Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



These days it would be a dream to live as a ‘Red Indian’. Their life was so simplistic, peaceful and rewarding. Firstly there was no pressure to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ Whomever was the best at leading became the Chief, whomever was the best hunter provided the food, and whomever was the best at washing the dishes became the dishwasher – all the positions held the same rank – one wasn’t perceived to be better than the other. So would you feel inferior if you were just the cook, or would you feel Superior if you were the Chief…    No. What an excellent way to exist with others. The tribe was one big family – whenever there was a crisis, everyone helped. When one was sick, everyone sent them love. Everything was shared and everyone was looked after. When it came to mealtimes, you may want to join one group or the other – everyone shared what they had, and nothing was expected in return. The Elders had the most wisdom. Because they were good at what they did, they did more of it, which made them even better. Because they were working mainly by gut-feel and experience when making decisions, they made themselves open to receiving ‘suggestions’ from spirit. This became second nature to them, and they got better and better at that too. Hence the elders ‘Talked to their ancestors’ As old-age set in, those with physical jobs were less able to do them, so would naturally hand over to the younger members of the tribe. The Elders, trackers, and healers etc that used their minds more, would start to lose their memories (typical old age) and therefore naturally hand over to their apprentices. And when they got too old, they were looked after comfortably until it was time for them to pass over. In today’s world the average person works 8 hours a day, to be able to maintain a reasonable lifestyle – to pay for their homes, cars and socializing, let alone saving for old-age and retirement. In an Indian village there was far less to do – just 1 or 2 hunters could provide meat for all. Just 1 or 2 cooks could cook for all and so on – so there was far more time for relaxing and socializing. One of their favorite pastimes was telling stories, which was a great way to pass on experiences and wisdom. The grandparents mainly looked after the children, as they had the wisdom to teach, and left the more demanding work to the youth. And lastly, look at the setting. Beautiful nature………sunsets and sunrises…….birds, flowers trees and animals in abundance. No set bed-times, no set mealtimes, no ego, one big family     just a beautiful lifestyle.

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