Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation a guide called Iffy is channeling through Miriam. Geoff –  What I’ve got is….. I’m in a sort of gorge.  I’m above the ocean, quite a way, facing the land and the cliffs run vertical to my right and to my left.  In front of me is a big inlet maybe ¾ of a mile across and part way down that inlet on the left is an outcrop of rock. It must be, I don’t know, 200-300 feet high and it sticks out into this Bay.  Just below the top, maybe 50 feet from the top, there’s a little portion cut out of this rock and there’s a person sitting there. He has a lovely character, long hair, very unkempt beard, seems to be wearing robes.  Just sitting there smiling, totally at peace, enjoying the elements, the fresh air, the sea and so on. Straight down from here, about 200 feet is a few rocks and of course the water.  I don’t know how he got up there.  There’s no cave there.  No access path or whatever.  Anyway, I’ll go and join him.  I’m sitting next to him and I’m looking at the view, which is quite amazing. Now sitting on the edge of this rock, where he’s sitting, well, where we are both sitting side by side, is probably 6 feet from left to right and 3 feet from behind us to in front.  Very, very little space.  Now I know I have a fear of heights but while I was sort of hovering in front of him, there was no fear but now I sit on the rock and look over the side, there is a slight sensation.  Now I know it’s safe enough but it’s just describing the feelings that I get.  I think this has something to do with belief and faith and …… what you can do when you have the belief that you can do it. Iffy (Miriam): The question of faith!  This is Iffy again. Geoff – Welcome.  Now I know that obviously in meditation and in spirit I am totally safe and there is no way that I could fall over but the sensation is there.  And that sensation, obviously is taken across from my physical, it’s in my memories Iffy (Miriam): Yes, of course it is. Geoff – So, it’s automatic.  Now, if I can get rid of that sensation, now while I’m in meditation,… if my faith is strong enough, I should be able to get rid of the fear on Earth in my physical.   Iffy (Miriam): You will, but it will take practice. Geoff – Mmm.  Yeah, it’s easy enough now.  But I think the point is if you have the faith, you can do it.  It’s not something that will happen instantly but the understanding of having that faith…. Iffy (Miriam): That is the answer – “Understanding”. Geoff – Yes.  The person who is next to me has said nothing so far.  He’s a very friendly guy.  I’m sitting there with my back to the edge of the cliff, I’m sitting right on the edge and I’m now facing him.  He has a hold of my wrists / hands- not to stop me falling but just as a gesture of communication. He says he has fallen many times, like me.  And he now enjoys coming here because this was his first major fear that he overcame and he still enjoys the feeling of coming back here and having no fear at all.  It’s a sense of achievement for him and he comes here occasionally to look at the view and to enjoy what he missed out on for so many years. There seems to be nothing more there and he sort of pushed me off and…… I’m going out of this bay, towards the sea, turn left and I’m now going along the cliffs.  Where it seems to be is around what I thought would be Lyme Regis – but I’ve just heard Seaton – I don’t know where Seaton is?  Is it close by to Lyme Regis? Iffy (Miriam): It is.

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