Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Verna – She is pregnant, she is married. No, she is not married, I think he is married, the father, it’s part of her emotions that I am picking up. She is considering an abortion. Geoff – I think maybe worse, she is heavily pregnant. It’s far too late for an abortion. Verna – Around this girl I just see black, like a black balloon, such darkness and I see Dad’s hand on her tummy, and Mom on her shoulders, your hands on her shoulders, and if you can just give her love, and Geoff while I talk to her, can you try and change the color, help her change her aura, I will be talking to her quietly, Dad’s hands will be on her stomach, and Mom’s hands will be on her back behind her shoulders, and if you can try and make the black grey and then slowly try and bring it to a pink, she will be trying to change her aura at the same time that I am talking to her, and with your energy it will lift the vibrations and make it easier for her. Her mind is also very black, she has switched herself off, I will work on the mind, I will create a thought form for her to love her child, if she can learn to love her child, and realize that it is life, and even although the circumstances of the bodily harm she came to when the child was conceived is irrelevant. The child is part of her, but most of all it is part of God and it is a spirit, a soul being reborn, and if she does not love this child, she won’t find happiness. Geoff – At the moment her mind is far too confused, she has accepted that she has the child inside her, but her mind is so black that she is considering ending her life because she cannot face the problems that the birth of the child will give her. Verna – Now she has free will but we can help her, lift her vibrations and maybe think twice. I am battling, her mind just stays black. Geoff – What she needs more than anything is love, we must give her all the love and energy that we have so that you can get through to her mind Verna and tell her what she must do. Verna – Suddenly her mind is grey. Geoff – Yes Verna – And she listens. Geoff – Yes and while we concentrate on pouring this love into her, you talk to her. Verna – Judging by the answers she is giving me, she is a rough diamond this girl. But she has had a hard time. She has never truly been loved, and what I have told her is that her child will love her like no one has ever loved her, and this is making her think. That what she is carrying inside her, eventually she will find love and this will be someone who will give her that love, that she has been seeking all her life, and it will be a love with no limits, and she will be able to give so much, and the child will be able to give so much joy back. And there will be a bond there that she has never felt before, but she must start it now. And she is starting to listen to me, and she is starting to feel, she is starting to think differently. And the baby will be born in just a few weeks, two, or three weeks, and I am letting her feel the sensation of this child, and imagine it out of her body, putting its little arms around her neck, giving her the love and cuddles she has never ever had. She has learnt so many lessons and is a very rough lady, but she has a heart of gold. This hard streak is from self-protection, and she won’t have to put up any fences to guard herself against loving this child, there will be no fences, just unconditional love, and this is making her feel and think. And the more love she gives the child, the more love she will get from the child. Geoff – Yes, it was something she had never thought of before, she was seriously considering ending her life, because of the shame and embarrassment it would cause, because of the problems with the father, the poverty she would go into, she believed she would not cope, she had never considered the life that you had just shown her, where it was her and her child instead of just her. Verna – She has a cute little guide, one of her guides is a very young girl of about twenty five, no she is not a guide, she is a friend, and she has picked up all this and she says “phew, that was close”, so I think that this was about to take place, I think that it was the friend who brought his girl here, the friend is in spirit, and it was very close for suicide, that is why we saw all the black, because she had already mentally started switching off, and focusing her mind on having enough strength to do what she was going to do, and she had trained her mind to such a degree, and made up her mind to such an extent, that the blackness was already forming in, the black, dark thought, and that is why they showed us the darkness. And now there is pink light, her mind is clear, her heart is happy and lighter, there is still concern in her aura that she might have done some damage to the child, which she has not done. And she is a totally different person to what she was a few minutes ago, she is quite a hard girl, so there are no tears, she just sort of very stubbornly made up her mind, no tears just a practical understanding with an emotion very strong, but she has got it under control, just happiness. And what I would like to say to her is, because she has her emotions under control, she must have been very desperate to get to the stage that she got to and she must have been a very brave person indeed, to have made that decision, especially if she knows no better spiritually, because she is a very controlled person, but because she controls her emotions so strongly, she also blocks them out, which is not good, she must learn to release her emotions, and so I ask her now to shed some tears, and let the emotion out, let it all out. Let alone the fact that she was about to kill herself and this life inside her and think about it very seriously and cry about it, and realize what you nearly did, don’t put it in the back of your mind and live with it. And then also now realize what you are now that you have changed your mind, and see the pinkness and feel the lightness and the happiness in your heart and cry some more but with happy tears, and see the change and understand the change. And accept emotion must be kept under a certain amount of control, but no to a degree where it is damaging. Geoff – And she now moves across to the children (the spirit children who are learning with us) and sits with the young girls. Verna – That’s right and they are all patting her stomach. Geoff – And they all offer her their dolls, and she will shed tears. Verna – And they are feeling her stomach, and they want the baby to move. And they are telling her that they can see the baby, and she is very happy now, there is still a little heaviness hanging over her like a big jersey, but it has gone from an enormous big winter overcoat to a jersey, a sweater and that will go over the next few hours. Geoff – Yes, she has made the decision, which is good. *** Geoff continues – Now there is a young boy in front of you mom, and he is about four or five years old and he has got his back to me and he has got short grey pants on with braces and he is holding something up to you but I can’t see what it is because his back is to me. Verna (laughing) – I can Geoff – And he wants granny to see Miriam – Is it a banana? Verna – Oh no you can’t do that – he says it can be a banana, no no keep it up Granny will see it. Geoff – Blank your mind out mom, and imagine in front of your eyes is just a screen, a white or black screen it doesn’t make any difference, and try and see jut nothing, and then they can push a thought form in. When your mind is busy they cannot slot anything in, but when your mind is blank there is a space for them to put something in there, and what they put in you will see. Just try and make your screen blank. Miriam – Cricket bat? I hear him laughing. Geoff – This is very easy for him, he thinks this is great. He is only four or five. Miriam – It is yellow in color. Is it a boat shaped like a banana? Geoff – He won’t show me, he thinks this is a fun game. Verna – You hold it like you would hold a banana. He is holding it like you would hold a banana, so you got that right. It is an ice cream. Do you know how the ice creams in the old days used to be yellow they never used to be white? First of all this ice cream is melting all over his hands, so he looks at me, and so I said well stop it from melting, so he says “oh yes”, and then he gives it a thought form and all the ice cream comes back up, up the cone! Geoff – Because he is a child, his thoughts get very jumbled, they skip from one to another, where a more experienced person, a grown up would have given you a single solid thought form, and put it into your mind. Because every time he thinks of changing it to a banana, or turns to us to ask what to do, or to see us laughing or whatever, it changes the thought form. So they say it is a bit like a child writing and a grown-up writing. Verna – But he was so sweet to make it easier for you. He is so cute, and anyway he is touching your knee, and if you could see, your knee is full of ice cream, all over the place he says it doesn’t matter, he can just think himself clean. Geoff – I think that is all there is tonight. Verna – And the children, they are going to take this new mother back, and stay with her for a while. And they have actually latched onto her and they will go to her often, and now they have asked if they can become like her ……. Geoff – They say “foster mother” (laughs) Verna – They want to be her mother.

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