Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This one is a continuation of the lesson above.  An old lady with a bent back came to the circle for healing. Verna is talking to her, and a Guide is channeling through Miriam. Verna:     She says that she…um…everybody wonders how she gets around but she’s got two guides that she leans on and no one else can see them except her and she says, “Oh, I’ve got friends who help me” and no one understands what she is saying.  Her family all think she is crazy. Miriam (Guide)     Such is faith Verna:     Her family want to move her around and put her in homes and all sorts and she says, “No, her guides even help her make tea and everything.  She doesn’t need any outside help.  She’s got all the friends she needs.”  She lives all by herself on earth – the earth people think she lives all by herself but she doesn’t in fact, she’s got so many friends.  And she says when she dies which isn’t going to be too long now, thank goodness, she’s just going to – she’s got it all planned.  She’s just going to walk out of her front door holding on to the arms of the two friends she’s holding on to right now. Miriam (Guide)     What a wonderful way to go. Verna:     She doesn’t think she will see us again because hopefully it’s just about two or three months and she will be passing over. Miriam (Guide)     Yes. Verna:     She thanks us for all our help and she says that when she does cross over, after her curiosity of being on the other side is fulfilled she will make contact with the guides and come and see us and tell us about her passing over.  She says we won’t see her in the physical again but we will see her virtually and her back will be bent for us so we can remember but in actual fact it will be straight, thank goodness.

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