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NATURE – PLANTS AND FLOWERS By The Spiritual Dictionary

Geoff – Yes, beautiful though, brilliant. Now I will leave the bees and I go across to flowers and there is a group of daffodils which are about to bloom, and I sat in front of them and again I have made myself much smaller, and I can hear them opening, crackling as they move. Now I am still absolutely minute and I have got my hands on the stem of a daffodil and again it is coated with this very fine hair, which you cannot see with the human eye, it looks smooth, and this is again a communication source, and it can feel the vibrations of what happens around it. And if there is a vibration it ripples up the side of the daffodil, and I have gone up to the top and the base of the flower, the stem, seems to be the working part and the top is where the communication is, but there is also a feeling of love around this flower at its own level, it is not a love that we could register, we could not feel the emotion, we could not be loved by a daffodil, but at its own level and communications between daffodil’s, it is a very loving plant. It is surrounded at the top by what I see as a very fine mist, and I know it is not a mist, it is a vibration, a constant vibration, an aura around the top of the flower and this is where, when a healer for instance puts his hand above a flower the aura will pick it up, and the flower will vibrate. The power from a healer is actually very strong, stronger than is needed for a flower, if you look at a flower and you think that it is beautiful, you are actually sending out a wave of emotion, which covers that flower and it can feel it. It can feel it because it is living. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes it is living, it is all part of the oneness. Geoff – Yes very delicate and very soft but it is definitely there. And the way to give flowers a lot of love, to make them bloom and to make them so much better, is to cup your hands around the back of the flower and look at it, and you are actually sending it love two ways, from the back through your hands and directly from you going into the front of the flower and if flowers could purr, they would, that is what would happen. Now if you do this with any plant or flower that you have, it can feel and pick up this energy, you must make sure it is very soft and delicate which is something that you would have to practice doing. To give it too much energy can be damaging, but to give it this gentle love to feel that it is beautiful, will actually make it blossom and grow much better. Miriam (White Feather) – I can see your mom going out now, and talking to all of the plants. Geoff – I have been reminded when I have tried healing plants in the past, I have putting in very strong energy to get it back on its feet again, but that does more damage than good because it is too coarse an energy to work – but to just send out his beautiful light mist of love is quite beautiful. Miriam (White Feather) – And that is something that a non-gardener can do, are you listening young man? Luke – Yes Geoff – Yes and you must practice with that, you will enjoy it. Now we have got some divas, and I am the same size as a diva now. They are, in your mind you imagine a diva as being a little Peter Pan thing with wings, like a fairy, this is because we create that image in our minds, what a diva really is, is a small circle of energy and love and it is very, very light and delicate, as the aura around the flower, they glow in a way with the energy that they have, it is a very light delicate energy, and they can move around all over. I have got them all over me at the moment, which is a beautiful feeling. When they need to help, of course they can help easily with the energy because they have the same size or type of energy as the flowers. They have the same delicate energy of the flowers so it is very easy for them to sort out the flowers and so on. When somebody comes along and stands on the flowers or there is a big storm with heavy rain drops or whatever, it is a much stronger energy which damages the flower, it take a much longer time to get it back on its feet using this energy, but because there are so many of them, when they need stronger energy they simply link together to push all that energy into that one particular plant that needs it. The divas I am with at the moment are only looking after plants, they are showing me a snail, and a snail again has a different form of energy and a different group of divas to look after snails. They are a stronger form of energy and therefore need stronger divas and as we progress as humans through many spiritual lives, so divas progress through a variety of different lives, looking after animals, plants, flowers, water, air, fire etc. because they are all different strengths of energy. But right up until the end they always work in groups, they have this group mind, they can draw on energy to increase the energy that they need to do whatever is necessary. Towards the end of their progress, they become larger and they have the ability to control several types of energies and they become teachers to the other divas and like overseers to a garden for instance. Now with your garden at the back here, you have probably got, they are laughing at me now, anywhere from forty to a hundred and fifty main divas, who all supervise the lighter form of divas, and this you would see as what you would term fairies in your garden. Now that you know of the diva life and the light form of energy needed, when you look for these fairies which is something that you will be able to do in the future, you will be able to see them, and in the not too distant future either, you must concentrate on not looking so hard, you must create in front of you the delicate form of energy. And you will put a lot of delicate love into this area in front of you, and then you will be able to see these main divas materialise, with the stronger energy. And these are what you will call fairies in your garden. Miriam (White Feather) – Isn’t nature wonderful? Geoff – Oh yes, too beautiful. Next Spring the two of you will see these fairies, and the garden you are in you will practice what I have just told you and you will actually see them and it will be too exciting and too beautiful. Miriam (White Feather) – That will be glorious for both of you. Geoff – Oh it will, and this is part of your contented retirement if you like, as I was talking about earlier, and this is one of the things that you will see, and it will be such a beautiful experience. Miriam (White Feather) – The golden years. Geoff – Yes that is right. Now I can see the way that you will be looking at the garden and the flowers, and you will for instance be concerned about treading on the grass, and all the divas and the energies and so on. Now you mustn’t be concerned about the divas, they are like light weight pieces of dust, and as you tread downwards they automatically get pushed to one side, so they will not be harmed. The grass itself is designed to be walked upon, and they know this happens and make allowances for it, and the blades of grass are looked after with energy and pushed upright again, and you will see that although you walk over your lawn every day the grass still looks the same. As far as cutting the grass goes, don’t be concerned because the energy that is in a blade of grass, has to be looked after and nurtured and so on, it is like the hair on your head when it grows too long you must get it cut, and the rest of your hair becomes more healthy and it looks better. And it is exactly the same with grass. But now, let’s look at vegetables, how do you feel now about going into a vegetable garden and actually eating one of the plants. Miriam (White Feather) – That is a different matter altogether. Geoff – Hmm, now the energy that is in many flowers plus vegetables is a different type of energy that has different lessons to learn. It is part of life itself, when God created earth he created plants and plants to eat, knowing that they would be eaten. And there is nothing wrong with eating the raw vegetables, they do not feel pain or whatever, they were designed for that specific purpose, and as they are eaten it is life’s energy being broken down and put back into the universal system. It is as if you are eating pure energy. And therefore no harm is done to the vegetable, or divas or anything surrounding it. When you cook them, it is the same thing, but know this, if it is a form of energy, as you cook it surely some of the energy must be lost. Because of the very strong energy that you are using to cook it, therefore there is more goodness in a raw vegetable than a cooked one. Now because of the way that we have developed over the years we have got used to cooked vegetables, and there is nothing wrong with this. Everything in moderation, the energy is still there, the majority of the goodness is still there. It does no harm to the plant itself, nothing is disturbed in nature, or nothing is negative when vegetables are cooked. Now should you grow vegetables in a greenhouse and you give them lots of love and attention, they will be getting a lot more energy to make them grow healthier and stronger and faster and therefore you can create fruit and vegetables almost to perfection, larger, better, healthier. And this you will also be able to do and you will take a lot of pleasure out of doing this, a lot of pleasure. Also because they are more nurtured, loved, looked after and so on the taste will improve, instead of being a normal vegetable that is now left to the elements of a polluted earth, and polluted soils and so on, by giving them love you are in a way giving them healing, you are making them cleaner and healthier, and therefore the taste will be so much better. You can understand now why there are those groups who say that you must become totally vegetarian and eat natural foods. Some still have the wrong reasons but overall they are quite right, it makes sense. And now I have come to, I have suddenly moved away and there is a very big garden and there is a house at the back of it, and it is oriental, Japanese, and there is a very wise old man sitting cross-legged on a carpet, he has a band around his forehead, grey hair, shortish, grey beard, and he understands totally what I have been discussing. In fact it is him that has been showing me all of these examples. Now I sat on his left, and in front of us outside the windows, which are Japanese style, the room is very open and fresh, the windows are open and fresh air is coming through, it is a nice warm climate, and it is beginning to rain in the garden and I can feel the flowers and plants, I can feel them enjoying the rain, I am hearing what these plants are saying as a group, and I can feel what they are enjoying as a group. And the old man smiles, and he tends his plants from where he sits, it is something that he has specialised in, and he works with divas who come along to him to collect strains of plants and information and energy types, and he loves this garden, and the work he is doing on this earth, it is what he specialises in and it is beautiful. Behind us he has shown me is a smaller garden and this is his creation, the plants are absolutely miniature, like a giant bonsai garden, the colours are beautiful and he has managed to get colours flowing from one plant to the next, so imagine if you had ten daffodils in a row, and you went across with a paintbrush, straight across all ten flower stems you would have a red stripe on all of them, this he has achieved with a million different colours on all these plants and it really is the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. The leaves are tiny and delicate and perfectly formed, the colours are fantastic, the feeling of love, tranquility, peace and serenity that is in this garden is absolutely unbelievable. The garden itself, I can also communicate with, I can feel what it is feeling, I can feel the love that it is giving towards me, and the love it is receiving back again. I can feel the total love that it has for the old man who created it, and the garden itself is a oneness, it is a group mind, it exists on its own, it is an entity, it’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Miriam (White Feather) – A different feeling altogether.  Geoff – Yes, totally different. Miriam (White Feather) – One cannot imagine that there can be so many different feelings of love, but there is and there are many more to come. Geoff – Yes well and truly, and surrounding of this garden, the main colour is salmon pink, and it is such a soft pink and that is their group colour. That feeling so I will be able to recognise that colour in the future. Miriam (White Feather) – And when you are meditating do you not send love from your heart out into the world, the colour pink? Geoff – Yes, that is right. A delicate form of love and there is one more thing that he wants to show me to the left of this garden now. And that is bushes and trees that are coated with snow, and the snow I can see as light powdery crystals and although the garden on the right is in sunlight, the temperature in this one is kept so that the snow is kept to perfection. What plants feel with this snow is a very clean perfection, is a better word, they are feeling perfection, it is a distinct feeling they feel, not a variety of emotions and senses, but something which is crystal clear and distinct, and there are only two colours, which are green and white, and it is a higher form of feeling. The feeling goes through the plants down to the roots where that feeling is transmitted to an area around the roots so the whole section, plants, roots and snow are all in harmony and all in one. Even the snow is evenly balanced over these bushes and what I am seeing is a perfect creation, more perfect than can be seen on earth, and there is so much beauty in that, there really is, just snow and bushes, nothing else and it is beautiful. Miriam (White Feather) – Something you can think about when things go wrong, another little oasis of happiness. Geoff – Yes, now he has his hand on my right shoulder, and he is putting into me these two colours, the snow and the green bush, and it is running through-out me. It is giving me a link between the life that I exist in now surrounded by smog, smoke, bad vibrations, and city life and all sorts of things, he is giving me that link to nature which will allow me to see any form of nature much, much clearer and will bring back to me the clarity and beauty and love and so on that exists in all nature, and it is a rare present to receive this. Miriam (White Feather) – It is a very rare gift indeed. Geoff – And now I am leaving his home, and going up higher and higher until I can just see a small forest below, and his name is Gant, and that is how I will remember him. Now I have Verna on my left, I am still way up high and Verna has appeared on the left, and she is just radiant because she is there, she knows that she is communicating with us during this meditation. (She was in another country at the time) Miriam (White Feather) – That is good, and that was quite unexpected tonight. Geoff – Yes certainly was, it seems to be that that is the end for this evening. My eyes are wide open and I am suddenly wide awake. Miriam (White Feather) – You have had such a beautiful experience, that it would be a down peak if you were to have anything extra added on to it. Geoff – But if there is work to be done I will gladly do it. Miriam (White Feather) – Then there is work to be done.  

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