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PRINCE CHARLES & KING JAMES – 1992   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation, a guide called Mr Wu is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – As always we start with something, which we don’t really understand, but we shall see…….. there is a large room made out of old stone, flagstaff floors and a huge fire and a grate and sitting in the corner next to the fire is an old gentleman who looks a bit like a beefeater, he has a staff with him, and at first I thought he was a king, he looked like a short king with a crown, now I see that he is a form of beefeater or guard. Miriam (Mr Wu) – He is, this is Mr Wu Geoff – Oh welcome. Miriam (Mr Wu) – You got it right there the first time, as usual. Geoff – They are just so confusing when I first see them, now he is going to tell us a little bit about his life and what he is doing now. Now his way of learning has been different from most others, be became a page back in, ooh four to five hundred years ago, it is a bit irrelevant to see what the date is, and he gained his experience by watching the royalty and the people that surrounded them, watching their emotions and pressures and stress and so on, that is all he ever did was watch. He was very sensitive when he came down to be incarnated, and all he wanted to do for that lifetime was to develop his senses more. So the life he chose was very straight forward, to be a page and guard and have no lessons throughout that life, simply to sit and observe the stress and trauma and emotions that different people went through. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Why do you think he would chose a life like that? If you ask him he will tell you. Geoff – Because most people when they come to earth, have so many surrounding emotions, material problems, and differences and lives to lead and so on that they don’t normally see as much as this guy has seen. Miriam (Mr Wu) – You are quite right. Geoff – So by just sitting and observing, he gets a very clear picture of what each person or group goes through and can use that experience in the future. He didn’t just do this in one life he did it in three, three in a row, and each time he became more and more sensitive. It has also built up his confidence in his abilities, and he was able to assist others especially in his third life by giving them the right advice when they needed it most, he could see what was more beneficial for them than they could. His field is healing and like mine it is a lot of healing of the mind and not the physical, of understanding emotions and temperaments and assisting people to get the best out of themselves, and to make the right decisions so that they feel good within themselves knowing it is the right decision Miriam (Mr Wu) – It is not always easy to read what another person is doing, whether it is a mask or whether it is genuine feeling. Geoff – Yes Miriam (Mr Wu) – How many times has someone done something wrong and then out of bravado made light of it, made a joke but then that is not really how they are feeling. Geoff – Yes quite right. He also enjoyed his lives on earth, they weren’t full of great excitement as far as an earthly person was concerned, but going through these three lives he was spiritually aware through all three of them and therefore could get far more benefit out of it than a normal person would. He was also privy to a lot of confidences from royalty, not so much confidences, but overheard conversations, and when heads of state would be discussing the future of a country, or a race or dominion, then he could see the stress and emotion that each of these were feeling, and could see who was right in the long term and who was wrong, he could not advise on that sort of level, and he felt certain emotions when they made the wrong decisions, but he knew that it was wrong and that it could affect thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, he could see history changing through the decisions they made. Miriam (Mr Wu) – But he could not interfere with their karma. Geoff – No, but he learnt so much at a level which is not often learnt, and that was the reason that he went through those three lives. Each time was in the same royal court and he incarnated from one family to the next who was involved in the same court. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Many royalists have been spiritual. Geoff – Hmm that is interesting. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes very interesting. When you come to think of it, knowing what royalty goes through now, would you willingly come down into their lives? Geoff – Yes I would, because there is tremendous opportunity to……… Miriam (Mr Wu) – But not many people would, you have to be spiritual to do that. Geoff – Yes, because you can sway the people, the peoples’ opinion and so on. Now assuming for instance the Queen is a spiritualist, just assuming, she would know that she has tremendous power to teach the nation about spiritualism, but on the other hand understands that the progress must be slow and limited to those that are ready to accept it. Miriam (Mr Wu) – But she is not a spiritual person. Geoff – But interesting to be in that position, you could not do what you would like to do because it wouldn’t be for the benefit for all the people. Miriam (Mr Wu) – She is very duty bound and takes her duty very seriously. But spiritually she is not so advanced as her son. Geoff – Charles? Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes. Geoff – I know he has always been spiritual, but again even if he were fully developed spiritually, it would be very difficult for him to try and change the way Britain feels about him, he could use his position for various forms of spiritual teaching which would be of benefit, and this he may even be doing. One of the spiritual kings was actually James, I think it was James 3rd or 1st Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes. Geoff – And at the time the bible was rewritten, the bible as we know today was written in the period of James 1st and he had the choice then of writing the correct account of Jesus’ life on earth, or approving the writing of the gospels to suit the religion of that time, he knew that if he published the full details, it would not be acceptable to the people, and therefore he lived with great torment, knowing what he had done. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes he did, but it is being corrected, when the world is ready for it, it will be done and in the correct way. Geoff – But the distress he lived with was quite something else, because of that decision and after passing over, although it was the best decision to make at the time, his suffering when he passed over was immense. Miriam (Mr Wu) – It was, for a long, long time he would not accept that he could have done no more in the present situation that he was in. Geoff – Now I am getting a crypt belonging to royalty, a monument, but it is stuck out in the middle of the wood, it seems to be out of place in this wood and area which is so overgrown, it is on one of the royal estates, and it is a secret kept by royalty, in the royal family, it was something to do with a request upon his death that because of what he had done, he wanted his body to be buried in the entrance to this wood, or at the end of the family allotment, but it was not a royal funeral, that was held for him in the appropriate place at the time, but his body was not there, at his request he wanted it buried in these fields so that he could spent time in “purgatory” for what he had done. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes, he did not feel that he deserved the honor of being buried like royalty. Geoff – Yes that’s right. His body and spirit and memories that he has left behind were very much a plum color, which shows great spiritual development and great fortitude. It was a very major step in his spiritual development, I can see the entrance to the estate where he was buried and it is a big sprawling estate. I am at the entrance now and on the left hand side is a wooden pole in the ground covered in dry rot and is simply a marker for me, for buried in the ground is a memory rod for this area and this period. Miriam (Mr Wu) – That is right. Geoff – So I will sit and hold this rod, now the first thing I see, is a woman, royalty coming down the stairs in, well, she is actually a spirit coming down the stairs, when James resided here, he could communicate with spirit, he could see them materialise and was in regular communication! Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes he was. Geoff – But he was unable to get this across to any of his family or advisors, he wouldn’t dare, the woman who materialised was James’ mother who died when she was very young, she came down to work with James and she knew that when she came down she would be executed early, but would immediately go back to the other side and thereafter work with James in spirit. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes that way she could help him best. Geoff – Yes, so she used to materialise on a regular basis and talk to him and give him advice and so on, he was in absolute torment because he knew all of this, he knew what the truth was yet knew that the people of that period were unable to accept what he wanted to tell them, and therefore had to keep it to himself and went through the utmost of torment and frustration at not being able to do more, and that was why it was such a very big step. Miriam (Mr Wu) – You have picked that up very well. I am not quite sure if it was James the third or first. It matters not, it was one of the James. Geoff – Yes. Now there is a connection between James and myself. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes Geoff – And I think I was James. Miriam (Mr Wu) – You were! And that is a long time ago. Geoff – Yes and that is why I can see so clearly the torment that he suffered. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Does that not seem hard to imagine? Geoff – Yes, it does but after the last few nights (laughs), it doesn’t surprise me, but to know that I chose that life and went through it, makes me more aware of how developed I am and how I can use that in this life and the work that I will be doing in the future. Miriam (Mr Wu) – And does it not also make you wonder why you are back on earth? Geoff – Yes (laughs) Miriam (Mr Wu) – And I am not going to explain, it is not time for that. Geoff – No but I have had a feeling for a long time why, but that will wait for many years to come. I understand a lot more than has been spoken about for various reasons, it is taking one step of the ladder at a time. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes one must not hurry these things. Geoff – That’s right, and even those in the immediate circle would have slight doubts about what I had to say unless one step is taken at a time. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Even now many people that listen to this tape will think that you are just making it up or that I am making it up with you, but let me assure you that is not so. Geoff – Yes I know that, that is quite something, like another piece fitting into place. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Did we not say this would be a special night? Geoff – Yes, and maybe I will get a few subjects to bow to me, you never know (laughs). James 1st, I like that. Right let’s look at the next step from here. I am looking at two things, the woman who was my mother who died early at the age of twenty four, and there are five, I am not sure if they are evil spirits or… Miriam (Mr Wu) – Mischievous ones. Geoff – Yes that were with me during that period. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Not really very evil, but not good. Geoff – No, they were advisors in the court, and the five as a group conspired for material gain and not for the good of the people. Miriam (Mr Wu) – That was it, they were very materially minded. Geoff – These five people formed a group that was very powerful, and knowing that I acted only on the advice of my council they advised me wrongly for their financial gain. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Many times they did that. Geoff – Yes, I can see myself, that is quite amazing. Miriam (Mr Wu) – It should not be amazing now! Geoff – (laughs) Right. Miriam (Mr Wu) – It is a pity you could not draw. Geoff – Yes, with the dilemma that I had about spiritual matters and the religion of the day, the smaller affairs of state were not too serious, I was advised and could only go on that advice of these people who were supposedly much wiser than myself and in most cases royalty would agree with whatever council decided, and I was very involved with many things, and had a lot of stress and trauma, and relied far too much upon these  ministers or council, and when they kept coming up with these ideas for this, that and the other, only minor things, it was just to feather their own nest. It misled the people and the groups of people around me, because they had so much power and influence they would say to the group of people that they were involved with, certain things about me that was not true at all. But nobody dared question me directly, and therefore I had no understanding of what was going on. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Has it not always been the case in royalty, in years back when communication was not so easy? Geoff – Yes, that is very true. And of course these days with communication being far more open, that doesn’t happen anymore. ADDED LATER I was NOT King James. What I did was “experience” his life to be able to understand it. If you don’t quite finish a life on Earth as well as you should, instead of going through everything again, you can choose to “experience” someone else’s life to fill in any gaps. This explains why so many people have claimed to be Joan of Arc or Napoleon.  

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