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 In this meditation, a guide called Teacher channels through Miriam. Miriam (Teacher) – I have made it, it is Teacher. Geoff – Welcome. Verna – Welcome. Miriam (Teacher) – Let’s get settled. Geoff – I have got a cave and the entrance is all rocks, various rocks all around the outside, it is grassy hummocks, which I think are Roman burial mounds. Miriam (Teacher) – Quite right. Geoff – And the entrance to one is open, the plain where this is, it is burial ground a long way around this, it is just plain grass, no trees or shrubs, only grass and these humps all over the place, it is misty and I can see in another dimension all the soldiers who are there. But this burial mound is open at one end, which is unusual, so I have to go in there and see what is inside. There is something stopping me from going inside. Miriam (Teacher) – What do you think that is? Geoff – It is a form of energy to protect it. Now that they have seen that then they will allow me to go inside. Verna – You need to feel it first, because it is a special type of energy. Geoff – Hmm, the energy feels translucent it is clear energy, just like clear glass, but it is also liquid. Inside the burial chamber… Miriam (Teacher) – Inside you will see what caused your Mom to cough. Geoff – I saw lots of little gray wisps of hair from the roof and all over, it is not quite cobwebs it is heavier than cobwebs, there is dissipating energy……….. Miriam (Teacher) – Just look a little further. Geoff – It is like an energy that is going off, it isn’t used anymore. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes, can you tell why? Geoff – Because it is on the inside and not the outside. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes. Geoff – Okay that can be cleared up with thought, which is what I have just done, which makes things much clearer. First of all on the ceiling, there is a square entrance which has been covered up, so I think this was an air vent, when they were burying what they had to there was this air vent at the top, that is why it is square, but they still walked in from one end. And they sealed it when they finished, what’s around me looks like rock, but all the rock seems to be a reddish or coppery color. The bodies, I can’t really see any bodies. Miriam (Teacher) – There are none now. Geoff – But the red is the memories of the people who were buried there, and that is why it was protected. Miriam (Teacher) – That is right. Geoff – And that is why it was protected, so that only certain people are allowed in. So there must be a guardian or custodian of all of these, because we were let in tonight. So there must be somebody that oversees all this. Miriam (Teacher) – There is. Geoff – Okay, I am going to hold one of these memories……..to see what I can see from there. In a way it was a false chamber, what they did was excavate the sides to quite a long way in, then they put the bodies in there and filled it in with rock and rubble, and then they left the cavern in the center, with a few bits and pieces in the cavern but nothing else, so in the event that somebody did break in or there was a natural disaster so people would gain access to this burial mound, they would find an empty cavern and the bits and pieces, but leave the bodies to rest. Miriam (Teacher) -You have it correct, but there is still more. Geoff – Yes, there is more in the floor, I can see the floor as dark blue and gold and it seems to be like a written account of what went on. The account is a spiritual account made through energy, so that students who look back on the era can come and read the account and find out exactly what happened and the way the Romans thought in those days. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes. Geoff – I have gone into the earth now below where the memory is, and there are very deep passages, they were designed so that water, if water got into these passages it would flow downwards and would tie up with an underground stream so that the tombs wouldn’t be eroded. Along these passages there must be something else buried, because they are very big and it must have taken them a long, long time to dig. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes. Geoff – Now I have gone down into the end of one passage, and again it is very cleverly done, the tunnels go one below the other and water pours from one to the next and below the third tunnel, it is like three levels down and underneath, like underneath the waterfall is the entrance to a room. The room is filled with what looks like armor and weapons. When they were successful weapons were plentiful because of the lands they captured and conquered and so on, there was only so much they could do with it. So what they did was bury weapons and armor and also supplied under these tombs, thinking of course that if people broke into these tombs, they wouldn’t get any farther than the first cavern, so if they had to retreat at any time, or bring in more forces there are always weapons available. Miriam (Teacher) – You are quite right. Geoff – And also a lot of wealth, I can see a lot of wooden barrels filled with gold pieces. Miriam (Teacher) – Lots of gold pieces. Geoff – And it looks like white gem stones, there is something else there amongst the gold, and it looks like flashing diamonds, but they are not diamonds, l presume that this would be another barrier, yes it is a barrier but it is designed to deflect not to protect so that when people look in that direction, they don’t see what is there. Miriam (Teacher) – You have picked it up perfectly. Geoff – Hmm that is quite amazing. So there must be some people in the Roman army that actually do this, that put up these barriers, so I will see if I can find one of those. There are no end of tunnels down here, they all have a common design, they were designed by a specific person who was a mathematician, there was a mathematical formula to work out where things would be hidden which was only given to the highest ranking person, or the person in command. So if they were killed in battle, nobody else could find the way to these hidden treasures, and that is why there are so many still there today, it was an error on the Roman’s part. Hmmm, now the mathematician who designed it was not actually there, he gave instructions of how it should be done. Now I am trying to find the person who created these defenses, these barriers. Ah I have come across what looks like a man-made crystal, the energy was put into this crystal the crystal was buried at the head of this tomb opposite to the entrance. And it automatically started to protect. The person who did this, we will go to him in a minute, but he created the thought forms to go in a crystal, the soldiers were then told to bury this crystal at the end, and they were told that as soon as it was buried it would automatically protect and create these barriers. Because the soldiers, once they had buried, thought themselves that now it would protect, that is what activated it and got it going. Miriam (Teacher) – You are quite right, but there is still something I would like you to see. Geoff – I can see a lot of pipes and it looks like water pipes surrounding a water tank, that is the best way I can explain it, there are four pipes going off in one direction, then they stop. It is lying on its side, so I go to the base of the tank, the pipes are open at the end but the water tank is sealed. Energy created by the elements would be transferred down these pipes where it would mix the four energies and create something in this water tank, and it created this form of energy, which in turn activated the crystal which in turn gave them total protection. Miriam (Teacher) – That is it, that is what I wanted you to see. Geoff – That is very advanced for those ages. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes, very advanced. Geoff – So if we can see where the pipes stem from, we can what type of energy is used, we know it comes from the elements, one is buried deep in the earth, one goes to an underground spring, one is just below the surface and catches sunlight, and the fourth one spreads out into lots of fine pipes to collect rainwater. Miriam (Teacher) – If you look in one corner you might see something that happened. Geoff – Just carrying on a little bit, before I look at that, what they are harnessing is earth energy, the earth’s energy, the earth’s vibration, life force and they are harnessing that with the four elements, sunlight, earth, filtered water, rainwater, all right I will look in the corner of the cavern. Okay there is a metal object about the size of a pillar box, it looks very similar to a cross between a pillar box and a fire hydrant. But inside it is hollow, it seems to be made of cast iron, it has a flap at the front which opens, and if I put my hand inside at the bottom is a brass pull, this is to do with trapping sunlight, not quite, it seems to have an electrical current inside it. Miriam (Teacher) – Does not that seem strange? Geoff – Yes, so when lightning strikes the earth a certain amount gets stored in here. Miriam (Teacher) – It does, and for what purpose do you think? This is a long session, I agree Geoff – No problem, it is to do with the energy shield around it, but now we have got a crystal, we have got this ball and we have got the cylinder and the pipes all working together. So you first of all, with the four pipes and the cylinder you harness the earth’s vibration, universal energy, and then you have the glass ball with the electricity – I can’t quite get that at the moment. Miriam (Teacher) – You will. Geoff – So it expands it, what’s the word, multiplies the energy, expands the energy to form a protection. So now we need to know how these were created and by whom. Miriam (Teacher) – That is your main task for this one. Geoff – Okay it is somebody very close to me. Miriam (Teacher) – Very close indeed. Geoff – And he is showing me a hallway, somewhere I presume around here, with all sorts of metal ornaments over the walls, the floor is marble, and he is an alchemist. Miriam (Teacher) – That is right. Geoff – He was an advisor to the Roman Empire. I can see a big type of castle where he lives, with high metal fences, and in the entrance are huge boulders of stone, round boulders, too big for anyone to move in those days, and in the center of these boulders is a metal object which looks like bronze shaped like a cotton reel, but the size is enormous, probably twenty foot high and twice as wide. And this is where he got his energy from. He was a student from a different planet, and they planted with their advanced technology, they planted this huge cotton reel thing, and he could draw energy, whatever he needed because they were so advanced, what he did then was convince the powers that be that he was a gifted alchemist with all sorts of weird and wonderful gifts, which to him were very natural things because he had the equipment to do it, so he was actually fooling those in charge. He made a variety of different things and all he really wanted to do was study the Roman people and the civilisation of that era. He didn’t think about what would happen with his creations, it wasn’t important to him, he was merely a student from a very advanced civilisation. Miriam (Teacher) – Do you recongise him? Geoff – His character is like Nostradamus but I can recongise the feeling of who he is. If I were to guess I would say it was Nostradamus. Miriam (Teacher) – Yes. I am so glad that you got that, I think you did very well, very well indeed. Geoff – Yes, very interesting, it certainly is.    

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