Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


This is the last one for the evening, of a series of travels to learn about different forms of energies. A Guide called White Feather has been channeling through Miriam to show me the different lessons. January 1998. Miriam (White Feather)    ….and now young man you said you wanted to go to Ireland, so what shall we do, shall we take you, are you ready? Geoff –     Yes – what a question. Miriam (White Feather)    Well it might be a little bit traumatic for what you see, not in the physical, but what you will see in the power that is from “evil” around certain parts where I will take you Geoff –     That is fine. Miriam (White Feather)    So if you will relax and have much faith in me taking you, hand yourself over to me and your parents will watch over you until you return, make yourself comfortable and know that you are protected and if you are ready, then we shall go…… Geoff –     Yes – I have every confidence so it is no problem. Miriam (White Feather)    Then just hand yourself over to me, put your hand in mine if you wish or stay beside me… Geoff –     Not as clear as I would have liked – I was expecting to see more energies and so on. I went to a couple of, they looked like huge chicken sheds and there was one woman with a child at one end, who had lost her husband and she was there, and I could just feel the grief of her loss. And then I looked all around but there was nothing but, nothing was uniform, nothing was comfortable or tidy… it was all a mess. Miriam (White Feather)    Isn’t that what Ireland is, a mess? Geoff –     Yes, and then right at the end of it, I got it very clearly, this huge building. Very old building and there was a cobble road leading up to big rounded pair of double doors, and it is on the edge of a harbor… and as I went inside there were hundreds of women working at machines, like old sewing machines. It wasn’t this period, it was sometime in the past. Then I carried on through the building, and I think it was something to do with how the antagonism first started, so I was probably picking up a memory. Miriam (White Feather)    Yes, you were Geoff –     Right. But nothing unpleasant or hard to handle, it just makes you feel so much lower. I can see how to live in that area with so much negative vibrations around you must make you feel Miriam (White Feather)    That is what I wanted you to feel – the negative vibrations there Geoff –     Make you so depressed and the more depressed you are, the more angry you become. Miriam (White Feather)    Yes Geoff –     That is why there is so much of a problem there…so the problem is compounding all the time, and until someone is able to start lightening one particular area, and letting that automatically spread outwards then this will just continue. Miriam (White Feather)    That is what will have to be done. There are some who try it in a little way, but it never goes very far. It will succeed but not in your lifetime. Geoff –     Ah. Miriam (White Feather)    Now I think that we shall leave that for now, was it worth going? Geoff –     Oh yes, every experience is valuable. Just to go there and feel that and understand that, is valuable. Miriam (White Feather)    Maybe before you leave we shall try to go somewhere else, I’ll not promise but we shall see. Geoff –     Okay Miriam (White Feather)    But I think we shall leave that for tonight, and let you write everything down before you forget. And I look forward to…well I will come before you leave (To go back to South Africa) whether I will take you anywhere or not, we shall see, but I will be back. Geoff –     Right – thank you Miriam (White Feather)    God bless you, and thank you all for being here.

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