Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation, Miriam is channeling, and Geoff helps to remove an energy that feeds on fear. Geoff – All right, let’s see where we go to next. I am in a complex of houses, with tin roofs, and white picket fences, and the houses have been empty for some time, it is like Autumn, all the leaves have dropped off the trees, and covering everywhere, and there is somebody standing to the right, seems to be a monk with a staff, and I think it is Brother Bernard, but I am not sure, now he wants to show me something in the woods and also it has obviously something to do with the houses. So we will go to the woods first, now he is showing me like a bog, it is very open, the woods you can see for quite a way, the trees are very bare. And there is like this black bog, not nice vibrations around it at all, very bad, it feels as if it is moving, I think the people in the houses left because of this bog, because of the feeling they got and things that happened. It is a very spooky, scary area. Miriam (Guide) – But you are not afraid. Geoff – No, no that is the fun part, at night especially energies or whatever used to come out of this bog and really haunt the four houses. Now something new, I go to the houses first and see if I can see what happened, what this thing is. Okay it is night inside these houses, and the energy force is very strange, the doors just burst open and the whole house just fills with this clear vibration. It moves the walls of the house, it is like a living form, and everyone in the house could sense the same thing at once. Like when you see heat rising off the road, that is what the whole inside of the house is like, but it is not hot, it’s cold, it is a pulsating energy, and the house moves, it is suffocating, it is definitely not nice, and its intention was to get rid of people in this house. Simply by scaring them off, it is fear, there is like a living thing, now that I recognise it, I go back to this bog and I go into it, now I didn’t have to go into it, it has come to the surface, and it has totally surrounded me, and it is like a strange energy.         I can see pictures of the inside, and it seems to feed on fear. Miriam (Guide) – Oh yes it does. Geoff – Hmm, what I am getting is things that I have experienced in the past that I have been afraid of, fears that I had as a child are thrown back at me. Miriam (Guide) – And it magnifies, it gets more and more. Geoff – Yes it does, now it is about the size of a big house and it is clear, it is like being inside a bowl, but these images keep coming forward, right in front of you, I will try and find it’s center, either the center of emotion, or its brain or whatever. It’s a funny sensation, I can’t sort of find its core, it’s center, but it’s in quite a state, and I am sitting here quite peaceful, not afraid of it, giving it love, not really pushing out love, just giving  off, I suppose, and it can’t handle it, it is going berserk around me, but it cannot get me anywhere, and it is diminishing in size, it is using up its energy trying to attack me, and it is getting smaller and smaller. Miriam (Guide) – Yes, see you didn’t have to find the center. Geoff – Hmm, and that’s it, it is gone. Miriam (Guide) – Very good, very good indeed. Geoff – What was it? Miriam (Guide) – Just thoughts which gradually became attached to each other, bad thoughts, bad vibrations that picked more vibrations up from other people and fed itself and grew and grew. Just as you have had spirit beings from another planet who live only on vibrations, but that was good spirit and this was bad. Geoff – Now it could move anywhere, the only reason why it lived in a bog, is because a bog in another form of fear. Miriam (Guide) – Yes, everyone is afraid of a bog, even the living creatures because you can sense that it is bad. Geoff – That is nice, the monk says thank you and walks off.  Hmm a different experience, it is funny it leaves me with a nasty feeling, I know there is nothing there and it is just a left over vibration that I got, and to get rid of that I just use a colour. Miriam (Guide) – Yes. Geoff – And that colour is one of these beautiful mauve colours I saw last week, the love emotion one, and that has gone over me from top to toe and the bit of negative vibration that was sticking to me is pushed out through my feet. Now it disappears, there is none of the feeling left at all. Miriam (Guide) – That is good.

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