Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation, a guide called Lone Wolf is teaching Geoff how to listen to his thoughts as opposed to being a channel.
Geoff – It was around Khartoum, that is where he was as well. Verna – So he was a camel trader? Geoff – Yes I can see a square type pyramid, it is like a pyramid without a top, I don’t know whether it is an actual pyramid or fortress, and Khartoum I get very strongly, and he is right here I don’t know why he doesn’t speak. I have seen him he wears a turban with the material coming down the one side of his face, and a long robe down to his ankles and sandals. Looks very much like a Bedouin, I can see a range of mountains, that are very, very deep, very big hills, just keep rolling backwards for a long way, and the front of which is the desert, and the river Nile. And a square building, maybe that is where the healing was done, now I can see a courtyard, with a steel type of gate, and in the courtyard is very thick stones, very old, centuries old, as you walk into the courtyard, you feel this force around you. The walls, and two people were buried there, but they look very English graves, big, like twice the size of the coffin, and made out of stone. And as you walk in there and in front of you on the left, the two of them side by side and the rest of the courtyard is getting a little bit overgrown, as if it hasn’t been looked after for ten or twenty years or whatever, there is little bits of moss growing on these gravestones, and behind it is not a wall, it is like a family chapel, but it is very old, no glass in the windows, they are just open, and very little light in there. It was used only by family, and the pavement just outside the gate is like brickwork, but not modern day, very old, with grass and moss growing in between, a bit like an old roman road. And I am getting another, looks like a form of crypt or burial chamber with very old stairs going up, very old. And halfway up on the left-hand side is a doorway which can be sealed up, and that is some form of crypt. Verna – That is very good, and you know what I saw just before, and this is maybe why he didn’t talk or whatever, but they showed me about four or five different faces on your face (Geoff’s) and then a blue aura, almost going up to the painting and down, and all around your shoulders here. But your face changed, like they showed me different faces, dark faces, light faces, big faces, thin faces, and then this blue aura, all around you, enormous. Geoff – Hmm, you actually got it all around you as well, like spirit light, shimmering around your head and shoulders. It is definitely much lighter. And what he is showing me is he knew of us or knew us at that time in Egypt and it is like we were chased out of the town and stoned, but maybe that is just the picture he was giving. We were doing healing in those days, it was against their religious practice or whatever, it is difficult to know what is imagination and what isn’t, just before that I had a Buddhist monk and he said everything comes from within, and he said you know what is true and what isn’t, and what you are doing in life, whether it was good or bad or whatever, and the answers are within and if you are not sure you can get the answer through meditation, not so much from your guides, but from your inner self. That was quite good, I have never been so clear about that. Now I can now see far more and understand far more, but I have to learn to interpret what I see the right way, I have to learn symbols and signs. He is telling me that what I am seeing now, is the way that I will be able to communicate, and whereas in the past we have listened to each other, when control is being spoken through either of us we have listened, and now far more will be given in thought forms that we know will be true, we will be able to believe them far more, than we could beforehand. And that is why although Yusuf and Ephraim are both here, they are telling me this way and so you can understand also. And Lone Wolf is also here, and he says that he promised to teach us about communication, and this is what he is doing. Verna – Oh that is good. Geoff – I can see a lot of gold coins on the side of a bank of earth, and the earth is very dry and barren, where the coins are hanging, there is greenery growing through them. Lone Wolf says we must think about this and work out what it means. There is also something that looks like St Paul’s cathedral, it used to be on the horizon but it is now much closer, that we have to work on, and a gold ring with a stone, with two stones that has more and more bands of gold around it, instead of it being one solid ring, it is six or eight very thin rings pushed together, with two stones, one is green and the other is dark blue. The one with the coins on the right means that when things are very barren, or negative nothing can grow, once you make it positive things will grow, and we will prosper, I don’t know if it is financially or what. The second one is that our inner temple, or learning temple, is now closer, easier to access – to get to. And the third, the two stones are us, green for me and blue for you, and the gold band is one thing that we had in common, which has now become many other things, many other aspects of life have been added to it which we share. I am getting these red ticks on these three things, but it links up with some red tick to do with you. Verna – I was getting ticks the other night remember, on the things I was giving you. Geoff – Yes, I am actually sitting in a valley and getting three items in front of me, and Lone Wolf is sitting on a rock about ten fifteen feet above me on my left…tape ends.

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