Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – I have now got a baby with a very round face and eyes. It is looking around the corner of a building, quite frightened, and behind her is a lot of rubble, and I get the feeling that we have seen her or helped her before, I think she may be in spirit. And has come to say hello to us, I can remember something about a child being trapped in rubble, I am not sure. She passed over and I helped her to pass over in astral, there is a very strong tie between her and me, and her mother is buried in the rubble. Because I helped her pass over she has come back now to get some vibrations to be held and loved, and I have automatically picked her up and cuddled her and there is so much love there.

She has had her mother’s death blanked out of her mind, and the nearest thing to a parent now is me, that she remembers. When I helped her pass over in astral, it was on an earth vibration, as she passed over and became spirit, the main earth attraction is me, it is like when a bird hatches from an egg, the first thing it sees is its mother. She went into astral and the first one she came across was me, although she has many women over there, four or five of them, who look after her and love her dearly, she has the feeling of wanting to come back to earth because there is a connection, and they have let her do this to feel the love from me and make her content, and then she will go back and be happy. I will not be forgotten by her for a long, long time. Is her name Pauline?

Miriam (Dr Paul) – It is, and you have also helped her in another life, but that is another story. So the tie is very close.

Geoff – She was my daughter in that life 

Miriam (Dr Paul) – She was, oh I am glad you picked that up, it was two or three lives away, but the tie is still there. And she was your daughter. You have many children waiting for you, many children, but that is not why we are here tonight.

Geoff – I think it is ok for her to stay while we do the next one.

Miriam (Dr Paul) – Yes if you would like, she would love it, it is permissible, oh she is grinning all over her face. She is so content now.

Geoff – Yes it is a beautiful feeling

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