A with Verna By The


Verna (Channeling) – That is a very touchy subject, it is a very delicate subject for anybody to discuss, as it has to be used, that power is so powerful, it has to be used with greatest of caution, and we are all weary and Kundalini comes from the base centre, the sexual centre, and the power and control together, what am I doing answering this question? (Laughter) Question: Have you met any spirits that achieved some particular eminence on this plane and if so are they carrying on the same sort of work, with having achieved so much on earth? Verna (Channeling) – Oh yes, we have friends coming up here, well you always refer to it as coming up here, that’s your fault, we don’t refer to is as coming up here, because we are right down there with you. But yes as vibrations go, we have friends coming up here, anyway they are so advanced on the earth plane and are almost angels, and have done so much good work and have fulfilled their duties and on coming over, if they do not wish to work at our vibrational level and channel and continue with their earth work, they have already done so much that they may go onto a higher vibration almost immediately, and that is how high some souls are on earth. Question: Could you name any of them? Verna (Channeling) – Mother Teresa. Her spirit is so well advanced and so are many others, sometimes they may not even be in spiritual based environment, because they might be doing work in the worst area of New York City, they would be saints, they would be doing the most awful duties, working with the most violent people, and living the most horrific lives and knowing in their hearts, for instance the priests that go into the violent areas, they do not teach spiritualism as, heavens above, those people do not believe in loving one another, how do you tell them to love someone who is dead? That would be impossible, they go down as angels and they work with this terrible, terrible stress of knowing that any minute they could be knifed, and so you know that they are so advanced and they do not realise it. Their death to them would not matter one bit, and we give them so much love and so much help, as remember when they return to do these duties they forget how spiritually advanced they really are, and how high their vibrations could be. And there could be somebody sitting right in this room, who is in the same position and they do not realise it, because you see if they realised it they might not fulfill their duties and fight the fight they have to, to achieve what they have come back to do. Gee am I good? Question: When you go to a place that you haven’t been before on earth, but when you arrive, you know what’s going to happen when you arrive, what is that – insight? Verna (Channeling) – Well there is a gentleman in this room with whom we have discussed sixth sense, and that is something that he will be so good at, and it is a form of clairvoyance in a way, of receiving a message in a thought form from your guides and your helpers, but what you have to learn to do is accept that thought. So it is developing a sixth sense, now unfortunately for you gentleman, ladies have a much stronger sixth sense. A lot of the sixth sense power is based on a hormonal balance, if you could believe this or not, and every woman and every man has female and male hormones in their bodies. Now the female hormones enhance the sixth sense, the only reason, please do not get worried, dear grandfather, the reason why we are enhancing your sixth sense is not due to your female hormones being in excess, it is a way of getting you to start your clairvoyance again, now you may rest in peace. And so may all the men around, just a little joke to heighten the vibrations, we do tease a lot. Anyway back to your question, does that answer your question? Question: Is it also that perhaps you have been there in another life, and you remember it? Verna (Channeling) – Oh yes, quite often, I thought the gentleman was referring to something that was going to take place. But you are quite correct. I think I will leave now, I have had a marvelous time, I am not a very serious type of man, but I am with my answers, but I love to work on a higher vibration. This is a warning I would like to give you, if your clairvoyant is giving you messages in a church or a meeting and it is very jovial and joking, please do not think that it is a serous matter underneath, and that the answers are not correct, we do answer as best we can but the higher the vibration, the easier it is for the clairvoyant and for my friends and myself, so remember that, if somebody is very jovial and lighthearted, it is not because they are not sincere, some of us find it easier to work on those vibrations. And I will leave you now with all God’s blessings and lots of love from all your friends.

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